Greece’s Ex-King Constantine Has Heart Valve Replacement Surgery

Heart valve disease really seems to be impacting royalty in 2009.

First, it was the Sultan of Malaysia, now it’s the former King of Greece… King Constantine.

Greece King Constantine - Heart Surgery Patient
Greece’s Former King Constantine – Heart Valve Patient

“King Constantine underwent successful aortic valve replacement and single aortocoronary bypass surgery at Wellington Hospital, London,” Professor Giles Dreyfus, who performed the procedure, said in a statement posted on Constantine’s website.

Constantine was Greece’s monarch from 1964 until 1967, when he was deposed after a failed bid to overthrow the country’s military dictatorship. King Constantine settled in London in self-imposed exile.

King Constantine’s wife said that she would “like to thank everyone who has expressed their interest for my husband’s progress,” adding that he had received messages of support from Greece and across the world.

Doctor Giles Dreyfus, Constantine’s heart surgeon, said the former monarch was “recovering in the intensive care unit without any cardioventillatory support.”

Keep on tickin’ King Constantine!

Adam Pick
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