Surgeon Spotlight: Dr. David Adams, Mitral Valve Expert, Harnesses Education to Improve Patient Outcomes

In 2009, after launching the Surgeon Finder, my inbox quickly filled-up with patient recommendations for Dr. David Adams. As I reviewed the recommendations, I noticed something… Every post was uploaded by a mitral valve repair patient.

Dr. David Adams - Surgeon Spotlight

At the time, I didn’t know who Dr. Adams was. But, a few months later, Dr. Adams and I met by phone.  Then, about a year after that, we had lunch together in San Diego at the Society of Thoracic Surgeons conference.

During that lunch, I found myself repeatedly nodding my head up and down as Dr. Adams spoke about the need for patient education. I learned a lot during that meeting. Specifically, I learned about the advantages of mitral valve repair — which we would later discuss in this educational video.


Dr. Adams Helps Educate Our Community!

Since then, I have been extremely lucky to collaborate with Dr. Adams on several projects. Together, our teams have filmed many educational videos. I have traveled to the Dominican Republic with Dr. Adams on a medical mission. Most recently, we posted a free eBook titled, “Advances in Mitral Valve Surgery” that you can download here.

Download Advances in Mitral Valve Surgery

Today, Dr. Adams performs about 300 mitral valve cases a year. In addition to being the Cardiac Surgeon-In-Chief at Mount Sinai Hospital, Dr. Adams is also the Program Director of the Mitral Valve Repair Reference Center which has set a national benchmark of greater than 99% degenerative mitral valve repair rates. Yes, you read that right. Over 99% repair rates!

But, that’s not all… Dr. Adams continues to lead philanthropic medical missions to China, the Dominican Republic, Thailand and Vietnam. Here is a video we filmed together in the Dominican Republic. On this mission, four patients with severe mitral regurgitation got a ‘second chance’ at life thanks to the Mitral Foundation, a charitable organization that Dr. Adams runs.


How Does Dr. Adams Educate Your Doctors?

Dr. Adams also runs very specialized trainings and conferences specific to mitral valve surgery. In this video, you will go inside the Mitral Valve Reconstruction Workshop, a two-day conference that uses live, patient cases to teach, to educate and to discuss the latest techniques for mitral valve therapy.

Dr. Adams’ approach to physician education culminates in a unique conference known as the Mitral Conclave. During the Mitral Conclave, over 1,000 cardiologists and surgeons gather in New York to discuss the best practices for mitral valve surgery.

Most importantly…

Dr. Adams gets great surgical results. Over the years, I have been very fortunate to meet several of Dr. Adams’ patients including Brian Walsh, Sophie Marsh, Mark Linnus and many others who posted glowing reviews about him here.

For these reasons, I am honored and excited to shine this ‘Surgeon Spotlight’ on Dr. David Adams! Many, many, many thanks to Dr. Adams for his pursuit of healthy mitral valves, his educational objectives, his philanthropy, and his support of this community!!!

Keep on tickin’ Dr. Adams!!!

Adam Pick
Written by Adam Pick

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