How Much Does The Da Vinci Surgical Robot Cost?

The use of robots for minimally invasive heart valve surgery continues to rise.

If you read the patient success stories of our own Larry Larsson and Leslie Lafayette, you will quickly understand the benefits of the da Vinci Surgical Surgical Robot for heart valve disorders including prolapsed mitral valves.

The da Vinci Surgical Robot

“You can really minimize the extent of trauma with the robot”, says Dr. Jeffrey Everett, from the University of Tennessee. “The big thing for patients is recovery time. If we do the surgery with the da Vinci, patients can resume full activity in a couple of weeks versus probably three to four months for open heart procedures.”

Even though I was unable to use the da Vinci robot for my aortic valve replacement, one of the questions I had about the robot was, “How much does the da Vinci robot cost?”

Do you have any ideas? Scroll down beneath the picture to find out…

Da Vinci Surgical Robot For Heart Surgery

According to reports, the da Vinci Surgical System costs around $1.5 million. However, it should be noted that the robot is not only used for cardiac procedures. The robot is also intended for use with OB/GYN and urology patients.

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