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Still mooing

February 8, 2014

Hi All, I promised I would get on here after seeing my doctor. He likes to keep in touch every 6 months. I don't mind, makes me feel safe.
Well I haven't had an EKG for a while so was surprised with that. He said everything is looking good and I said well? Why do I still have some pain? It is just the nerves and muscles, and my incision is still a little pink. His answer was, most people get over the pain in a year, but some don't and some never do. Thanks. I just take a Tramadol when it gets on my nerves. I just try and ignore it most of the time. He said that was fine. I took one a week ago and it helped my knee more than what I was aiming. Good old Arthur and the cold we are having here. I did get some Cocoa Butter cream and I think it is helping a lot.

Im still going to the Y and doing swimming having a hard time when it is in the 40's and swimming. Still doing Silver Sneakers and Balance and Stretch. We call it almost balance as we all sway in the wind. I think Elsie was a water cow as the water feels pretty good when it is warm. Sometimes it is a little to cool and she don't like it neither do I.
I'm good for another 6 months and then another echo after that. Then Elsie and then Elsie and I can see eye to eye again and smile.

So glad that Rachel is going to be getting out. She is quite a trooper what a story. Would love to meet her. Sorry the Broncos didn't win the Super Bowl. Oh well maybe next year, but they are still my champions.

Hope everyone waiting gets along amazing and with the best recovery. Your life will be so much better. Keeping everyone in my thoughts and prayers. Still love ya'all.
Linda H and Elsie

Happy New Year

December 31, 2013

Ok I have been thinking about putting a post on here and then Jim Jones asked me to put something on here. So here goes.

Since I am 15 months post surgery, what a difference the holidays were. My doctor said I would be fine last year and I was BUT it was so much better this year. Last year I over did just a little and it let me know. This year I put the tree together all 71/2 feet if it. I got that top on all by myself which was a little heavy, with no problem other than being a little to short. I got the whole house dressed for the holidays and really enjoyed the season, while all the time I was thinking of the past years and how much different it was this year. Wow. It did come with a few little problems like gaining a little weight. But that was because I baked this year which I did not do for the last several as I was getting ready for surgery. Also went thru two Thanksgiving dinners, two Christmas dinners and a party with lots of food at all of them. I even managed to get it all put away but I did call in my husband to help. Think it kinda caught up.

We did go thru some unhappy times with all of this. My neighbor at 39 years old passed away with an aortic annuersym. Made me feel how lucky I am to be living. Also have a friend who has cancer that she is fighting. And my Uncle passing away with cancer. With all of that makes me feel like I was lucky to have the heart problem that has made my life so blessed.

I am finding that reading all the posts on here, men do go thru this much better than women. I still have some nerve and muscle pain, not bad, I just kinda ignore it for the most part. I really notice it when I haven't gone to the YMCA, it really does help. I think Elsie is a water cow cause swimming sure does feel good. This has made my life so much different, I feel so blessed and cant thank God enough for it. He is wonderful.

I have been on here peaking at whats going on espically our friend Rachel. I wish the best for her and hope she gets her new heart very soon. Her and her family are amazing holding out this long. For all of you in waiting it will be ok. Life will be so much better for you. The recovery is long but the wait is even worse.

I hope everyone has a wonderful New Year and a very healthy one. So until later, probably around January when I see my doctor again. Take care all. Hugs
Linda H and Elsie


November 7, 2013

I just wanted to take this moment to thank everyone for all their prayers for my Uncle. Last night he went to be with God his brothers and sisters and parents. He was the last of my Dads family.
RIP Uncle Raymond Raygor

Happy Fall to everyone

November 3, 2013

I haven't been on here very much as everything is pretty much back to normal now. I am still having a little of the nerve pain, but I have changed my way of sleeping from the right side to the left. I think it is helping a little. My doctor said it take a long time to get all of those nerves and muscles back in shape. And considering I had two scars well I guess that's why.

Yesterday we took a nice ride to the mountains for all the leaves. Got out and walked a little and I was feeling so happy and bragging how I was walking up a little hill and climbing on some big rocks how I did not run out of breath. But on the other hand I have some arthritis in my knee and that is slowing me down. Get one thing fixed and something else goes. Not fair.

A week ago we just lost our neighbor who was 39 years old to a rupture of an aortic anuersym. Sure did make me feel so lucky to be living.
Please keep your prayers going for my uncle who I just got word of a severe stroke. He is the last of my Dads family and needs all the prayers he can get. Also keep prayers going for the coach Fox of the Broncos. I am a big Broncos fan and hope for them to be going to the Super Bowl this year.
Well I guess t
hat is it for now. Hope everyone going into surgery comes out with flying colors. God will be with you and all in the recovery it is all worth it. Take care all and God bless you all.
Linda H and Elsie
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Happy Birthday Elsie

September 18, 2013

Well here it is, my 1st birthday with Elsie tomorrow. Just can't believe this year has gone by so fast and so healthy. Thank you God.

First of all I feel like I have a lot of people to thank for being there. Thanks Adam for making this site. It is so wonderful and so helpful for all of us. And the book to. Then comes all of my doctors, Dr Casey for starting this journey and getting me all started in the right way. Dr Bittrick for getting things done and thinking that I was not all that old lol. And Dr Mazeriez also known as Dr YumYum for fixing me all up and making me a new person again. He is wonderful and good looking. All the nuses and techs at Greenwood rehab and of course at the YMCA that I am still going to.
All the the wonderful people that I have meant on here. Ricki Shine ( still have the orchid) Linda Dixon, Mitch Friedman for watching, Chuck Holmgreen, Jimmy Johnson, Janis K, all who have become friends on facebook now. Don my surgery partner, Happy Birthday to you also. Connie T., Sara, Christine Kline and of course Ernie and Toro who is on the mend. There are a lot of others also not to mention my family and close friends and neighbors. Pastor Justin who got to Greenville in such early hours of the morning along with Betty and Bill and the rest of my church family, oh and of course everyone at Weight Watchers who helped my get to my new weight for pre surgery. And last but least my husband. Don't know how I would have managed without him taking care of me. He is wonderful and makes a good nurse. Thanks. I feel like I just got an emmy.

A little of what is happening now that I have reached my 1 year goal. I am now telling everyone 14 years to go and I can start thinking about this again. NOT. I'm not worried when I will be 81 years old then. Folks it really does take a full year to recover from all of this no joke. I still do have a little pain ( nerve pain) but I do think it is getting better. It feels a little different. To help I just keep stretching myself out with chest movements and putting my head back a little. It helps along with all the stuff I do at the Y like swimming. I think Elsie is a water cow, cause it feels so good to be in the water, getting out is what sucks.
when I went in for my echo in July the doctor said everything was looking good. Asked him if I could get off bp meds. He said try it and see. Well my bp went up a little but not bad but Elsie was thumping so hard I thought I was drilling for water. It didn't hurt just was annoying so I got back on my bp meds and now all is ok. Guess she likes her drugs. lol. Last week at chuch somebody blew the speakers so loud we all jumped I thought Elsie was coming up. Don't want to do that again. Otherwise life is wonderful. I keep thinking of all the things in my past that was due to my heart and didn't really know it.

Just like everyone else, I haven't been on much lately but I do keep track of everyone, see how you all are doing. If you are waiting for surgery, just like everyone before me the surgery is rough but the waiting is rougher. The recovery is a long hard one but you can do it. God will be there for each and everyone of you waiting and he will help in the recovery as well. So all of my friends. I love each and everyone of you we are family.
Linda H and Elsie AVR 9/19/12

Having fun on new computer and catching up

August 19, 2013

Hi All, Well I can't believe my first year is coming up very soon. Just the other day I was thinking just what and how I was feeling a year ago and how my life has changed for the better.

In July I had my echo done with DR Bittrick. Was nice to get it all done the same day so I wouldn't have to drive to Greenville twice. My echo was perfect. I saw Elsie she is cute and working very hard, just like she is suppose too. Dr Bittrick said everything looks good bp is good, and I could try and get off bp meds if I wanted to try it. So I did lasted about 6 days. Elsie was beating and pounding so hard, I felt like I was drilling for water. The sound kinda got to me even though I knew it was ok that I was still living. But I decided to get back on my Bystolic but take it at night. Now everything is back to normal.

I also found out that I do have to watch what I do. I had an old tv that I wanted out. My husband thought he might be able to lift it himself and he asked me if I could help him. Well forgetting that I just had major surgery 10 months ago, I tried and promptly put it right back down as it was going right against my incision. I was a little sore for a few days. Oops guess I learned.

