After FDA Approval, Trifecta Heart Valve Replacement Takes Over Philadelphia

Over the years, I have heard from many patients who wanted to learn about the Trifecta heart valve replacement and its clinical trials.  As you might recall, this aortic valve replacement device is described by St. Jude Medical, its manufacturer, as a “next generation” heart valve replacement that:

  • Contains three pericardial tissue leaflets;
  • Uses a titanium stent covered with polyester and pericardial tissue; and
  • Leverages St. Jude’s patented Linx AC Technology to help prevent aortic valve calcification after implant.


Trifect Heart Valve Replacement
Trifecta Heart Valve Replacement (St. Jude Medical)


Recently, there was big news for the Trifecta heart valve replacement when St. Jude announced that this device received FDA approval.

The corporate excitement for the FDA approval was more than apparent when I checked into the Marriott hotel the night before the 91st Annual American Association for Thoracic Surgeons meeting began in Philadelphia. To my surprise… When I looked down at my room key, this is what I saw:


Trifecta Hotel Room Key
My Trifecta Hotel Room Key During AATS At The Marriott


I’m a little slow at times. I don’t always know when product marketing is happening to me or those around me. But, in that moment, I started to think that the marketing organization at St. Jude Medical was going to use the AATS convention as a launching pad for the Trifecta heart valve replacement. I guess that’s a very appropriate strategy — considering 1,500+ cardiac surgeons attend the AATS meeting each year.

Interestingly, the next morning…

After I put on my suit and walked to the convention center, I got another dose of Trifecta-ness. There, on Juniper Street in downtown Philadelphia, a herd of six, identically dressed and accessorized motor scooters approached me. But, they weren’t just any herd of motor scooters. Nope, they were “Team Trifecta”.


“Team Trifecta” At The 91st Annual AATS Meeting


For the duration of the conference, Team Trifecta circled the convention center. According to one of the riders, “We drive around the convention center about 8 hours each day. We take a break every few hours.”

The Trifecta-ness continued as I entered the Pennsylvania Convention Center. Take a guess what I saw, on the ground, leading into the exhibit hall? Yep, you guessed it…


Trifecta Ground Banners In The Walkway To The AATS Meeting


It was pretty amazing to see the energy and spirit of this marketing campaign by St. Jude Medical for their new, FDA-approved heart valve replacement. As I have not been to many of these conventions, I imagine this campaign might be similar to other programs at past events.

Ultimately, like most patients, I hope the Trifecta’s durability and performance are the most impressive elements of this product.

Keep on tickin!

Adam Pick
Written by Adam Pick

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