“What Is Life Like On Coumadin?” Asks Mary Anne

Use of Coumadin for patients that select a mechanical valve replacement is typically required to prevent blood clots. As a result, many pre-surgical patients considering a mechanical valve (versus a tissue valve) often wonder, “What is life like on Coumadin?”

In the last 24 hours, I have received this question from 5 different patients and two caregivers. One of those patients thinking about Coumadin and mechanical valves is Mary Anne.



Perhaps you can help Mary Anne and the others? As she writes below, Mary Anne would like to hear from other patients about Coumadin therapy and the side effects of using this drug long-term.

In an email to me, Mary Anne writes, “I am facing heart valve replacement within the next few months.  I am trying to decide what type of valve replacement, mechanical or tissue, is the best option for me.  What I would like to know is… What is it like living on Coumadin? (from someone who has lived on it for a period of time.)  What are the side effects, the limitations, the lifestyle issues, etc.? Thank you. Mary Anne”

Like Mary Anne, I am very hopeful that the former, heart valve surgery patients (who regularly read this blog) will help Mary Anne by sharing their thoughts on this critical topic. That said, if you are on Coumadin or have thoughts about the pros-and-cons of Coumadin therapy, please leave a comment below.

Also… To see 70+ patient responses, please scroll down.

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Adam Pick
Written by Adam Pick

Adam Pick is a patient, author of The Patient's Guide To Heart Valve Surgery and the founder of HeartValveSurgery.com.

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