My regular doctor decided to give me a physical. He decided now that we have the heart stuff out of the way lets see what else I have, looking for trouble. So far I think all is good. But one thing ladies be careful with a mammogram. She was very gentle but it still got the good ole incision. So again I was sore for a couple more days.

Still have the floaters I am chasing around, even with new glasses. Hope they go away soon. I think they are getting fewer though. Otherwise everything is going great.
Yesterday at church I was asked if I wanted a ride up to my car which was a little up hill. I just kinda laughed and took off loving that I could do this without running out of breath. I would have taken her up on this last year. I still brag how I am getting around and feeling so good.

So for all of those of you waiting out there, life is so good and worth the wait to feeling so much better. Pretty soon Elsie can talk to Toro soon.
So until later all of my friends. My prayers are still with you all. God is wonderful to fix all of our hearts and I am so grateful to him. Life is good.
Hugs to all
Linda H and Elsie AVR 9/19/12

I'm still around

August 2, 2013

Hi y'all, It seems I wasn't the only one with a bad heart. My computer died of coronary artery disease It had a very slow death. I only thing I can do on it is play solitare( which is ok, keeps the brain going) and print things on it. May it rest in peace. Now I'm trying to figure out the new one.

I am doing very well. I am still going to the YMCA and enjoying the swimming. I think Elsie is a water cow lol. I seem to be doing really good in it and now am going to get a pool for the back yard so on these hot days we can cool off.

I still have a little pain off and on, I thought it was completely gone when I tried to help my husband pick up a tv and it rubbed right on my incision. So I have some of that nucience pain back. I cant believe that I am almost to my birthdays next month.

I have been trying to watch all of you but I just couldn't write anything weird things would happen. Hope everyone is having a wonderful summer even though it has been a very wet one.

For all of you waiting for your day, you wont be sorry its better then you think. The waiting is the worse part of it. Its down hill from there and everyday is a better and more blessed day.
Until later.
Linda H and Elsie AVR 9/19/12

Ready to start anew.

May 9, 2013

Hi All, Time is getting away from me. I still read some of the posts here and haven't forgotten anyone. I still have everyone in my prayers for a good recovery and the best life ever. But:
Im almost 8 months out and getting some other feelings that I really don't like, and that is some depression ugly little head seems to be popping in the door. For being in the south it has been rather cold, I think Im being in PA still espically when it is warmer there than here. We have some friends who have been having their own problems. Her husband is getting over a double bypass and she is fighting MDS. She asked us if we would like to go to Charleston SC. I have never been there and have been wanting to go for years. So I said yes, but now my husband doesnt to go and it has me upset. He needs to get out and have a little fun in his life as well. So I was talking to my instructor at the Y and she told me I should go anyway and not let him stop it. It is important to have a little fun in life. So last week I went to Abbevillle 's Spring Festival by myself and enjoyed listening to the band playing. I just let him know that now that I feel better its time to start enjoying life some. Now that Im feeling so much better for the most part its time to really enjoy life. Its to short.

I have been going to the YMCA and doing the swimming class for arthritus but later will spice up to Zumba. I did start out a little to much but I enjoyed it so much it finally caught up with me. Had to cut the swimming back to an hour instead of two. If I dont go one time I start feeling it. I really think Elsie is a water cow valve. I feel so good in the water. lol. and now I have been meeting new people, one already had OHS . So everyone out there check out the YMCA, I think you will find it helps a lot but not until after rehab.

I hope everyone out there is doing good. And if waiting for your time it will come and you will feel good afterward. It is like a whole new life to live, and I am just starting. It is so nice walking and keeping up with everyone and not running out of breath. I just can't get over that feeling as I had it all my life and didn't even know it. So with this enjoy life it is short. Until later
Linda H and Elsie AVR 9/19/12

Hi All

April 2, 2013

Just read Sherry blog thought I better add to it. I am 6 months out as you all know. Well I can say life is real good and don't really wish for the old life back. I am enjoying walking and not getting out of breath or wondering if I might pass out Nope dont want any of that back. But I still do have some of the pain. I never thought it would last this long. Its not really bad, I just put up with it and occasionally take a pain pill. Its just the healing process all those little nerves trying to find their counter parts. I think they are really lost. lol. Anyway I wasn't able to go to the YMCA for a week and that is when I was hurting a little more than usual. Yesterday I went for the swimming class and really enjoyed it. It seems like everything changed. I really think I have a cow valve that likes water. The gentle water over me felt good and no hard pounding of Elsie.
Now on the otherside of this story. My daughter Stephanie had a problem last week. She had an obstruction in her throat. She finally listened to me and went to the ER. She found out her INR was down to 1.9 and had to have a procedure down. My other daughter called and said she was going into surgery. Well I freaked and so did Elsie. I think she turned into a bull and was really stomping around pretty hard. I thought she was going to come right out of my chest. Not a good feeling. She is fine now and so is my daughter after they had to go down with a probe and get rid of the pot roast that was stuck there.

So Sherry as I said you Connie T and I shold b the Three Muskateers hold hands and go for it. Life is good, dont go back to where we were. It will even be better pretty soon. Look at Mitch running marathons. I just I learned that I better be staying at the YMCA forever. I am meeting new people and enjoying it although I will never do yoga again. With my bad right arm never thought I would get off the floor. I have been doing the simming class for arthritus 4 hours week and on Wed. I go to Silver Sneakers and balance and strength. They don't miss a muscle lol. So after rehab is all done for all of you this is a real good way to keep it all up. So until later guys, life is still good.
Lind H and Elsie AVR 9/19/12
PS Elsie says hi to to Bessie

Its now 6 months.

March 19, 2013

I can't believe it is now 6 months post opt. How time has flown. Like all of the others I really don't post on here very much but I do try and keep in touch with you.

About 3 weeks ago I did finish up cardio rehab and now I miss all the wonderful techs and nurses there. I made a lot of friends there. But now I am onto the next stage of my new life. I have joined the YMCA, and not with the Village People lol. Although I do like the song. I have been twice. I got into Silver Sneakers. It is very good. It goes slow and they don't miss a muscle. I think that will help a lot. I also got into Balance and Strength. That is working on the new step (piece of cake) and also two others pieces from the Matrix for lower back and adomen. I also have gotten into arobics swimming. I think that is really going to help a lot. Wasn't sure how all that water was going to feel. but it actually felt pretty good. The water gently moving around felt pretty good on my zipper. The worse part was getting out of the pool.

I might be 6 months out but I still do have a little pain. Not bad, just all those little nerves trying to find their buddies. I really dont have to take any pain pills at all just once in a while. My scar I think is finally starting to get a little pail. uess I have gotten use to it as t reminds me that I am so much better now than I was.
So much has changed for the better, like walking and not running out of breath. My husband decided he was going to race me in a parking lot and I won.

We have had friends go thru OHS with a double by pass and a triple bypass. Now they are coming to me and asking questions, and compairing things kinda funny.

I am so loving seeing everyone on here going thru their first anniversaries. It is so nice to see and I can't believe that I have been here for so long wow. I will be here spying on you all and helping where I can.

My prayers go out to Sara as she is about to meet Bessie.Hope her daughter is going to be ok and I know she will fly thru this with amazing colors. And to everyone else in waiting, you really wll find that waiting is the worse. The surgery isnt all that bad, the recovery is long but each day is a new blessing. Gods speed to all of you and all of us in recovery.
Luv ya all
LInda H and Elsie AVR 9/19/12

Boo whoo

February 12, 2013

Yesterday I just finished up my cardio rehab. I had so much fun there. I had all the challenges right to the end. Two days before the end the treadmill was pushed up to incline of 4 and I made it. Then the last day Tomzara said lets try theellipical. He said just for a minute.ok I couldnt get it started and one step was enough for me. That scared me. I felt like I was riding a horse galloping and I don't go above a trot, plue its been years since I've been on a horse. Well I guess he thought it was for a good laugh at my expense. I was given a nice notebook with a lot of info in it on how to take care of my new heart and a shirt for me and my husband to wear. I will surely miss them but I can go back for maintenance if I want to. Right now I am going to check out the YMCA or curves, as they want me to keep up with this. I plan to as it will help keep my weight down along with walking. Nest month I plan on walking with the docs up in Greenville. Its a start then go shopping at Haywood Mall. Never been there.

