Veronika Meyer At Mount Everest Peak… After Heart Valve Replacement!

There are “good” weeks… And, then there are “great” weeks. Last week was better than good and great. Last week was “unforgettable”.

First, I received a very nice letter from Dr. Donald Ross (inventor of the Ross Procedure).



Then, three days later, my inbox showed an email from heart valve replacement super-star, Veronika Meyer.


Mount Everest Shot By Veronika Meyer


So you know, Veronika Meyer is my personal hero. After receiving a St. Jude mechanical valve replacement, Veronika continued her extreme-sports hobby, mountain climbing. With great excitement, I clicked the name “Veronika Meyer” that appeared in my inbox. Then, I read a very nice message from Veronika about this website and my book. In addition to the note, Veronika included a fantastic photo of the Mount Everest peak. After receiving her permission, I posted the picture above. FYI, that is an actual picture of the “top of the world”.

Veronika took this picture as she was descending down from the Mount Everest peak.

I am still utterly amazed and inspired by Veronika’s accomplishments after heart valve surgery.


Keep on tickin!

Adam Pick
Written by Adam Pick

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