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surgery 31st fast approaching
Posted by M Ratchford
Well wasnt going to write a journal until day before going to hospital however there are a few of us … Read more
how bad is it
Posted by Steven A Husted
how bad is the pain some say not so bad and others say really bad i wonder how bad your pain was … Read more
July 25, 2014
Posted by Mitchell Namenwirth
Anxiety high. Trying to get as much details done before surgery … Read more
July 25 on Count Up to 42!
Posted by Virginia (Ginger) French
Would like you to know that my daughter Elizabeth (AKA Liz) is going to do some posting for me while … Read more
Posted by Howard Herman
After review with my surgeon he said i had blockage in one artery which would be done when i have … Read more
Look out for the "Biker Chick"!!!
Posted by Terrie Syvertsen
Well now.....It is 12:47 here in sunny California and I have completed 6 miles (47Minutes) on my … Read more
Three+ week update
Posted by Barbara Hoth
I had surgery in California a little over three weeks ago and everything seems to slowly improve. I … Read more
Here we go...
Posted by Rhonda Wills
Surgery is set for Tuesday the 29 th at Carolina Medical Center Pineville which is here in Charlotte … Read more
I can't decide on which valve to get, HELP!
Posted by Keith Bossier
I am 31. I had my bicuspid aortic valve replaced when I was 26 because it got severely infected and … Read more
heart burn
Posted by Steven A Husted
does anyone know if heart burn is related in any way to heart trouble or to a bad heart valve or bad … Read more
Two weeks post-op/ One week home
Posted by Michael Culpepper
Yep, today marks the first week at home and two weeks since surgery … Read more
Days 23 and 24 of the Count Up
Posted by Virginia (Ginger) French
It was a dizzying time around here. My vertigo hit yesterday and I ended up with an unplanned, … Read more
Thanks Guys!
Posted by Gabrielle Stinson
Yeah thanks for sharing a laugh with me! I reckon I have learnt my lesson..........until next time … Read more
adam's book
Posted by Steven A Husted
i love adam's book thank you so much adam i just got done reading his book for the second time what … Read more
July 24, 2014
Posted by Mitchell Namenwirth
Today my son birthday,22 today. I was scheduled to have surgery this day but postponed it to July 29 … Read more
Back from the tests at the Cleveland Clinic
Posted by Charlie Brinkman
We visited the Clinic for two days of tests. They went very well with no surprises. The staff at the … Read more
Can't believe it's been 9 weeks since surgery...
Posted by Deb Bialecki
Still confused why I get so tired in the afternoon and end up falling asleep...but from what I read … Read more
Ginger(from the land of oz0and I take a bike ride!
Posted by Terrie Syvertsen
Well good morning folks. Woke up this morning sore from my 5 mile bike ride on my stationary bike … Read more
Day 24 of count up to 42
Posted by Mary Myers
Hello my heart brothers and sisters … Read more
A HUGE thank you...
Posted by kelly stevens
I heard yesterday at the Dr's that the Dr that sent me for the original chest xrays at Bedford … Read more
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