In Memory Of Valerie Fisher Raley Moriarty

It has been a very tough morning for me. Without a doubt, these are the hardest blogs to write.

I recently learned that Valerie Fisher Raley Moriarty passed away over the weekend due to complications following her heart valve surgery.

Valerie Fisher Raley Moriarty (1980-2009)

According to her husband, Valerie experienced multiple organ failure and a heart attack following double heart valve replacement surgery. Having traded emails with Valerie leading up to her surgery, I am deeply saddened by her passing.

Memorial services will be at Bridges Funeral Home on Rutledge Pike, Wednesday, November 18 at 6pm in Knoxville, Tennessee. Her burial will be Thursday, November 19 at 11am at Caledonia Cemetery on Ruggles Ferry Parkway.

My thoughts and prayers are with Valerie, her husband Bill, her family and friends.

Adam Pick
Written by Adam Pick

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  • jerry

    Best wishes to Valerie’s family. Heart valve surgery has come very far, but it is still major surgery and sometimes it’s hard to remember that.

  • Adam Pick


    I could not agree more… Very well said!

    Thank you!


  • Patrick

    I’m sure every heart valve patient or potential heart valve patient is saddened to hear one of our own didn’t make it. My thoughts and prayers go out to her family

  • Kathy Mccain


    I did not know Valerie, but from her posts on she was a very delightful person. Very positive and enthusiastic, about her upcoming surgery. We are all at the forum, very much saddened by her passing.

    My prayers to her family.

  • Marina

    My thoughts go to Valerie’s family. Good luck to you and be strong.

  • Joe Reagan

    The passing of Valerie Moriarty hit me unexpectedly hard. Why am I crying?Such a beautiful young lady. Too young to go. Life is so fragile. Thoughts and prayers go out to her family.

  • Barbara Henry

    I am deeply saddened by the news of Valerie’s passing due to complications from heart surgery. Almost makes me feel guilty for coming thru mine with flying colors. I had an Aortic Valve Replacement in May of this year. I am 62 and have lived a pretty good life; Valerie was still a “baby.” I lost my daughter nearly two years ago to liver disease and so I know how it feels to lose a special young one who still has so much to live for.

    God’s plan for each of us is very unique and we must trust and have faith He knows what He is doing when He allows something as tragic as this to happen. Sometimes it doesn’t take a long life time to accomplish what we are here on earth to do. I can only believe Valerie, most likely, was a true inspiration, giving much of herself to those around her regardless of her condition. She must have been a pretty busy young lady.

    My deepest condolences and prayers go out to Valerie’s husband and family.

    God bless.

  • Spike

    Ditto to Joe’s tears and prayers.

  • Dale P.

    So sorry to hear about Valerie. Her family and friends are in my thoughts.

  • Victoria

    Thank you Bill for sharing through Adam. God bless you and your family. My condolences to you all. Barbara, thank God for you as well. It is good to be reminded that God’s plan is what really matters. I am due to have aortic valve surgery in Dec…it was postponed from October 30th. The anxiety is tough, but having God, Adam (the entire website), and friends has meant everything to me and I am yet holding on. Thank you all so very much.

  • Cindy

    Tears here too. We are a special close knit group & can feel a vast range of emotions for our fellow members. My thoughts & prayers to Valerie’s husband & family in this truly difficult time.

  • Robin Hirsch

    It really serves to remind us all how fortunate are we that survive and how we must always live for those who do not.


  • Randy Heimerl

    I am so sorry for your loss Bill.I think it’s a good thing that you posted it.
    It’s true,at least for me, that you get very emotional after heart surgery. I cry very easily, so you can imagine how hard something like this hits me.

  • Dave Fuduric

    This is very sad to see. Although I do not know Valerie she and her family will be in my thoughts and prayers.
    I think that because of the remarkable history of success with this type of surgery we tend to forget what a major operation it is. I am facing surgery within the next couple of months. I have been discussing this with other people I know who have had successful valve surgery and have been very upbeat. I am confident of success but Valerie’s case serves as a reminder of the seriousness of the undertaking.
    Thank you for sharing her story.

    – Dave Fuduric

  • Cheryl Irvine

    How horribly sad it was to read of Valerie’s passing. I had just finished reading and writing in other members’ journals so always follow-up with this other site of Adam’s. We are all a bonding family who have or are facing similar such surgeries and to hear one of us didn’t make it leaves such a frightening void in our family. Valerie didn’t have time to explore her world fully – she was half my age. We don’t know God’s plan and at times like this we despair at the sad turns our lives can take. I thank Bill for the courage of sharing Valerie’s demise so we all have the opportunity of adding Valerie, Bill and their families to our prayers. Cheryl, Ontario

  • Carol Lang

    When I first read of Valerie’s passing I was simply shocked. We forget that young people die every day of valvular heart disease. I just couldn’t get her picture out of my mind…..such a warm smile from a woman who obviously had some serious health concerns.
    To Valerie’s family,….although we are strangers, kindly accept this big hug which I am extending out to you. We are all in this together & must continue be each other’s support.

  • Rosie

    Time for a “group hug”.

  • mercyturan

    I am shocked and saddened by Valerie’s death. My heart, my soul, flies off to her husband and family. Such a beautiful life, cut short.

    It is an important reminder to take each day of our lives as the most beautiful thing, to tell our friends and family how much we love them, while they can hear us, not to assume that any of us is going to be here at the end of the day, healthy or not.

    Thank you Jerry, for reminding everyone that all surgeries carry risks,especially a surgery like this, but not to lose hope and remember that many of you have come across that difficult bridge. Be thankful for every day you live! Mercy, mother of John Turan, Ross Proc. March 2008.

  • Mariann Williams

    I am so very sorry to hear about Valarie. To Bill, thanks for sharing this with us. To Bill, all the family and friends, know that you are in my thoughts and my prayers in this very difficult time. I am also sharing this with you through tears.

  • fazilat


    i am truly sorry my prayers with the family.

    may i also add to those of us who have survived and those going thru in the next few months may we have the strength to carry on


  • Eric Desbonnet

    My thoughts and prayers go out to Valerie’s family. I am so sorry for their loss.

  • Clay Barcus

    I too am deeply saddened by Valerie’s passing, I am so sorry and my thoughts and prayers go out to her “personal family” as well as “our online family”…in their time of grief. Her passing should also serve as a stark reminder of just what a tremendous miracle we have all been through. Yes they do these surgeries everyday, at many hospitals, but I still to this day marvel at what my body has been through and survived. If not for a 12 inch scar to remind me, it’s hard to get my head around it. There are about 330,000,000 people here in the US, and yet how many people have been through these types of surgeries? We really need to take a serious retrospective look and realize that we are a part of a very small and special lucky group of people…use your extra time here on earth wisely and appreciate what has been given to you. I pause in prayer for Valerie and I am deeply saddened she was not able to join our special group, however I feel Valerie is in a better place with another truly select group of people who have completed their work to be done here on earth. We will all be with Valerie in time and I feel confident she will be wearing a BIG smile saying to all of us… “What took you guys so long?”

  • Deb. C

    To Valerie’s family,
    Know that there are people you don’t even know praying for you. I am so sad to hear about Valerie passing so young.. I pray for strength to come to you and serenity and comfort.
    I am so very sorry for your loss.

  • Sherri Hendry

    My sincerely sympathies to all who knew and loved Valerie so much. My thoughts and prayers are with them during this sad time.

  • Mary Ferraro

    Tears here, too. I am so sorry to hear of this loss. I’ll write her name into the prayers book at my parish so we can all think of Valerie and her family and hold them in our prayers.

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