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Here are the most recent Heart Valve Journals posted by members of our growing community of patients and caregivers. Please click on any journal to learn more. Also, you can use the search function below to find a specific journal for the patient you are looking for:
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Day 2
Posted by Colette McDiarmid
Hi everyone Colette is out of the ICU and is up on the cardiac ward. She has had all of her tubes … Read more
Heart valve
Posted by Suzanne Kosakowski
Anne you asked about my valve, I got a median sternotomy, aoretic valve replacement with a 25- mm … Read more
Got to see her!
Posted by Deb Bialecki
2:00 pm - Had a few minutes with Deb in the ICU. Lots of tubes, wires, and machines but she looks … Read more
Surgery is Over
Posted by Deb Bialecki
Deb is out of surgery and it went well. They were able to repair the valve which is good news. The … Read more
My first entry regarding preparing myself for what is ahead
Posted by Bill Rothballer
I learned in February that my heart condition is changing. At this point I am not sure how sick I am … Read more
78 Days, Rehab, Return to work etc
Posted by Meredith Bray
I bet you thought I forgot about you! Thank you so much for your support through my heart surgery … Read more
Chest shield
Posted by Suzanne Kosakowski
I ordered the chest shield to protect my wound but I am rather surprised that it connects with this … Read more
Surgery is going well
Posted by Deb Bialecki
We got to the hospital at 5:30. They took Deb back at 7:15. Deb did very well this morning; she was … Read more
Sassy and AS BAV...
Posted by Allison Sanders
This is actually Allison's Mom posting on her behalf. I have found it difficult to find information … Read more
We made it back in a day
Posted by Suzanne Kosakowski
Slept in my own bed last night. Occytodone makes a big difference. But low and behold it's 5 am and … Read more
Out of the ICU!!!
Posted by David Augustus
I got to eat breakfast this morning and it was a real pleasure to eat some food, in fact it was the … Read more
Day one
Posted by Colette McDiarmid
Well that was a very long and hard day to deal with and Colette is doing great. She is a very strong … Read more
Been really tired lately...
Posted by James Jones
My cardiologist encouraged me to lose weight when he first told me I had the heart valve problem. In … Read more
9 Days post surgery
Posted by Connie Jewell
9 days post surgery. Home since Saturaday evening . Doing well home nurse visit was Tuesday she said … Read more
Surgery tomorrow....
Posted by Deb Bialecki
Had the rest of the pre-op stuff done on Monday … Read more
Posted by Colette McDiarmid
Hi everyone Colette is out of surgery and the surgeon was able to repair her valve rather than … Read more
Posted by Colette McDiarmid
Hi everyone it is 12:50 and Colette is still in surgery Colette's mom and dad have came by to keep … Read more
Home & good night of sleep
Posted by Julia Hsu
I am glad to hear all my OHS brothers & sisters from last week are at home or going home. Suzanne, … Read more
Posted by Colette McDiarmid
Well Colette has just gone into the OR thanks to all of our friends and family for their support. … Read more
Here we go!
Posted by Colette McDiarmid
Got the blue gown on waiting to get the party started☺ Love to Craig and Duncan and all the family … Read more
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