An Extraordinary Response To Ruth’s Question, “What About Mitral Valve Repair Of A Prolapsed Anterior Leaflet?”

I recently received an anxious email from Ruth about mitral valve repair. Ruth writes to me, “I would like to learn more about a prolapsed ANTERIOR leaflet of the mitral valve. I have been told that repair may not be possible. I am terrified… Do you have any information on the risks involved with this type of repair? Thanks, Ruth”

Considering the urgent nature of Ruth’s question, I contacted Dr. David H. Adams — a leading mitral valve repair surgeon from The Mount Sinai Hospital in New York. What happened next is quite extraordinary… First, Dr. Adams quickly responded to Ruth with a comforting email. Then, Dr. Adams created a 22-minute video to help patients better understand this type of mitral valve surgery.



I am hopeful this Dr. Adams’ video helped Ruth — and perhaps you — learn more about mitral valve repair — specifically the repair of the anterior leaflet that can result in severe mitral regurgitation. (Personally, I learned a lot from the materials covered in this interesting video.)

Thanks to Ruth for sharing her question with me. And, I would like to offer a HUUUUGE THANK YOU to Dr. Adams and Gideon Sims (Senior Director, Information Technology at Mount Sinai) for creating this incredible, patient-centric video that directly addressed Ruth’s questions. To learn more about mitral valve repair, click here.

Keep on tickin’ Ruth and Dr. Adams!

Adam Pick
Written by Adam Pick

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