“Mitral Valve Prolapse, Anxiety And Chestpain?” asks Cindy

As we have previously discussed, there are a number of symptoms related to mitral valve prolapse. However, Cindy just wrote me an interesting email about whether-or-not anxiety is a symptom of MVP.

During my own research, I did not find any clinical evidence of the relationship between mitral valve prolapse and anxiety. That said, I thought I would post a blog and see if YOU have any ideas for Cindy. Here is her story:

Hi Adam,

I have a question that I am hoping to get some feedback on. Are there other people out there who have mitral valve prolpase and an anxiety disorder. I am not talking about anxiety that may be present AFTER you find out you need a mitral valve repair or mitral valve replacement. I am talking about a “free floating” anxiety – when you get anxiety for no particular reason, not related to any psychological problem per se. I can go for months and then suddenly one morning I wake up with anxiety in my chest.

Mitral Valve Prolapse And Chest Pain
Chest Pain A Symptom Of Mitral Valve Prolapse?

This can go one for several days in a row.

Always occurring upon waking up and often leading to depression for those days on which this happens. I am under doctor’s care for depression but this is something that is stumping even him.

It is the strangest thing. I just thought MAYBE it has something to do with having severe mitral valve prolapse. Anyone out there know what I am describing?? I am not at all worried about surgery. This has gone on for years and years. I’m just thinking maybe there is a connection.


Adam Pick
Written by Adam Pick

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