Two Years Later… Still, Very Thankful For My Heart Valve Surgery

Okay. Okay.

I know if I titled this blog ‘Happy Thanksgiving From The Heart’ it would simply be too much of a cliche. So, I decided to edit that title and reshape the focus of this blog a little.

If you are a newly diagnosed patient (with severe heart valve disease), you may be going through some fear, uncertainty and doubt right now. If you are a caregiver, I can imagine that you may have a whole lot of concern for the patient that you’re looking after.

Well… I’m here to show you how this former patient looks back upon his heart surgery as a fantastically positive experience. That’s right!

“How is Adam going to do that?” you may be wondering with a raised eyebrow.

Well. I have a few tricks up my sleeve.
As many of you know, this is the second year after my Ross Procedure. Needless to say, it has been an amazing twenty-four months.

I’m recovered. I’m married. And, my book is helping thousands of patients and caregivers in over 35 countries around the world.

There is ab-sooooooooooo-lutely no doubt that I’m very, very, very thankful. In fact, I could write for hours (actually) about how thankful I am. But, I know time is precious. And, I know we all need to get ready to travel. OR, baste the turkey. OR, make the pumpkin pie.

But, I would like to share a few elements of my life that I’m thankful for – many of which relate to my heart valve surgery experience. (Imagine that?) I’m going to use pictures to help me!
Without further ado… Here are several things I am thankful for:
I am thankful for my wife, Robyn Elizabeth Pick. We were married on July 7, 2007.

Adam And Robyn Pick

I am thankful for the Pacific Ocean and her waves. After a challenging recovery, I’m now surfing after heart valve surgery.

Adam Pick Surfing After Heart Surgery

I am thankful for my new nephew, Brandon Meyer Pick. (He’s only five days old.)

Brandon Meyer Pick

I am thankful for Airlife incentive spirometers. Ooooh, was that pneumothorax a pain in the butt!

Incentive Spirometer In The ICU

I’m incredibly thankful for Dr. Vaughn Starnes, my surgeon. As far as I’m concerned, Dr. Starnes is one of the ‘Michael Jordans’ of heart valve surgery.

Dr. Vaughn Starnes

I am thankful for my cardiac rehab program. Without it, I don’t know where I would be. Thanks again to Dr. Ben Rosin and his team at Torrance Memorial Hospital in Torrance, California.

Adam Pick at Cardiac Rehab Program

I am very thankful for each and every email I receive from my readers – both heart valve surgery patients and their caregivers. I will never get over the wonderful and supportive emails from Taylor and Michelle Browning. Thank you!

Taylor And Michelle Browning

I am thankful for the donor of my pulmonary valve. I’m sure it’s a woman. Ever since my surgery, I’ve been so emotional. Robyn, my wife, loves when I ’share’ these days.

Tissue Valve For Homograft

I’m thankful for Mederma, the skin cream that has made my 9-inch scar go away!!!


Patient One Week After Heart Surgery

10 Months After Heart Surgery

My family is definitely something I am beyond thankful for. Such a great group of people who truly know what ‘Support Group’ means!
Adam Pick's Family
Adam, Doug And Jerry Pick

I’m thankful for all the 78 former patients who completed my survey. We are all helping patients and caregivers understand the realities of heart valve surgery – especially second opinions.

Second Opinion Chart

And finally…. I would like to thank YOU… WHOEVER YOU ARE… Whether you are a patient or caregiver, you are at this website trying to educate yourself or someone you love on the topic of heart surgery.

And for that, I wish you….



Oh yah, and…

Keep on tickin!

Adam Pick
Written by Adam Pick

Adam Pick is a patient, author of The Patient's Guide To Heart Valve Surgery and the founder of

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