At Edwards Lifesciences Patient Day 2015, Stewart Gully Can’t Hold Back Tears of Joy!

At Edwards Lifesciences Patient Day 2015, Stewart Gully can’t hold back tears of joy, thankfulness and appreciation.

Watch this video to learn why…

Many, many, many thanks to Stewart for sharing his experiences and his emotions with our community!

And… On behalf of all the patients and the caregivers at, I want to extend an extraordinary thanks to Carla Asta, Heather Chambers, Amanda Fowler, Katrina Headle, Sarah Huoh, Jade Jourdan, Mike Mussallem and the entire Edwards team for empowering the patient voice at “Patient Day 2015”.

Keep on tickin!

P.S. For the hearing impaired members of our community, I provided a written transcript below of my interview with Stewart:

Adam: Hi, everybody! It’s Adam with We’re continuing on with Patient Day. I’m talking with Stew Gully from Raleigh, North Carolina. Thanks for talking with me.

Stewart: Good to be here.

Adam: Stew, what were you diagnosed with?

Stewart: Severe aortic stenosis.

Adam: You had what type of procedure done?

Stewart: Minimally invasive surgery.

Adam: That was to replace your aortic valve, right.

Stewart:  A replacement, yes.

Adam: Here at Patients’ Day, patients have a unique opportunity to meet the actual sewer of your valve. I just saw you walking out from the manufacturing center. What are you feeling right now after that experience?

Stewart: Almost euphoric. There were three of them that sewed, and they had a total of 33 years of experience sewing. These three did that job and then the entire laboratory came up behind us and we all cheered and laughed. Just a dynamite experience and a little tear jerking I might add.

Adam: Good tears, right?

Stewart: Yeah, I’m here!

Adam: Right, and on that I’ll give you a high five.

Stewart:  Here we go.

Adam: Thanks so much for sharing your story with us here at Patient Day.

Stewart: Good, thank you. Pleasure to be here!

Adam: Give me a hug.

Stewart: Why not?

Adam Pick
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