How Long Does A Mechanical Mitral Valve Replacement Last?

Finally, somewhat of an easy question… (You guys have been tough on me lately!)

Well, not really.

Let me explain….

There is a pretty standard answer to the question, “How Long Does A Mechanical Mitral Valve Last?”


St. Jude Mechanical Valve


In fact, the durability of a mechanical mitral valve is one of the biggest advantages of selecting a mechanical valve versus a pig valve (porcine valve), cow valve (bovine valve) or human valve (donor) for heart valve replacement surgery. To learn more about mechanical valves, click here.

The trade-off for the long-lasting life of the mechanical mitral valve, however, is the ongoing use of Coumadin (blood thinners) and the potential sound of a mechanical valve.

That said, a mechanical mitral valve can is reported to last between 20 to 25 years. Some suggest that the life of a mechanical mitral valve may even be longer.

You have to remember two things. First, heart valve replacement surgery is a relatively new medical procedure. It’s only been within the past 30 to 40 years that heart surgery has become a standardized medical procedure.

Second, you need to remember that mechanical mitral valves are made of very durable materials including titanium. Thus, there is some uncertainty as to how long the mechanical mitral valves may last in the human body. It may very well be longer than the 20 to 25 years referenced above.

I hope that helps answer the question, “How long does a mechanical mitral valve last?”

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