Before & After: Monique Gets A Much-Needed Mitral Valve Repair

Monique just sent me two, very interesting pictures of her mitral valve – before and after surgery. I thought you might like to see these pictures as they illustrate the challenges of heart valve disease and the opportunities of heart valve treatment. The procedure was performed by Dr. David Adams at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York City.


Patient Using Incentive Spirometer In Intensive Care Unit
Monique At Mount Sinai Hospital Using The Incentive Spirometer


As Monique writes to me, “The pictures below are amazing!”

I completely agree.


Before & After Pictures Of Mitral Valve Repair Surgery
Monique’s Mitral Valve – Before & After Surgery (Source:


After looking at these mitral valve pictures, which were taken during the operation, I immediately noticed three things.

  • First, I noticed the diseased condition of Monique’s mitral valve in the original photo. Monique had a mitral valve prolapse which caused her heart valve to leak and murmur.


Dr. David Adams
Dr. David Adams – Monique’s Heart Surgeon


Most importantly… Monique is doing well after mitral valve surgery. She writes to me, “I am feeling stronger every day — although I had an issue losing fluid weight after surgery. The nurses explained that my body was pumped with different medicines to protect my heart in the first several days following surgery. At the peak, I weighed 146 pounds. Now, I’m down to 128. I continue a daily Lasix and potassium regiment. Plus, I’m walking several times a day.”

Keep on tickin’ Monique!

Adam Pick
Written by Adam Pick

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