Does Exercising Wear Out An Artificial Heart Valve Faster?

After evaluating the pros and cons of mechanical and bioprosthetic heart valve replacements, it appears that Stephanie has opted for an artificial heart valve replacement.

Stephanie writes, “Hi Adam – Given my age, health, love for exercise and desire not to repeat open heart surgery, I believe I am going to request an artificial heart valve replacement when I have surgery next month. However, I have one lingering question for you. Does exercising wear out an artificial heart valve faster over the patient’s lifetime?

While I do not have any clinical data for Stephanie, my gut tells me the answer to this question is probably no. I don’t think that exercise impacts (or wears out) an artificial valve for two reasons:

Again, these are anecdotes and my own personal opinion. That said, I would strongly encourage you to speak with your surgeon about this topic (exercise and artificial heart valves) to learn more.

Keep on tickin!

Adam Pick
Written by Adam Pick

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