My Chest Scar After Open Heart Surgery

On Monday, Labor Day, I chose to really enjoy myself. So, I did one of my favorite things…


As you can see, my family and I went to Manhattan Beach in California and experienced a picture perfect day. We enjoyed the sun, the Pacific Ocean and a picnic of submarine sandwiches.

When I downloaded the photos just now, I immediately noticed the smiles on everybody’s faces. We had so much fun.

Chest Scar After Open Heart Surgery - Twenty One Months Later

Then, I couldn’t help but notice the scar left from my aortic and pulmonary heart valve replacement surgery. (So you know, it is always a little emotional for me when I see a picture of myself without a shirt on.)

However, what struck me most about these pictures was the fact that my scar was barely noticeable. All I could think about was how truly amazing our bodies are. I mean, it’s twenty-one months after open heart surgery and the scar is almost invisible. Absolutely amazing!!!

Just so you know, how far I’ve come. Here is my picture exactly one week after my Ross Procedure surgery.

Heart Surgery Patient Picture One Week After Ross Procedure

That said, I did take a number of steps to enhance the healing of my scar. I also learned a number of ways to accelerate recovery and minimize the downside challenges of heart valve surgery.

Keep on tickin,

Adam Pick
Written by Adam Pick

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