Julie’s Blood Bank Concerns, Remorse And Advice

I just received an email from Julie that contains several, ongoing concerns specific to blood banks and heart valve surgery. If you are a patient or caregiver preparing for heart surgery, I encourage you to continue reading this post.

Blood Bank Plastic Bag

Julie writes to to me, “Adam – Jon, my husband, had mitral valve replacement surgery on October 31st at the University of Chicago. Leading up to his surgery, Jon did not donate his own blood to the hospital blood bank. Guess what? Jon DID need blood. But, it was AFTER the surgery. His hemoglobin went way down. I was so upset that the doctors failed to give Jon the option of donating his own blood. Adam, please advise everybody to do this. I feel I made a big mistake as his wife….not thinking about doing that!”

As you can read, Julie’s note contains some critical points for patients and caregivers as they prepare for cardiac surgery. That said, I have written a few blogs which address the issue of blood banks. Please click the links below to learn more:

I hope this helps you better understand the issues specific to blood management (blood banks, patient donations, transfusions) before, during and after heart valve replacement and heart valve repair operations.

Keep on tickin!

Adam Pick
Written by Adam Pick

Adam Pick is a patient, author of The Patient's Guide To Heart Valve Surgery and the founder of HeartValveSurgery.com.

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