Hope everyone is having a really good day. Dont worry about surgery coming up. Our friend just had his bypass last Thursday and got out of the hospital on Sunday, came straight to see us. Wow with his cute pillow named Whoppi. So see it is ok. Oh well guess thats it for now.
Linda H and Elsie AVR 9/19/12

A little excerpt from Stress Management Class

February 9, 2013

Instructions for Life
1. Take into account that great love and great
achievements involve great risk.
2. When you lose, don't lose the lesson.
3. Follow the three R's
Respect for self.
Respect for others and
Responsibility for your actions.
4. Remember not getting what you want is sometimes a wonderful stroke of luck.
5. Learn the rules so you know how to break them properly.
6. Don't let a little dispute injure a great relationship.
7. When you realize that you have made a mistake, take immediate steps to correct it.
8. Spend some time alone everyday.
9. Open arms to change, but don't let go of your values.
10. Remember that silence is sometimes the best answer.
11. Live a good, honorable life; then when you get older and think back, you'll be able to enjoy it a second time.
12. A loving atomosphere in your home is the foundation for your life.
13. In disagreeements with loved ones, deal only with the current situation. Don't bring up the past.
14. Share your knowledge. It's a way to achieve immortality.
15. Be gentle with the earth.
16. Once a year, go someplace you've never been before.
17. remember the best relationships is one in which your love for each other exceeds your need for each other.
18. Judge your success by what you had to give up in order to get it.
19. Approach love and cooking with reckless abandonmnet

Follow the instructions and see how your life improves. I received this from my stress management class in rehab and thought some might like to read it..
And to finish this my husband is ok but waiting for results of his stress test. Thanks for all your thoughts, I relayed them onto him.

A Little Scare

February 4, 2013

Not me but my husband. I went to rehab on Fri and all was good. I was setting up for my stress class on Thursday while our friend Rodney is in surgery. The nurse Betty thought I was talking about my husband so I told her this story about him. About1 week ago my husband had a very heay radial arm saw that he decided to move then had chest pains after that. He told me he thought is was a pulled muscle, so I bought it. Well on Friday as we were going out to breakfast with friends, he told me he had another chest pain. So I got a little worried. I told Betty about it and she thought I should have him checked out espically when I told her he had high triglycerides. I told her I would stop by the doctors office to make appointment. He told me to take him right to the ER. Well he got very mad at me but everyone said I did the right thing. He was afraid of having to sit and wait. I know in a hospital just say chest pain, that works then the wait started waiting for all the tests to come back. His EKG came back pretty good but not 100% good. So now he has to have a stress test. Im not telling him its a nucular stress test,, surprise. So all that happens while we are waiting for our friend to come out of surgery. I guess it beats sitting and wondering. I just told him better safe than sorry. He took care of me and now its my turn.

I was telling the nurse how everyone I know is coming down with heart disease in some way. She let me know its not contagious lol.

My husband yesterday let me know that he does notice how I am getting stronger and walking a lot faster these days. Glad all the hard work is paying off. Made me feel good. Oh well guess thats it for tonight. Hope everyone is having a wonderful day. My hat off to Mitch for his marathon good job. Don't worry if you are in the waiting period, you are going thru the worse right now. Surgery is not all that bad and recovery just makes the time fly by. All is good and we all are so blessed. Hugs to all.
Linds H and Elsie AVR 9/19/12

Life at rehab

January 29, 2013

Hey to all, Either the world is going to fast or Im slowing down. I prefer the world is going to fast. I was told the other day at rehab that before I leave there I am going to be walking the treadmill while crocheting. Right! I sure will miss it there when it is all over :(
Tom continues to make life harder for me. He came over yesterday and put my level up to 6 on new step, but he did give me a little break by letting me do level 6 for 10 minutes then going down to level 5 for the rest of the time. Its amazing, I had trouble with level 5 when starting it with my knee, but all of a sudden it was ok and now to level 6. Then on the treadmill I am now doing an incline of 3.5. Just because Im from Denver Im not climbing Mt Evans or Pikes Peak.. It is so wonderful when doing rehab and you start feeling the difference, how I started in Nov and couldnt do the things I am doing now. zmskrd you realize how much gets taken out of this before surgery.
Today I went for a nice walk with my friend and for the first time I didn't have to tell her to slow down. I was able to stay right up with her even while going up our little hill. I just can't get over how I dont get winded any more, its wonderful.

My prayers go out to our family friend who today was diagnosed with aortic stenosis and has to have surgery asap. Told him I was jealous, that I had to wait and he doesn't, so maybe we will be mooing together. So Rodney here are my prayers to you and Connie.
Hope all are doing good and waiting for surgery is the worse part it will all be fine and life will be good. And best of luck to everyone in recovery. It really does get better.
Linda H and Elsie AVR 9/19/12

Life is still good

January 18, 2013

Life is getting more back to normal. Been busy getting all of my New Years resolutions done. Slowly but getting there. Just finished over the half way point of rehab. It keeps getting a little more challenging But I do see the results. I have been doing a level 4 on the new step and when good ole Tomzra pushed me up to a level 5 well that was to much. So I decided to go back to a level 4 and level 5 alternating. That seemed to work. What happened was it got my right knee that I have some arthritus in. So just the other day I broke my step record doing mostly level 5 and it was easy yeah.

Yesterday I saw my cardio doctor and he said I was doing great. I told him I was enjoying rehab and had them all crocheting now. He kinda looked at me funny. I will miss that when it is all over in Feb. But seeing the doctor being a little on the wet side was no fun. I'll explain., we had to go to Greenville and the beautiful weather that I always brag about decided to be very nasty. Did a little shopping before my appointment and the rain was going sideways. We were soaked by the time we got to the car.Yuck. So glad they have valet parking at doctors office. Dr Bittrick siad I am doing great and Elsie was mooing real good and see you in 6 months for an echo. So I have until July to get rid of soreness. I asked the doctor how long is this pounding going to be going on. His reply was 6 months to a year. It has slowed some but if I get all stressed out there it goes again. So hang in there folks it will get normal again.

Things must be getting back to normal. Did a hug in church and found out still have to be careful. Oops :(

So glad to hear from Don my surgery partner. Was wondering what happened to him. Glad he is doing good. Alex is going to do real good to he will be joining the club of saying waiting was the worse part of this. Hope everyone is have a blessed day and it does get better. You all are in my prayers all the time.
Linda H and Elsie AVR 9/19/12

Rehab is starting to get challeging

January 6, 2013

Hope everyone had a blessed New Year. This year will be much better than last year wondering when I was going to be fixed and feel a lot better. I am amazed at how much I do and don't run out of breath. I am doing really good in rehab. My BP is always different but not bad. I think it is the stress that I live with. I am now up to level 5 on the new step and oh boy. Its now getting a little harder. I just started with the level 5 and I always start out slow but before long I am going faster. Have to watch my right arm with all the problems I have there. They just have me do it without using my arms. What a difference. I didn't realize how much my arms work on it also. I am half way thru it. Just seems like I started. Still have a some pain once in a while. I think it is just everything trying to heal. Dont take pain pills very much. Had my dietary class the other day. It was interesting but the plastic food kinda turned me off lol. Now Im looking forward to the stress management class. Can't wait for that one.

Hope everyone out there is doing great. For all going into surgery dont worry it will be ok. Prayers are very powerful and work. Hope all in recovery are doing great and life is good. Until later
Linda H and Elsie AVR 9/19/12

Happy Belated Christmas

December 27, 2012

Sorry I am so late. Life seems to be going faster than I am. I hope every one had a wonderful Christmas. I was enjoying the celebrating with Church ativities, decorating that slowed me down with a little reality check. Another thing that I have been celebrating is that I reached my goal at Weight Watchers. Keep it a secret but I have been enjoying with some goodies of the season. But now I will behave myself, our little secret Connie H. lol.
I continue to do good at rehab. After not going for 5 days I was put up to level 4 on the new step. Well after coming off the treadmill for 20 minutes with a grade of 2 and level at 2.2, I was rather tired. I got on that yesterday and boy did I feel it. It was just like the very first day. Not good at all. Today was a different story. At a level 4 for 24 minutes I did 1495 steps. Thats the best so far. So I was very surprised I did that good. Hope tomorrow it will be 1496 lol.

Now that cool weather is here, I have been having to wear sweat shirts and it is bothering my incision. I just try and ignore it but after a while will get a pain pill to take the edge off. It feels like it is shrinking up and I have to stretch, that doesn't feel very good. She told me I could put cream on it, that might help. Just putting the cream on I really saw just how tender it still is.

I hope everyone out there in valve land has the best New Year yet. We all have been so blessed and I look forward to the best year yet. And to Adam congratulations on the 7th year anniversary. Hope you have many many more of them I know you will.
For all of you in waiting it will be ok, you are headed for a much better life and you will do fine and find that the hardest part really is the waiting, cause time flies afterwards. It just seems like yesterday I was in the hospital and now I am doing great and getting better each day. So Elsie and I say Moo with a Happy New Year.
Linda H and Elsie AVR 9/19/12

My heart is hurting

December 18, 2012

My heart has been really sad in all the 26 lives that were lost this week. I feel so sorry for all the people in Newtown Ct. God bless them all my thoughts and prayers go out to each one of them. I didnt know I had that many tears.

