George Receives Motherly Miracle In The Form Of Dr. Gaudiani

A few months ago, I received a very difficult phone call from George Avakian who resides in Northern California.

George’s mother was suffering from severe heart valve disease. He was fearful that he might lose his mother. After speaking with George, he immediately took the steps needed to get the best care for his mother. If you are interested to learn about her surgical result, here is a follow-up email from George about his mom’s heart valve replacement surgery.

Patient Of Dr. Vince Gaudiani

Hi Adam,

I just went to Church and took the attached photo for you Buddy. How can we be more blessed than this?

In mid-June, I walked through the same doors in tears, praying on my knees and begging for a miracle. God has shared a miracle and part of that miracle is placing Dr. Gaudiani, Dr. Winkle and the entire Sequoia Hospital ICU and nursing care team in our lives.

Dr. Vincent Gaudiani, Cardiac Surgeon
Dr. Vincent Gaudiani – Heart Surgeon

Yes indeed, my dearest Mom and I feel blessed to be in this country — having these amazing physicians available to us.

Hope you are well. Thanks for your support when I needed it so desperately. Your heart valve book and our conversations helped me immensely.

Kind regards,
George Avakian

Adam Pick
Written by Adam Pick

Adam Pick is a patient, author of The Patient's Guide To Heart Valve Surgery and the founder of

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