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Sleep...its overrated
Posted by Yvette Neas
I have been awake since 3 AM...finally decided to just get up around 5:30. I chuckle to my self when … Read more
Happy Valentine's Day
Posted by Tom Bender
This year's Valentine's Day seems more special, now that my heart has physically been repaired. My … Read more
Home sweet home
Posted by Dora Chavira
I came home yesterday, after a 7 night hospital stay, due to a mixup with my aspirin desensitation. … Read more
date set
Posted by cheree sanjulian
Doctor visit this past tuesday went good. All the per-op test were done again. blood pressure was … Read more
Am I ready?
Posted by Darryl Harrington
I keep asking myself if I am ready, not that I know that physically my body has to have this done … Read more
I'm Back at the computer!
Posted by Barbara Colvin
I am doing well at home - stronger and more comfortable each day. I am currently taking one … Read more
Jack Laws Feb 13th
Posted by Jack Laws
From Rhonda's notes it appears that the operation went well and Jack will be on the recovery floor … Read more
Well that was quick ...
Posted by Jack Laws
Despite starting on Jack a couple of hours later than scheduled, the cellphone on the table starts a … Read more
Waiting, waiting, waiting ...
Posted by Jack Laws
Jack and I got into the hospital early, early, early. A foggy morning 6:30 start but got there even … Read more
Better news
Posted by Rachel Shelley
After a difficult few days, Rachel is feeling much better. She has regained her appetite and thirst … Read more
5 weeks
Posted by Clare Auten
It is hard to believe that today marks 5 weeks since my surgery. I still remember those first few … Read more
A spot of tea, if you please
Posted by Yvette Neas
I am invited to a tea party this morning. The speaker is going to to talk about women's heart issues … Read more
Posted by Yvette Neas
Who knew this was so popular? Not me! As a kid I was the only one with a "heart problem". I wasn't … Read more
The Most Important Things to Bring With You to the Hospital
Posted by Tom Musgrove
• TRUST in your surgeon and his team … Read more
Round 1 of pre-surgery testing is done
Posted by Meredith Bray
Last week I had a CT scan, which is like a chest xray. I had some dye injected through an IV, and a … Read more
Checking in
Posted by Sherry Stevens
I have not been posting much since I have become so busy back in my normal life. Today is my six … Read more
saw my cardiologist today
Posted by Steve Thomson
Today I saw my regular cardiologist to follow up on surgery. Overall got a great report from him, … Read more
cardiac cath follow-up
Posted by Margie kovacic
Going to see the Cardiologist is an outing for us, it's an hour's drive to the Clinic. While seeing … Read more
To Blog or Not To Blog
Posted by Yvette Neas
Well hello...if you are reading this then you either know me, know someone who knows me, or have … Read more
Celebrate Life
Posted by Kimberly Goodloe
Five Year Anniversary: Heart Valve Replacement Procedure … Read more
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