Mitral Valve Leakage And Stress

My inbox is filling up with some very interesting questions. I just received a question that reads, “Is stress a symptom of mitral valve leakage?”

Stress Symptom Of Mitral Valve Leakage

As I’ve written before, there are several leaking heart valve symptoms identified by leading heart care facilities including The Cleveland Clinic and The Mayo Clinic. (Please click here to view those symptoms.)

However, from my own research, I have not seen any clinical studies which suggest that mitral valve leakage is directly related to stress (as a symptom). However, as a former patient, I could very easily see how being diagnosed with mitral valve leakage creates stress. 🙂

If you have any, extra information on this topic of stress and mitral valve leakage, please help out and leave a reply below.

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Adam Pick
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