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Here are the most recent Heart Valve Journals posted by members of our growing community of patients and caregivers. Please click on any journal to learn more. Also, you can use the search function below to find a specific journal for the patient you are looking for:
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Celebrate Life
Posted by Kimberly Goodloe
Five Year Anniversary: Heart Valve Replacement Procedure … Read more
Some disappointments
Posted by Rachel Shelley
Hi, Rachel's dad here - she asked me to update you on her news … Read more
Starting the Countdown
Posted by Glenn Walsh
It is hard to believe that next week I will be in surgery to replace my bicuspid aortic valve. It … Read more
Counting down ...
Posted by Jack Laws
We're now about a day and a half from surgery. Still can't get Jack to slow down. Last night he went … Read more
The Three-Month Mark-Progress Continues in Rehab
Posted by Jim Jones
Hey folks. I passed the three-month mark and wanted to share some insights with you about cardiac … Read more
2 Weeks Post-Op!
Posted by Susan Muhly
2 weeks post op and I am doing great! I was so happy to get home from the hospital. I was there a … Read more
Barb is coming home this afternoon.
Posted by Barbara Colvin
Barb had a great day yesterday (Monday); she had finally gotten some sleep. Did several walks and … Read more
Day of surgery
Posted by scott swoboda
3:00 am up and ready for surgery … Read more
Is the third time a charm?
Posted by Joey Williamson
On February 12, 2014 I will be undergoing open heart surgery for the third time. It will be to … Read more
It takes a Village –
Posted by Tom Musgrove
Prior to arriving at the University of Michigan, Frankel Cardiovascular Center (CVC), we read that … Read more
The Evolution of This Journal
Posted by Tom Musgrove
When I began this Journal, my intent was to learn from those who had heart valve surgery before us … Read more
Electric Lift Chair
Posted by Meredith Bray
I called about 40589362 different rental places last wekk - medical supplies, family owned … Read more
February 10 Update
Posted by Cami Munk
This week is my heart catheterization procedure - on Valentine's Day, ironically. Then I meet with … Read more
Any NHRA fans out there? Greg Anderson had aorta surgery
Posted by Tom Bender
While watching the NHRA Winternationals drag race this weekend, I saw that racer Greg Anderson had … Read more
Posted by cheree sanjulian
I know i haven't been on for awhile but a lot has been going on.. I never had my surgery in Jan. for … Read more
Posted by marcia fowle
Who's driving and using a pillow in front of them?I have heard that they tell you too for a few … Read more
Posted by Clare Auten
I have been walking on the indoor track at the gym the last two days ( we have snow on the ground … Read more
3rd Day in Hospital a Tough One
Posted by Barbara Colvin
My sister Barb had a tough day today (Day 3) in the hospital. She spent a second night without … Read more
Hello MVP and MVR Patients
Posted by Lori Way
I would like to hear from anyone who has had mitral valve surgery. I had surgery in December of … Read more
6 months
Posted by Joseph Kusiak
February 2nd was my 6 month anniversary. I almost completely forgot. Outside of slight discomfort … Read more
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