Ethan Update: Mickey, Pirates & Buzz Lightyear

Thanks to everybody for your ongoing inquiries about Ethan, our 3-year old son.

Since the last update, Ethan has developed a passion for the performing arts. Actually, it’s less of a passion and more of a rampant addiction. It started with him imitating, role-playing and singing the songs from Yo Gabba Gabba. Then, it progressed to the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.

Ethan as Mickey Mouse

After the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse ran its course, Jake and the Neverland Pirates became his favorite “show” to perform. After Jake, it was Handy Manny, then the Muppets and… the list goes on.

Ethan as Jake from Jake & The Neverland Pirates

You can only imagine how cute it is when Ethan sings and dances the night away. The best is when he tells us, “I’m going on tour to the next city… See you there… You’ve been a great audience.”

In addition, Ethan is known to wear his Buzz Lightyear costume — that he wore last Halloween — all over town. Recently, “Buzz Ethan” was spotted shopping at Target with Robyn, my wife.

“Buzz Ethan” Spotted at Target

Needless to say, Robyn and I are blessed to have such a great, fun, silly, musical and theatrical son in our lives. It’s simply amazing to be a part of his life — as his dad and buddy.

Again, thanks so much for your emails about Ethan.

Keep on tickin!

Adam Pick
Written by Adam Pick

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