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Multiple leaking heart valves




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By-Pass vs Valvular Surgery

October 4, 2013

I am curious about the severity difference between these two types of surgeries. Generally, would by-pass surgery be more dangerous, and/or, more technically difficult than valve surgery?

My husband had unexpected quadruple by-pass surgery a year ago and I am still in the "watchful waiting" mode for my 3 leaking heart valves. Am a little nervous as I see cardiologist in a week to review my recent echo. Sure looked like I saw a lot of backwashing in one valve. But what do I know?

Treadmill Results

November 8, 2011

Well good news for me, I passed the stress treadmill very well. Doc says to see how I do over the next two months and then return for a follow up. In other words, nothing is decided yet.

While I am thankful, I came away with still no answers for my shortness of breath. I will put this out of my mind, get ready for the holidays and not dwell on the matter. This will be my last posting. To all of you on this site, I wish you all successful surgeries, diminished pain and peace of mind.

I think I flunked my treadmill!

October 28, 2011

Well, I had my stress treadmill test this morning. I feel like such a wimp as I was only able to do 7 minutes total. The last session had a more severe slant and I had to just about jog which I do NOT do at age 64 and a knee replacement. It was too much for me and I kept thinking that I was going to fall off the back of the treadmill.

My oxygen levels were really good and I think my BP was too. I'll see the doc in a week to discuss the results.

My first appointment

October 20, 2011

Well, I came away perplexed from my cardiology appointment. I gather that the echocardiogram readings can change based on who does the actual reading. Makes me wonder why one does the test in the first place if the grading is so nebulous.

Anyway, my next step is to have a stress treadmill with pulse, whatever that means.
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Finally - Seeing Cardiologist

October 13, 2011

After weeks of waiting and some poor communication, I finally have my appointment scheduled with my cardiologist set for Monday, the 17th of October. Sure is a lot better than being asked to wait until the end of November.

I have my list of questions ready and am set. Wish me luck. Hopefully, my issues can be treated with medications.

Does anyone have any knowledge about the "rating" of valve leakage and what the numbers mean? I have two 2+s and one is a 3+.

Shortness of Breath, is it "stress" or not?

October 3, 2011

I recently saw my doctor for shortness of breath and extreme lite headedness. After multiple tests and one stress management class, I was diagnosed with multiple leaking heart valves. The good news is there is no damage to the heart .

Everything I read online is always for one heart valve issue and nothing about multiple leaking valves. Does anyone have this same problem? If so, what did the doctors tell you. I am concerned as there is a family history of heart surgery.

I have yet to have my consult with a cardiologist.

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