Interactive Heart Valve Anatomy Tool At

In response to our recent discussions about the progression of heart valve stenosis and rheumatic heart valve disease, I have received several emails about the anatomy of the heart and the anatomy of our heart valves. Most of these inquiries have come from patients recently diagnosed with some form of severe valvular disorder.

Interactive Heart Anatomy Tool At  www.MyHeartValve
Interactive Heart Anatomy Tool At

To help those patients (and perhaps you) learn more about human heart anatomy, you may want to visit This website, which officially launched last week, contains an interactive section that describes heart anatomy and helps answer three key questions for patients and caregivers:

  • How does your heart work?
  • What are the functional parts of your heart?
  • How do your heart valves work?

There is also a very good section about mechanical heart valves at this website. The section titled, “Why Select A Mechanical Heart Valve?” describes many of the reasons why surgeons and patients select this type of device for heart valve replacement procedures.

ATS Open Pivot Mechanical Heart Valve Replacement
ATS Open Pivot Mechanical Heart Valve Replacement

If you are interested, you can also learn more about the ATS Open Pivot mechanical heart valve. As you may know, the ATS Open Pivot is recognized as one of the quietest mechanical heart valves available today. Several of our patients, including Robert Baker, have received this mechanical valve and are very pleased with its performance.

I hope this helps you learn more about the human heart, the anatomy of our four heart valves and mechanical heart valve replacement options.

Keep on tickin!

Adam Pick
Written by Adam Pick

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