Now tomorrow will make my 3 months out. Cant believe it is already 3 months and I am doing great. Not 100% yet but getting there. I am now doing a level 3 and doing about 1450 steps in 24 minutes on the new step. I like that one. If I meet someone I tend to go over my time limit. Then Tom adds more time to me the next time lol. On the treadmill I am doing 20 minutes at 2.2 level and1.5 incline. He tried to pust me up to 2.3 but I was allowed to go back. There is an olympic poster there. Hope Im not being trained for the olympics.lol. My BP is staying pretty good and my heart rate is doing excellant. I was told the other day it got to 102 from around 65 BPM when I came in. It doesnt take any time at all to get back to normal. It is so wonderful. Since I have been doing the new step I decided that I might try and vacuum the carpet some going slow. I just do one room at a time and take my time in doing it. I told the nurse and it was ok.

We went to Connie Maxwells Childrems Home for the lights. It was a beautiful time. The lights were georgus and I was able to do the horse drawn carriage ride. I was able to get myself up into it with no help. Then we had hot chocolate and a cookie and sat around a bond fire for a good time. It is well worth the trip if you ever get to Greenwood SC the first weekend of Dec.

For all those out there headed for surgery, what a Christmas gift that will be given to you, a new lease on life. The worse part is getting there with all of the waiting. For all of us in recovery keep doing good. We all have been blessed and that is something very special. God bless us all.
Linda H and Elsie AVR 9/19/12

A funny moment

December 7, 2012

I have slowed down pretty much and have been doing all my crocheted throws finished for my 2 grand daughters for Christmas. When I told them at rehab on Monday that I was sore, he goes and up me on the treadmill from 2 to 2.2 and 18 min and on the new step to level 2. Then on Wed I find out that on the treadmill I am starting a little incline. Told them Im not a mountain climber. Well on Friday I did the new step first and did 1200 plus steps in 20 minutes. Thats a little over 1/2 mile. Well on the treadmill, I get on it, strattle the treadmill to turn on and start speeding it up before I get on the belt. I didnt make it that far thank heaven but I was turning the speed up higher to 2.2 and forgot to take my finger off. Pretty soon I was running whoa. Glad the nurse was there to slow me down, I was just trying to keep up. It was good for a good laugh from all. Then when I took off the little magnet the whole thing came off oops. Wonder what next week has in store. Tune in later for more. Better go get dinner started now.
HOpe everyone is doing real good and dont worry for those waiting you will be fine. All of us in recovery hope all is going good for you and dont let that treadmill run away with you. And DVB that was my little marathon
Mooing all over
Linda H and Elsie AVR 9/19/12.

A Little Bump in the Road

December 2, 2012

Oops I think I really did have surgery in Sept. But everyone kept telling me that I didn't look like it. Well cause my doctor had told me before the surgery that I would be fine for Christmas, thats what I remembered.
Friday after I got home from rehab decided to get the house ready for Christmas, decorate the tree. etc. Well I think I kinda overdid it a little bit.Stretching with a 7 foot tree and moving things around I guess was just a little to much to soon.After all I have been feeling pretty good and doing more. Now I really love the Tromodol. My main incision is now letting me know that it is there.I guess I could call it a delayed reaction. So now I am just relaxing some at least until tomorrow for rehab.But no more stretching and moving things around. So this is just a little reminder, it takes longer than 2 1/2 months to recover from all of this.

Everyone is having a really good day and all those waiting you are in my prayers. And all in recovery it takes longer than a couple of months, just relax and enjoy slowly getting back to normal. At least its better than the past.
Mooving all over
Linda H and Elsie AVR 9/19/12

One week down for rehab

November 30, 2012

Hi All, Well I just completed my first week of cardiac rehab. I really do enjoy it and find it fun, BUT, I am sore. Now the pain and stiffness kick in. Oh boy. They have me walking my 2 laps on the tracks which I really do like. I could just keep going lol. Then I get on the treadmill and then the new step. Of course when i announced I was sore and under a pain med they uped it on me. I started out on 2 on the treadmill and now it is up to 2.2 and 2 minutes longer. When I get off that I feel like I just had one to many. Really dont want to walk very fast if at all. Then off to the new step. Of course that went from level 1 to level 2 up to 20 minutes. Im doing pretty good on it. I did 841 steps in 20 minutes. My heart rate has been around 62 resting and gets up to around 82. The nice thing is it goes right down. It is so nice doing all of this without getting out of breath. I just cant get over it. The good part of all this is I cant really feel Elsie beating hard and loud while doing all of this. I will be so glad when she gets to be normal. I like hearing my heart beat its always a good sign but it could be more normal and not vibrate through my body and keep me awake at night. They say it will come.

Hope everyone waiting for surgery will do good. Believe all of us the waiting is the hardest part. Afterwards time will fly. Everyone in recovery I hope it is going good for you. God is so good to all of us. Until later guys.
Mooing all over
Linda H and Elsie AVR 9/19/12

Rehab Starts

November 21, 2012

I finally got started with rehab today. Had a little trouble with insurance not being covered HMO. But finally got that all settled for somplace that is a little closer to me.I will be going thru Feb 9th. I really did enjoy it as I have never been on any of this equipment.. Had to start off with an EKG.Of course that came out perfect. Then it was off to the track and walking. I did 4 laps in 6 minutes. I think it was due to all the walking I did before surgery. It was so nice walking and not running out of breath. I could have just kept walking. Then it was off the the new step machine for 14 minutes. Well I was on level 1 and it can just stay right there. It was interesting showing the calories you were using. So no wonder you get hungry after this is all over with. Then it was to a tread mill. That was weird as I have never been on that either. Cause I walked on the track a little faster the treadmill got pushed a little faster after I got use to it. Then he started to slow it down as time was about up and I was trying to make it go faster. Well needless to say after getting off that I felt a little wierd, like I had one to many. Then it was back to the track to walk slowly for a cool down. I did just that. So this time I had fun. Now when it gets harder I will let you know just how much fun it still is lol. I will be going on Mon Wed and Thurs. They wanted me to start on Mon Tues and Wed this week but I thought of Sherry and said no thank you. So I am done for the week. Hopfully this is going to help Elsie from pounding so hard. I love hearing my heart working but the volume could be turned down some.
I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving tomorrow. We all sure have so much to be thankful for. A wonderful God to fix us all up with the help of blessed and good looking doctors to get the job done.
For everyone in recovery keep up the good work. It is so wonderful being on the other side of the mountain. So heres to a speedy recovery.
Mooing all over
LInda H and Elsie AVR 9/19/12

Well its 2 months and all is still good

November 19, 2012

Hey Ya'all, Been busy getting XChristmas projects done and getting back to normal. I keep doing little things around the house.

Can't believe it has been two months already. I finally got my rehab in place and will do the walk on the track on Wed, then go back on Mon Wed and Thurs. up to Feb 9th. I should be super woman hear me moo loudly by that time. lol. Elsie is still being loud and strong. Cant wait for that to die down to a little moo. The pain on big incision isnt that bad just once in a while a get a jolt of things coming back to life again. The worse problem I have is the shoulder hurting so I hope rehab will help out with that. I have a bad rotator cuff and arthritus there so that whole area has taken a beating with the recliner and leaning on it all the time.

I hope everyone out there has a wonderful Thanksgiving. I know I sure have a lot to be thankful for. God for getting me the best looking and remarkable doctor. My husband for taking such good care of me and Stephanie for being there even though she had a hard time dealing with it, and so many wonderful friends on HVJ and in my church. For all of you waiting for surgery it will be ok. And all of us in recovery it is good and getting better.
So my friends until next time Elsie and I say good bye.
Linda H and Elsie AVR 9/19/12

I'm still around

November 7, 2012

I guess things are starting to feel more normal now. Im driving around on short trips and shopping better without the electric cart. Even made myself empty the grocery cart. Felt good after I made it.

