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Janis Kielbasa

Yorkville, Illinois,

United States


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Mitral Regurgitation & Arrhythmia




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2 Year Anniversary & going strong.

December 27, 2013

December 28th will be my 2 year anniversary from open heart and mitral valve repair. Last week I met with my cardiologist and received good news. The repair looks great. Arrhythmia still present but my blood pressure is normally low, 98/67 so taking any medication would make it drop and cause fatigue. Arrhythmia symptoms do not upset me so no need to take anything other than my one baby aspirin a day. The cardiologist couldn't be more pleased. God and the doctors blessed me with a successful surgery and I am doing everything I can to stay healthy. I have lost over 20 pounds and have kept up my daily walking routine. For those of you just beginning this journey, do not worry. You will do fine and be fine. I know this to be true.

Okay to go zip lining??

July 15, 2013

I love zip lining. I haven't gone since surgery. I'm post op 18 months. I will call and okay with cardio but has anyone gone since surgery? Any issues?

1 year & 1 woman's triumph...or....Holy crap this worked.

December 3, 2012

December 28th will be my 1 year anniversary from open heart surgery and mitral valve repair. Today I met with my cardiologist to go over the results of doppler echo and all the labs. My repair is a success. Very minor leakage, expected and nothing to worry about. My arrhythmia still present but unless I feel the symptoms upsetting no need for medication at this time. Minor fluid but that may be from my RA and not heart related and told not a concern. Yes!! The news all good. Of course, like all of us I will be monitored to insure continued heart health. I even got a high five for my weight/BMI 24. I still plan to lose 15 more pounds and increase my walking routine just to stay sassy. I am well and I am grateful. Last New Year's Eve was spent in the hospital...this New Year's Eve will be spent dancing. My story will be your story. Don't worry. xoxo

6 month anniversary and what I know.

June 29, 2012

This is to all of you who are just beginning this journey. Do your homework on what hospital, what surgeon and what technique is right for you. Do not be afraid, success rate in our favor, pain tolerable and early treatment can mean the difference of a repair to a replacement for many. Start a journal here, read Adam's book, ask other's for tips and support. After surgery, don't compare your progress to others. We all heal at different rates. You don't have to run a marathon to be well. Do the activity that you love, for me, it's not a gym but hiking and kayaking. For some it is dancing, for others it just may be daily walking. Lastly, don't worry that your life will be less than before. You will be better. Remember, you are no longer a walking time bomb, you are repaired. Yes, you will be fine to go back to work, Yes, you will be fine to have sex, Yes, you will have energy to do the things you enjoy, Yes, you will let go of the worry and not think about every heartbeat. Cheers no Fears.

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Surgery Today

December 28, 2011

4 am and I'm off to Northwestern Hospital in Chicago. I have to be there at 5:30am and surgery starts at 7am. God, bless my surgeon Dr. Chris Malaisrie and his team. Thank you all for your support, blessings and prayers. All my love and thanks to my husband, Mike, son, Mikey, daughter Lauren and son-in-law, Josh. Love and thanks to my mother, sisters and brother. Thank you to all my friends here and at home. My next update will be from my family.

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