Trivia: How Many People Have Aortic Stenosis In The United States?

As many of you have shared in this blog and our online community, the process of being diagnosed with heart valve disease can be an isolating experience. So you know, that is why I started this website five years ago. I wanted to connect patients with similar disorders so that we could learn from, relate to and empower each other.

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On that note, I just reviewed some interesting data released by the American Heart Association about the number of people with aortic stenosis in the United States. The AHA report suggests that:

  • Nearly 1.5 million people in the United States of America have aortic valve stenosis — a narrowing or hardening of the aortic valve caused by calcium build-up on the heart valve flaps.
  • 500 thousand people have a severe form of the disease
  • 250 thousand people have severe shortness of breath, extreme fatigue, chest pain and fainting. Many cannot even walk enough to perform their daily activities.

While this aortic stenosis is not as prevalent as coronary artery disease, which impacts 13 million Americans, this research demonstrates that you are not alone in the journey to treat this disorder.  To meet patients with aortic stenosis and other forms of heart valve disease, please click here.

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Adam Pick
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