Listen To Heart Sounds – Normal and Abnormal Heart Sound Audio

There are many ways to diagnose diseased or defected heart valves. One of the simplest methods to diagnose problematic heart valves is to listen to the patient’s heart beat sound through a stethescope.

During my diagnosis, my cardiologist listened to my heart murmur sound and said, “Yep. That is definitely the sound of a heart murmur!” As it turned out, I had a bicuspid aortic valve that suffered from stenosis and regurgitation.

I was always curious to know what my heart sounded like. I knew there was a muffle sound to it which indicated the murmur. However, I never heard exactly how a heart beat sound differed between a normal heart sound and an abnormal heart sound.

Well… I recently searched Google and YouTube, looking for heart sound audio. I was amazed what I found by simply typing “listen to heart sound” in the search engine.


 Taking A Listen To My Heartbeat Sound After Surgery
“No More Murmur!!!


I even pulled out my own stethoscope to see how my heart sounded now versus the other abnormal sounds on the web. My heart sounded pretty darn good after my double (aortic and pulmonary) valve replacement!!!

That said, here are some heart sounds (and an educational explanation) if you would like to hear the murmurs for yourself:



I hope that helped you learn more about normal and abnormal heart sounds.

Keep on tickin!

Adam Pick
Written by Adam Pick

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