Patient Discharged! Sharon Slattery Plans To Skydive On 61st Birthday!

There is nothing better than receiving an email from a patient following their surgery and hospital discharge.

Today, I received an email from Sharon Slattery, a reader of my book who just had heart valve surgery. The words in her email were absolutely powerful.

Sharon’s attitude towards her procedure has always been amazing. After she read my book, she wrote me an email telling me that she had plans to sky dive on her 61st birthday in January, 2008.

Sharon Slattery - Heart Valve Surgery Patient Plans To SkyDive Following Procedure
Sharon Slattery – Heart Valve Surgery Patient

I thought you might like to hear Sharon describe, in her own words, how her surgery went. So, without further ado, here is Sharon’s email to me:

“Wow! I did great. I had the angiogram on Wednesday and it was a piece of cake. Then, the surgery on Thursday. No problems there. I actually had the doctor read a mantra in my ear after the surgery was over telling me I would heal fast and have minimal pain.

“In the intensive care unit, I got sick from the pain medication, so I could only take Tylenol for the duration. I was released from ICU on Friday at 10am, got up at noon, walked around the hospital.

“By Saturday, they said I could get out of bed by myself, I had a pain level of 1! I actually slept on my side the second night and came home on Monday morning – 4 days after surgery.”

“Your book helped me understand where to focus my energy. Only small problem I had were all the IV’s. I did not think there would be that many and I really had to work on relaxing and accepting them. Luckily, they took all but one out on Friday morning. They told me I was the most relaxed patient they had ever seen in ICU.


Adam Pick
Written by Adam Pick

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