Tomorrow I start rehav by visiting the nurse and walking on the track then on Friday the real work starts. Hope it helps my right shoulder. It is always stiff and pulling with the arthritus and bad rotator cuff and the bypass incision all being there. Thats the only place that I have been feeling bad. Really dont need pain meds that much. I take one at night time.
Late breaking news, just got a call and rehab tomorrow is canceled until Nov 14th. The doctors didnt do the paperwork with insurance so now I am on hold oh well, Im retired thank heaven.
Well guess thats it for now. Hope everyone is having a good day and not to worry for those going into surgery its really not that bad, the wait is much worse then the surgery. And all of us in recovery keep doing good it is so worth it. Until later
Mooing all over
Linda H and Elsie AVR9/19/12

Getting ready for the next step

October 27, 2012

I happily pass the torch of fame onto you Sherry. And thanks Adam for the fame. I hope Sherry is ok.
And on onther note hope all of my friends up in New York and the NE will be ok and ride out Sandy ok. I will be thinking about you all.
Ok last Thursday I went for orientation for cardiac rehab. So here it goes. On Nov 8th I go for the nurses interview and then here I go. I have been doing a little more walking like at the festival last weekend. I think that helped out a lot. Last night I walked with my husband and dog and went a little further up the road. This time I tried pushing myself to go a little faster. While I was waiting for them to catch up to me. It just hit me that I wasnt really out of breath. Oh Wow that was a first. Now I will be glad to get the pounding of my heart that Adam had on his blog today. I might have another month of this. What bothers me is that it is mostly on the top of my incision where the anuersym was located. Im just trying to deal with that, but otherwise I am doing pretty good still. I have driven some but have my pillow beside me. And Connie H I didnt catch you last Tues. lol.

Well that is all for now folks, life is getting back to normal. My pain has changed around. Now my nerves are all coming back to life and I get sharp pains around every once in a while, but Im hardly taking any pain meds. If I start feeling something I will take a pill and all is ok. I am just so amazed how this has all gone. Life is good and God is better than life. He has blessed me in so many ways.

Hope everyone is having a good day. Dont worry about any surgerys the waiting is a whole lot worse. And all of us in recovery speed to us all going down this mountain, but I have a problem of grazing occasionally. Grass is pretty good.lol
Mooing all over
Linda H and Elsie AVR 9/19/12

Im slipping, life is coming back

October 21, 2012

Hey'yall. A few days have slipped by and I havent even been on the computer at all. Shame on me. Well here is the latest.Well guess I have been busy following doctors orders. I tried driving on Friday to town and found it to be very uncomfortable. Its cause I had my pillow in front and the seat belt kept wanting to slip around. Not fun. Think I might just put that off for a while longer as long as Nurse Frank will hold out on me. This weekend we went to the festival in town. My husband is on 7th heaven as he meant the young Elvis from Honea Path. It was all over the thank you thing. So now we have to go to his show next month and sit in front with his parents to make sure Elvis says "Thank you thank very much". He had a real good time and thats all hes talking about now. Then the next morning the older Elvis was there and of course we were there. This time we walked all over and I did pretty good, but by the time we were ending that I was getting a little shaky. He caught me wobbling around and wondered if I was ok. Just tired. The longest walk I have done, but I had to do it. Of course that night we had to go back. I think that was a mistake to many people and I got very nervous. Today didnt do much of anything after all of that. What was even better I did all of that with no pain pill yeah. But last night I did take one and got all the way to afternoon today.
Well I found another new friend. While in the doctors office we all started talking about all of our surgerys and I had mentioned HVJ and found another HVJer. So she got ahold of me and we will stay in touch. I sent her my autograph.

So this Thursday I go for orientation for rehab. Hope Im ready for it. That will be a big step. I even managed to do a couple of loads of laundry the other day. The visiting nurse is cutting me down to 2 days a week now. She is pleased how things are going too.
I just cant believe how this has all gone and oh so fast. It just doesnt seem like it has been a month already. Seems like it was just the other day.
Believe me when we all say the worse is the waiting. It really is true. The rest just kinda all falls in place and just do it one day at a time.

For all those who are going into surgery dont worry God will be with you and see you thru this. You will come out with such a blessing like no other. And all of us in recovery hang in there we will be so strong soon.
So Elsie and i bid you all a good night.
Linda H and Elsie AVR 9/19/12

My one month anniversary. How time flies :)

October 18, 2012

Well here it is. Tomorrow makes one month since I got my heart all fixed up by the most wonderful doctor, Dr Mazaraz (alias Dr Yum Yum) and Dr Dennis. I also have to say that my cardio doctor, Dr Bittrick for putting me into this whirlwind. and I should also say Dr Casey for noticing the swishing sounds going on and paying attention to my family history. Thanks to all. I also have to thank St Francis Hospital in Greenville SC. They all were so wonderful there. For having OHS I was having a good time in a weird sort of way. I enjoyed all of the nurses. It is a wonderful hospital and I would recomment it to any one.

Now I saw Dr Yum Yum today for the last time :(. He released me today said I am doing great, just start working on getting stronger and I can drive as of today. I let my husband drive back home. Wasnt going to go that distance for the first time. It will be like starting over. I went into a grocery store for a few things without my pillow and pushing a cart and I made it pretty good. Couldnt do a lot of shopping like that but it was a start. And if I dont have my pillow and someone gets to close to me, boy I go into gaurd mode. I feel pretty good with my pillow to protect me. Without it I feel like I missed something. Well now onto the the next stage. On Oct 25 I go for orientation for rehab. I was looking forward to it now Im a little nervous. Just hope I can do as good as I have been doing. Oh well I did all of this so I can do this too.

In the doctors office today meant a lot of other people and we all sat around sharing what we went thru and Dr Mazaraz is a very busy doctor we were all there to see him. I had mentioned HVJ and she knew of Adam Pick. I told her I was the featured patient this month and she wanted my autograph. Not use to that lol. I guess thats it for tonight. Tomorrow will be a big test of going to our little town for the fall festival. See how far I go.

Hope everyone is having a good day. Those waiting dont worry its not that bad and the hardest part is the waiting. After its over the time will fly. And everyone in recovery hope your recoveries are going great. And Happy Anniversary to Don S as we share the same did with our little cows.
Mooing all over
Linda H and Elsie AVR 9/19/12

Three weeks just slipped by Wow

October 12, 2012

Hey all, Cant believe I missed the 3 week mark on here. What can I say I guess life is good. Stephanie called and told me of what she is facing in the near future. That didnt go over to well with someone just recovering from OHS. If you dont know At age 29 she had a mechanical valve put in and now takes comadian. Now she is facing a hysterectomy very soon and that kinda sent my BP up to 150/? Well on the 11th I saw Dr Bittrick. He said I was doing great and the vacation of no blood pressure medicine was nice. haha. Now I take Bystolic 10 mg once a day. It looks like it might be working. I worry about everything anyway. Stephanie and I are pretty close and now her daughter says we are twins cause we have the same scar except mine is bigger. I also asked the doctor what the 3 inch one on my right side was and he didnt know so now I am really curious as to what went on in that OR for 51/2 hours that day. From day one everyone says I have such good color and you would never know I just had surgery. Now I wonder what I really looked like before surgery. lol.

Well I think I told you for the last 3 weeks I have been sleeping in the recliner. I have actually done pretty good in. Found a way to wiggle around so I was a little on my side without hurting. Well Tues night the cat decided it was play time with a mouse for the last 3 nights. I woke up thinking the house was being destroyed. It happens this time of year. After I starting hearing the noise in the dining room I called for my husband and he found it. Walking by me was a mistake with a mouse in his hand as I was a typical girl and freaked. Then I heard another noise and he never heard it but the cat did. Thought I was loosing it again but the cat heard it too. It was a cricket with a weird chirp and it is still hear. But the good news was the doctor said I could start sleeping in my bed. I we fixed it up with pillows. Ok the pressure was there. So we took the pillows away with just the one I always use. It worked out ok but I wanted to sleep on my side so I was fighting myself just to find out that is a no no. I was so stiff when I woke up. But the good news was with my big red pillow I was able to get up. So I decided to try the wedging again except added the travel pillow and it worked. So just a little progress was made again. On Oct 25 I go to An Med in Anderson for orientation for rehab. Should be fun. I was looking forward to it now Im a little scared. So guess thats it for tonight. Do good on spirometer reached up to 1500 with the ball between arrows yeah.

Hope everyone out there is having a good night and dont worry about surgery. The recovery is a long road to go but you can do it. I think the worse thing in my recovery is my spelling. The doctor said that will take months to get it all back to normal again. The worse being to forget the rinse the shampoo out of my hair while showering. Couldnt believe it lol. Good night all
Mooing all over
Linda H and Elsie AVR 9/19/12

Some good info here for all the ladies out there

October 8, 2012

Nurse was here today and continues to say Im doing great. This time I had a few questions. I asked her about sleeping in bed at night and how to get up. She told me but with Frank being on the other end of house could be a problem. We will have to discuss that. The recliner is very comfortable but 2 times it has held me hostage and couldnt get the bottom to go in. I can get out of it now real easy as it is a rocking recliner. So I know I am getting stronger.

