Do You Have A Diagram Of The Cardiac Conduction System?

The heart is an amazing muscle. For reasons described on this previous blog, “The Anatomy And Heart Function“, I am constantly marveling at all the complex elements that makes the heart operate. Interestingly enough…

Electricity has a lot to do with the actual starts and stops (aka contractions) in the cardiac conduction system. That said I thought you might like to see a diagram of cardiac conduction system.

Diagram Of Cardiac Conduction System

I could go on and do my best to scientifically explain the cardiac conduction system illustration above. However, it’s the Internet age. So, I’m going to let the American Heart Association do that for me. Here is a link to an article all about the “Diagram of Cardiac Conduction System”.

It’s actually a very, very, very interesting article!

Keep on tickin!

Adam Pick
Written by Adam Pick

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