After Aortic Valve Replacement, Sylvia Continues On As “Mrs. Claus”

Receiving updates from former patients is a great way to start the day. That said, I just heard from Sylvia Woolworth. You might recall that Sylvia, 76, had aortic valve replacement two years ago. (To learn more about aortic valve replacement, click here.)

As you can read in her last update, Sylvia took several steps to physically and mentally prepare for her heart valve surgery. Recently, I learned that Sylvia, who lives in New Jersey, has a fun tradition during the winter holidays… Sylvia takes on the fun role of playing “Mrs. Claus” at holiday events.

Sylvia “Mrs. Claus” Woolworth – Aortic Valve Replacement Surgery Patient

In her note, Sylvia wrote to me:

“This is my eighth year playing the role of Mrs. Claus. Thanks to my aortic valve replacement, I will be able to continue for many more years.  After surgery, I’m feeling well, gardening, light construction, (I spackle, sand, prime, and paint), swim, and basically keep busy. I have my echocardiogram performed yearly and my cardiologist says I am doing well. I still go to weight watchers and follow good, health guidelines. In April, I will celebrate my third anniversary from heart valve replacement surgery. Thanks again for all the good work you do, and Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.” — Sylvia Woolworth

I’m sooooooo happy to hear that Sylvia’s recovery from severe aortic valve stenosis has been so wonderful!!!

Keep on tickin’ Sylvia!

Adam Pick
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