Went to church yesterday, what a response. I walked in and everyone turned around and I was standing there holding my big red pillow (George). Everybody was so happy to see us. While in church I put my glasses on and everything turned blurry. Hum sounds like my eyes have turned for the better. I could even read from my Bible. Wow.

Elsie is kinda loud. I can hear beating and sometime feel it in my chest, beating kinda hard. Sometimes it keeps me awake at night. The nurse said it could just be the valve just getting settled in and it should go away in time, but to tell the doctor on Thursday. I think maybe its cause I have a southern cow in a northern body. lol. She said my vitals are all very good. Yesterday had a nasty sinus headache so just pretty much slept it off.. Showed nurse today how I could get up to 1500 on spirometer but she said thats good but the little ball has to stay between arrows. Told her that will come later. I still get out of breath but it does come right back.

Im also finding out the incision is doing real good but oh so sensitive. Just a shirt touching it, well its like a tissue paper that is going to tear. Thank heaven it is just the part on top. Oh and for all the ladies out there. I got a surgical bra from the hospital and it has worked out great. I was really scared putting it on as it went right over the incision but it didnt bother me at all. So last night I had a bra on that snapped in front. It is ok but not as good as the other, so I found a new use for the neck travel pillow. Its also called a boob pillow but i worked and my red heart pillow on the other side. So I guess thats all for today.
Hope everyone is having a good day. For those waiting this really is the hardest part. You will be fine and on your way to recovery. And I hope all of us in recovery hope you all are doing good.
Mooing all over
Linda H and Elsie AVR 9/19/12

15 days and all is good

October 4, 2012

Lets see I missed a couple of days. Monday my visiing nurse said it was ok to start getting out a little bit. So on Tuesday my first baby step was to Weight Watchers. Everyone was surprised to see me there. I really enjoyed it and seeing everyone. Althought that was the first time out and I think I was a ittle up tight. While sitting at the meeting I got a little dizzy and scared. I might be that I was hungry. But I know not to eat and then get on a scale lol. Right after the meeting we stopped at KFC. It was good but still not to par. Couldnt finish dinner. I was pretty worn out when I got home but made the first move and felt good about that. The next day Wed. we had to go to Greenwood to refill medicine. We stayed and waited for it as I thought it might be a little better. Good choice. Then we went to Lowes as a few things in one bathroom decided to brake. Everything brakes all at the wrong time. Go I got the good ole electric cart and was having a good time. On the way home I had to stop at Family Dollar to pick up some cards. I even walked there from the grocery store and that was about the end of the line. Got my cards and pretty much lost it in line. Had to stand around and wait for people to check out and they were taking so much time in doing it. She knew I was a little ticked. Any way manage to get back to the car. Boy waht a day, but all in all I guess it was probably good for the challenge. Today went to breakfast with friends and just doing nothing for the rest of the day.

Hope everyone out there is having a really good day. And those still in waiting believe it the hardest part is the waiting. Every morning I wake up I feel so blessed and feel just a little stronger each day. So with all this life is good and getting better. And being on the other side of the mountain, it is so beautiful and the grass isnt bad either. The incision is looking really good. Some of the scab is starting to fall off and not looking bad. My incision really doesnt hurt at all but my right arm really does. Its from using my new friend the recliner. I feel like i got punched in the arm pit. My neck has been a little stiff and my back really doesnt hurt. But I think I do get tense when Im out walking and then get out of breath. So until the next time.
Mooing all over
Linda H and Elsie AVR 9/19/12

They keep saing Im doing great.

October 1, 2012

Im still dong pretty good. Pain is only maybe one out of ten. I can usally go longer than 6 hours. Yesterday I got out and walked around the yard 4 times. I still get pretty tire and out of breath easley. I felt a little surge of energy so thought I would put it to good use by getting. My weight is still going down Yeah. I asked the nurse today if I could get out tomorrow.She said yes. So my first little baby step out will be going back to Weight Watchers. So watch out Connie H. It will be a surprise.
Well guess I better get going for now I think dinner is around the corner. Moo at y'all later.
Mooing all around
Linda H and Elsie AVR 9/19/12

Day Nine

September 28, 2012

My where is the time going? Im sitting around and doing a whole lot and the time is just flying. But I have found that nasty ole mac truck. My right side is getting stiff on me. I just keep working on it. I kinda expected it as that is my bad arm with rotator cuff and a little arthritus.Me and my recliner are doing just fine. I sleep in and sleep the whole night thru. Last night I decided to use my little travel pillow that Linda D suggested and it seemed to work pretty well once I got use to it. Yesterday I was cold or hot or both at the same time. Guess everything is just trying to get back to normal. But the ole emotions kicked in yesterday as well. I was washing my hands and just started crying. Nurse Frank didnt know what was going on. Told him to just put with me its just part of it. My BP was a little high this morning but when the nurse came it was better and I have lost about 1/2 of the 20 pounds I gained. My appetite is still small but that ok. Church has been bringing us all this yummy food and it has been a challenge being on Weight Watchers. Guess that will do it for todays chapter. God is good and for all of you waiting he will be taking real good care of you. Was happy to see Don's post today. I knew he could do it.
Well tonight I hear I am going to be getting Elsie cousin for dinner. We will deal with it lol. Take care everyone.
Mooing all over
Linda H and Elsie AVR 9/19/12

Eight days and all is good.

September 27, 2012

Hey all. Yesterday was a little off day. I think it was from coming home and the hour drive to get here the day before. People stopping in a lot and I loved it, but yesterday I was a little on the nauseated side. I have been walking around the house a couple times a day.Going to make it three times today. My church has been bringing dinners to us for two weeks. They are so yummy but my appetite just isnt there yet. my doctor is monitoring my progeress with a machine that goes to his office, so I have to be good lol.

Today I was some emotional over nothing. Guess its just part of it. My pain level is still really good. I am so shocked. I am Tramadol 50mg at 6 hours. I usually make it to maybe 10 hours before I start feeling anything. Have gotten in several little naps today. BP is up some but I have been taken off but was told to hold onto them for a while, so we will see. My big lone 7 inch badge is looking pretty good. I am a little stiff on the right side of my neck but not bad. Just cant believe its been so good.

Hope everyone is doing good For those waiting dont worry its not all that bad, Waiting is the worse part. For all of us in recovery we hcan do this. Just stay with the plan

Mooing all around
LInda and Elsie AVR 9/19/12

Baby Elsie is 1 week old today.

September 26, 2012

My little cow valve was introduced to me one week ago today. Where did the time go? Its a little slow today stomach a little upset and tired today. Got a nice nap in this morning.

I have so many of you to thank. I will get to each of you just as soon as I can. Thanks for all the messages they are awsome.

I have been blessed in so many ways and have a lot to thank God for.

I hope each and everyone of you is having a good day. People please dont worry about your surgery. I promise you wont feel a thing. Yes its dangerous but the outcome out weighs all the other. If I can do it so can you and I will be the first to tell you all I am the worlds biggest baby when it comes to needles etc. I even wound up with a full sternomony instead of the mini. That was a surprise I didnt want. But my pain level is almost on existant. I am just so amazed so far. I am just taking it one day at a time and not pushing anything. I will just be glad when the 20 pounds of fluid leave.
Hope you are doing good Don thought about you in the hospital a lot. I was telling everyone about all the wonderful people I have meant on here. Dont know what I would have done without you all.

Yes the waiting was the worse ever espicaly when the doctor told me it was good I got this done when I did it was worse than the pics showed. I told them I have been trying to tell everyone that but no one would listen. So guys have to get back to grazing. Oh I forgot the last day at the hospital had meatloaf for luch. It was very good but dont know how Elsie liked me eating a cousin. Found out later when I belched it. I dont think she appriecated it. Oh well.
Mooing all over
Linda H and Elsie AVR 9/19/12

First full day at home.

September 25, 2012

I just read what I put in here last night. Boy the drugs get the typing going to where out the delete key and it is still bad. Its the drugs.lol I slept in my recliner last night pretty good. So far Im not having very much pain at all. Its amazing. Not ever very much neck pain, just a little stiffness in front on both sides. My back right now is doing pretty good as well. If I stretch my back might snap a little so I try and be like a robut. Nurse Frank (my husband) is taking pretty good care of me. Once ina while he gets a little hiper, but he has gone thru a lot too.
I want to tell you all that St Francis Hopsital downtown was just wonderful. All the nurses were just like angels. We actually had a good time with a lot of good laughs. Glad I was able to laugh without pain. Everyone that came to my door said I looked like I didn't have surgery so I would lower my gown just a little to prove it. My color came right back. And Selma the food was devine. It was like eating at a gourmet resturant. Just couldn't eat very much but was so tasty. CVICU was quite as well although my clock was really broken. Thought it was morning at 230am. Even I was a day behind until GMA said welcome to Fall. I thought it was Friday so I lost a day somewhere.
Yes Connie T I even confessed to Doc Yum what you said but it was after my husband started it by saying I was collecting good looking doctors, so I confessed. He was touched and smiled. I asked him if I said anything weird, cause I was afraid I might prupose. lol And Connie T my plan was to go to hospital have a pic taken with Dr Mazaraz holding a pom pom, But I cant find any. Probably the worse thing that happen was having abot 2 liters of fluid taken out of my lungs.

