Featured Heart Surgeon - Dr. Luis Castro

Sequoia Hospital Heart & Vascular Institute, Redwood City, California

Dr. Luis Castro is The Director of Cardiovascular Services at Sequoia Hospital's Heart & Vascular Institute in Redwood City, California. Sequoia treats some of the most complex cardiac cases and produces some of the nation's best outcomes year after year.  Dr. Castro has pioneered minimally invasive techniques for mitral valve repair and aortic valve replacement that have set a new standard of care, drawing patients from all over the country.

Dr. Castro Says...

"Having outstanding results and surgical expertise is extremely important, but I've learned that nurturing the special connection between physician and patient is what makes the difference. My patients inspired me to concentrate my efforts at a single, focused program at Sequoia Hospital. This lets me provide a level of care and attention that my patients deserve when putting their hearts in my hands. My greatest satisfaction comes from surrounding my patients with complete support before, during, and long after their operations. That's why I have a dedicated team that shares my philosophy of hands-on care to make your experience the best and safest it can possibly be."

Recent Patients Say...

"With Dr. Castro, I never felt like a statistic or just another patient in his care. If I was to need surgery again, there would be no doubt I would only want Dr. Castro leaving his fingerprints on my heart."
-- Shelly Gould, Mitral Valve Repair Surgery Patient

"Dr. Luis Castro, my surgeon, was wonderful, informative, straight forward and very positive. My family loved him, as well, as is staff. Awesome!!"
-- Betty Vieira, Mitral Valve Replacement Surgery Patient

"I had three plugged arteries replaced and a heart valve repaired. I would recommend Dr. Luis Castro very highly. Dr. Castro and the Sequoia Hospital staff gave me EXCELLENT care before, during and after surgery. I owe these people my life."
-- Kenneth Campbell, CABG & Aortic Valve Replacement Surgery Patient

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