The New ‘Valve Clinic Directory’ Section Of Our Website!

Over the past year, I have spoke with many of you about the different ways in which we could improve this website. Many of the comments I received went something like this…

  • “It would be great if there was a section about the hospitals.”
  • “Why don’t you have clinic profiles like you have surgeon profiles?”
  • “It’s great that you have educational materials about heart valve disease and treatment. It also helps that you have information about the surgeons. But, what about the hospitals? You should connect the dots… Build a section of the website all about the cardiac centers.”

As many of you know, I really appreciate your feedback. The more I thought about your comments, the more I became inspired to take action. That said, I’m very excited to introduce you to our new Heart Valve Clinics section.

Heart Valve Clinic Section Of Website
The New Cardiac Clinics Section of

This section of the website features the clinics that specialize in heart valve treatment. To start, we are incredibly lucky to be featuring several sponsors including Cleveland Clinic, Mount Sinai, Brigham & Women’s Hospital, Sequoia Heart Hospital, Florida Hospital Cardiovascular Institute and USC. Coming soon, we will also feature Northwestern Memorial Hospital.

Screenshot Of Cleveland Clinic Heart Valve Clinic Microsite
The New Cardiac Clinic Profile Application (Cleveland Clinic)

Our new ‘Clinic Profile Application’ enables you to:

  • Go on a virtual tour of the cardiac clinics (using either pictures or a video)
  • Learn about the hospitals
  • Meet surgeons that specialize in valve therapy
  • See patient success stories
  • Download surgical outcomes (if available)
  • Contact the clinic coordinators
  • Get additional information including insurance, external links, location, maps, etc.

I forgot to mention… You can even download a ‘Cardiac Clinic Guide’ in PDF format so that you can print the interesting details of each cardiac center. Here’s an example of the download guide for Brigham and Women’s Hospital:

Picture Heart Valve Clinic Guide
The Brigham & Women’s Hospital Download Guide (PDF)

Again, this is a brand new section of the website. We only have a handful of cardiac centers participating in this section so far. However, I’m very hopeful this further educates and empowers you through the heart valve surgery process.

If you like, please send your constructive criticisms about this new section to Or, leave a comment below. I’d love to hear what you think about this new educational section of our website.

Keep on tickin!

Adam Pick
Written by Adam Pick

Adam Pick is a patient, author of The Patient's Guide To Heart Valve Surgery and the founder of

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