I want to thank Ricki and the beautiful Orchid you brought. Everybody commented on it. It was so nice meeting you even though that probably was my very worse day. I was so out of it. Dont even know how I got to that room. And have friends and wondering how they knew where I was and saying lets all go home until Frank said I never drove there in the first place oops looked out in the hall and finally figured out I was at St Francis. So I got back in bed and stayed there. Then I just found out what I said when I came out. I ordered the nurse to turn around he couldnt watch me get dressed and I was telling hime how to drive and where to turn.
Surgery took 5 1/2 hours. I have a cow valve I have named Elsie. And I have about a 3 inch dacron graft going down my ascending aorta. The doctor said my ascending aorta was a lot larger all the way to the top where it starts to bend then went normal, and it was good I took care of it when I did. I told him I have been trying to tell all the doctors but no one was listening. So I guess I can say I have been defused. Life is good and God is wonderful. I have so much to be thankful for. Im not Cathlic but on the way down to the lobby there is a big crucifix hanging on the wall. I looked up to it and said Thank you. Well guess Elsie and I better close this story out.

AS Stephanie one last thing. Yes the waiting is the worse. I think mine wasn't just the waiting it was grueling. A lot I dont remember about it when I'm told its hard to believe. Love you all.
Mooing all arround
Linda H and Elsie AVR 9/19/12


September 24, 2012

Its nice to leave for a while well almost, but its always good to get back home. First of all to thank my loving duaghter Stephanie for taking over for me. Some of her posts were funny. Then when I saw I think in ICU she wrote down some of your and starting crying I was thinking of you all the whole time I was there in the hospital. Then when I just heard last night that I was in the spotlight WOW more tears didn't expect that. I was telling everyone there about HVJ and Adams Book and how wonderful it is to have all of this I am just over whelmed..I do remember Stephanie telling me when I was waking up that it was over and I made it I am mooing.
All I remember when they rolled me in was : seeing 3 big lights and thinking when I had my hysterectome only seeing 1 big light now I had three. So I thought the worse the surgery the more lights, then I dont remember a thing. I was told it lasted 5 1/2 hours. Linda I do remember the breathing tub that lasted for another 4 hours, but I mostly slept so I could pretty much deal with it. Then they said cough so I tried and couldn't hear a cough. It felt more like a gag. They said do it again and it was out. Then they said to say something and I could hardly hear myself but it came right back a little sore and raspy. They couldn't get my BP abouve 85 what a shock this is the kid that couldn't get it below 140 a while back.So they gave me another unit of blood and that did the trick. It was hanging in the upper 80's to low 90's and my leg above 100.That kept me in the ICU for 2 days instead of 1..
I want to thank each and everyone of you for the prayers and thoughts I felt each and everyone of them. Right now I think I am going to end this and finish it tomorrow getting a little tired. Love you all
Mooing all the way
Linda and Elsie AVR 9/19/12 (never thought I would right that) Night all.

Latest news on mom

September 20, 2012

Mom is doing good still. She had a little fluid in her lung but they got it out and she had some little blood clots but they were able to get those out. Shes sore and her neck is bothering her of coarse, They got to remove an IV from her hand tonight since she has one in her neck still. They will take the neck one out tomorrow and put the other one back in her hand. Tomorrow she will get out of ICU and into her new room. When we were there she said she hasnt seen her surgeon at all yet today. We were all surprised. Then not long after Mr. yummy came in to see her so we all got to talk. Mom even told him how she told everyone he was good looking. lol Wow she is brave. I think he was flattered. :)
Anyways, he said she will probably get to come home on Sunday. Im sure if shes still doing good that is.
Her color looks good also. Shes named her heart pillow George Clooney. Im sure if shes able when she gets on home she will be right on to talk to you all. I read her some of your messages and she cried.
She really loves you all and appreciates your thoughts and prayers.
Tomorrow morning I will be heading back home to Georgia. I have to get back to my 3 little ones who are missing their mommy. I will leave messages in her guest book as I will be calling the hospital every now and then to check on her.
So check her guestbook messages for any updates till she is able to get back on.
If I said I was gonna call you tonight and you have not heard from me Im very sorry and will try and get to you tomorrow night. Their were probably over a dozen messages on her phone tonight and when I called someone the phone would beep from someone else. It was crazier with the phone tonight then last night. Whew!
Thanks for all the support for mom.

My mooooing report

Mom is on track and doing well

September 19, 2012

Just called the hospital a little bit ago. They said moms breathing tube is out (which I figured by now). Shes got her first newborn bath and they have had her sitting up a little bit. They are talking about getting her up some more tomorrow and taking some more tubes out in the morning also. The nurse said everythings on track and going well.
Now I thought I would sit here and write as many of your messages I can out to take to read to her tomorrow. I know shes probably waiting to get back on here to talk to you all.
Will update as I can tomorrow.


News update on my mooing mom

September 19, 2012

Hi everyone!
First off thanks so much for all the prayers. Mom Dad and I really appreciate them.
Mom is doing great and when they get the breathing tube out within these four hours she will be mooing like a cow.
Her anyursem (sorry if I spelled that wrong) is now gone and her aeorta was bigger than they thought but its all fixed now.
Tomorrow they will have her up and walking the nurse said.
Shes looking good. She didnt get hardly any sleep last night if any at all. Very quite this morning as she was so scared.
They took her back to get her all set up. When Dad and I went back it was very hard being on this side being that I have had the surgery too. I could feel all her pain. It was like looking in a mirror. Had to hide behind her curtain so she couldnt see my tears.
Everyone is right. It is much harder being in the waiting room.
The hardest was going back and seeing her with the breathing tube. That really brought the tears out.
Mama is now on the other side of the mountain. All she has to do is recover now.
Thank you also to her pastor and church friends for being there with us. Dad and I appreciated it. Helped alot having someone to sit with.
Mom loves you all and I will send on the messages.
I will update you again as soon as I can.

Over the mountain
Linda and Stephanie

PS Connie he yummy :)

Ready for tomorrow

September 18, 2012

Mama is just about done and ready for tomorrow, I keep telling her to get to bed because its 10 pm like she did me when I was a kid. I hope she dont regret going to bed late.
She seems calm right now but I know she is nervous. Some friends came over today and we joined hands and said a prayer, I could feel mamas hand slightly shaking.
Well shes hoping into bed. So I will be on tomorrow as soon as I can to journal and let you all know how she is doing.
Thanks for all the prayers.


I made it to the top getting ready to whiz down the mountain

September 18, 2012

This is the day before so while I have time I need to put probably this very long post on here.
I want to start out thanking God for answering my prayers and getting me started on a new life. He has told me just like he did with Stephanie that it will be ok.
Next I want to than Adam Pick. You are amazing for starting this site. I don't know what I would have done without it and the book also. I am now rereading the parts that apply now. Next to the many friends I have found on here. There are so many of you and you all have been an insperation to me. Linda D. You are still my rock. Thanks for your prayer last night on the phone. Cant wait to meet you. And Mitch what a story you have. Thanks for being there and your support. Chuck H. and Jimmy Johnson and Janis K for being here and joingin me on FB. Connie T what can I say, we have had a lot of fun. I want a pic of you with your pom poms on a treadmill lol. Connie H and Weight Watchers. Thanks for all your support and being my reporter for WW. Mollie for all the lovely scrpitures you put on here. I love each and every one of them. Ricki Shine for finding a real good cardio doctor. My life has been in a whirlwind since I meant him. Thank you. Oh Selma I will think of you each time the menu comes around. I will stay away from pasta and baked fish. Might be hard on Friday as St Francis is a Catholic hospital. And DVB thanks for letting us all know who you really are and all the fantastic info you put on HVJ
And all the rest of you out there so many to mention. I love you all and I will put you all in my newly fixed heart after its fixed. I also want to thank all my wonderful doctors. Dr Casey who started me on this path and sending me to the right place. Dr Albright who I liked but just wasn't the one for me but got me started on the right path of loosing weight. Dr Oz for transformation nation. I still got the Million dollars thru WW. Dr Bittrick for getting it all done really fast, Dr Dennis and Dr Mazaraz for fixing me up and making me all better.
Don you can do this. We will do it together, we will rock the nation between Texas and SC My prayers to you surgery partner.

