Robin’s Mitral Valve Repair In India (VIDEO)

The term medical tourism is relatively new. But, more and more, I am hearing of patients traveling to places like India for surgical procedures including heart valve repair and heart valve replacement.

On this note, I recently saw a video about Robin Steele from Mobile, Alabama. Robin suffered from severe mitral valve regurgitation and a-fib (irregular heartbeats). After evaluating his options and his budget, Robin had mitral valve repair surgery in Bangalore, India at the Wockhardt Hospital, an associate of Harvard Medical International, under the care of Doctor Vivek Jawali, Chief Cardiac Surgeon.

This video describes Robin’s experience before, during and after his mitral valve repair in India. To watch this video, simply press the play button. Also, please make sure the volume on your computer is turned up.



As with any cardiac procedure – in any location – there are advantages and disadvantages. I can understand why patients like Robin utilize medical tourism to (i) save money and (ii) benefit from skilled surgeons, like Dr. Vivek Jawali. I can also understand why other patients (like me) chose to stay local for their valve surgeries.

I hope this video helps explain a little bit more about medical tourism and heart valve repair in India.

Keep on tickin!

Adam Pick
Written by Adam Pick

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