Stephanie will be posting for me until Friday. Then she has to get back to her 3 little kids and let them know Grandma is ok. Cortney says we will be twins now.

Wow I am on top of this mountain looking down. What a journey this has been. A lot of rough terrain to get over. Now Paul wants me to ski down this mountain, but no snow not in the south. Will have to go back to wear my life all started in Colorado. They already have seen snow.
So thanks to each and everyone of you love you all and see ya on the other side of the mountain. It looks pretty tall and I dont like heights.
On top looking down
Linda H

Ive been tagged and ready to go gulp

September 17, 2012

What a day. You all are right pre ops are NO fun. They dont miss a thing. It was only about 3 hours long but I was exhausted. Espically in the dark with light rain.
When the anesthesialogist came in I knew it was real.

My daughter Stephanie will be here tomorrow. She will be posting on here for me while I can't. Now sure about taking a lap top to hospital or not. She will be here just until Friday, so she will keep you all updated until then. Well guess I am going to call it a day for now, pretty tired and on Wednesday have to get up at 300am for all the fun and games and 1 hour drive to be at hospital by 530am yuck. I know I get to sleep most of the day, but my husband will probably be a basket case. At least he is lucky to have Stephanie with him. When she had her surgery 3 years ago, it was just me waiting. So try and post tomorrow night.
At the top looking down
Linda H

This is the week, its finally here Wow

September 16, 2012

Hi All Cant believe it. It is finally here. Last week isn't a week I really want to repeat and Im sure this upcoming week really is a week I won't want to repeat ever. Today wan't to bad. Went to church and I think that is just what I needed. Got a little emotional there today. Had a hard time getting thru the first song as I love it. I don't know everything just seemed so loud and crispy today, Just made me feel so wonderful and I felt some of the stress leave again just like it was when I joined the church last year at this same time. Had so many prayers and hugs, it was awsome. I feel God brought us to SC for a reason and I think he wanted us to move to Honea Path too. He found me a wonderful doctor in Greenwood, Dr Casey, that got things started for me and I think God with the help of Ricki Shine lead me to Dr Bittrick and got the surgeon that I now have at St Francis Hospital in Greenville. I had other plans of where to go but He had his own plans, so I am trusting that all will be good.

Well I better get off here and get some shut eye cause I have to be in Greenville tomorrow at 700am for all the pre ops.

Hope everyone is doing good and good to here a few people are getting home and doing good Don it is our week are you ready?
Almost to the top
Linda H

Caved IN

September 14, 2012

On Wednesday while I was at my neighbors house chatting away, my husband told me I had a phone call from the hospital with a couple of questions. Well he didn't call back and my mind just went off like why. Did surgery get post poned? Are they moving it up? Well needless to say the cute little butterflies turned into nasty nerve eating moths. I waited all day the next day and no return call. I tried to call there but didn't know his last name oh well so goes. I caved in and hit the little happy pills yesterday. Boy that knocked me for a loop for the rest of the day. Guess they were a little over do. I think I did pretty well holding off on them. Well today the phone rang and it is the hospital, ok. They just wanted to confirm Monday's appointment for pre ops. Told her how could I forget the butterflies have taken over my body. So thought that was the call I was waiting for, wrong. A little later it rang again from the hospital. This time it was Richard, from Wednesday. I told him he made a mess out of my nerves, so he was very sorry. He just wanted to go over pre registration for next Wed. So now I guess it really isn't a bad dream that I have been living with.

You all have been so wonderful with all your wishes. I have treasured each one of them. And my church has been so wonderful even thou everyone is trying to make this happen a few days before,and also my Weight Watchers group they have been so wonderful also. So please dont make this any earlier than it is lol
Glad I remember what day it is, I think. lol
Hope everyone is having a good day. Hang in there Will it will get better.
Almost there
Linda H

It's Real

September 12, 2012

I woke up this morning, early, with the thoughts of oh my right now I will be doing this in one week. Then 800am came and I had those thoughts again gulp. So now the butterflies have woken up. I have been pretty good with the anxiety. Haven't hit the happy pills for a couple of weeks. In fact I have only taken 2 of them. So I guess something in a higher power is working on me. I have just been staying busy getting my house in order for the fall. Now I have been starting up the walks again. But the reality really hit home when Dr. Oz came on and showed his OR. Boy the butterflies really stirred up just seeing that. Then I went to the neighbors for a short time and the hospital called. Dont know what he wanted so now I have to sleep on it all night and wonder what the questions are. With that I found I couldn't eat dinner. So I guess I see what this week is going to be like. Oh boy!

Im to the point of this is really going to happen now.And this is going to be one heck of a week. I have been getting so many hugs and prayers. It is so wonderful. I just dont know what I would have done without this site. You guys have been so wonderful. I appreciate and love each and everyone of you. Glad to hear the wonderful news about Natalie and the others. Hope everyone is having a good day.
Almost there
Linda H

Almost there

September 11, 2012

Wow Im getting closer. Only 7 1/2 days left. Would you believe. Im still feeling not to bad emotionally although I do have minutes. Sunday night couldn't sleep again. I think I have gone thru this surgery 500 times already. Now I want to dream of something else. I guess I know that dreams really do come true, but why couldn't winning the lotto come true. The butterflies are starting to wake up a little now and then, but I keep telling them to watch it I have happy pills to stop that lol. Yes tomorrow I will be thinking that I will be getting all fixed up and getting back to normal. Cant wait.
Hope all of you are having a good day. All of us waiting have happy thoughts. And those in recovery are doing very well, and the surgeries taking place in the next couple of days, Gods speed to you.
Almost there
Linda H

What a year this has been

September 9, 2012

Hi All, It was one year ago today, on my birthday, that the nurse from my PCP called and wondered if I had a date for a cardio doctor yet. When I said no she made the appointment right then and there. I had asked her what the echo had said. It had Aortic Stenosis on it. Now look at me waiting all this time and its finally here. So I am saying that getting my heart all fixed up is the best birthday present anyone can have. I have learned so much about myself that I didn't really know, like why I couldn't keep up with the group while walking. I always ran out of breath. Why I had a big dizzy spell years ago while doing some contruction on our house thinking it was just the stress of it all. Why I had another dizzy spell when we came to SC to look for a new house. Why I almost passed out several times during the years that I forgot about and the seizure a year ago last August. And probably the biggest thing of all was to find out I was born with this. It just took 66 years to find out all about me. What a mystery I have been. Now for the rest of my life should be woderful and I am so looking forward to being born again. I guess I can say that I will have been blessed to start over again.

Im still feeling pretty good. I don't think this calmness is going to be lasting to much longer though. I am starting to feel the butterflies starting to wake up. It is only 10 days out. I think when I start hitting the single digits things will start changing a little. But I am armed with my happy pills. They go every where I go. Haven't used any for almost 2 weeks. yeah.

I hope everyone out there is having a real good day. For all of you waiting like me, keep pushing it will be getting better. You or I should say we can do it. For everyone in recovery hope all goes well and you can get on with your new life. God speed to everyone. Love ya.
Mooving on up
Linda H

A new family member

September 5, 2012

Tonight as I was getting dinner, a new family member showed up. I was getting silver out of the drawer to find a lizard wanting to set the table for me. Talk about a little stress. Well it created me screaming as I was just a little startled, and no stress? Boy did that set my heart racing all over. I knew we had a little guy in the house yesterday but didn't see it, the cat was trying very hard to get the fast moving little creature. But didnt succed.

My husband had some bad news today. This brother called to tell him that his sister just passed away. Like he doesnt have enough on his mind. She will be missed, but she is in a very good place now.

My daughter Stephanie S. has joined all of us on HVJ so lets all welcome her. She had her surgery 3 years ago and if anyone has any questions about life with a mechanical valve she probably can help you. She just needs to post something in her journal, its all in her story. lol.

Hope everyone is doing good today and the surgerys today went good and all of waiting the same.
Mooving on up
Linda H

Alls still good

September 4, 2012

Had another good day today But had a little reality check. Had to call the insurance company as I had a coupld of questions. Thats when the butterflies started to emerge their nasty little heads again. Just enough to let me know that we are still here. Getting some of my carpets all shampooed was when I come home it will be nice an clean, I hope. Keeps my mind busy.

Went to Weight Watchers and had a nice little tribute tonight. I was so touched. Our leader said that I was the poster child this month. Wow. Told them I have lost 42 pounds and am holding now until after surgery then that will be my real goal. Told them I dont recommend loosing your last 10 pounds this way lol. Told them this was pre recovery, only me. Oh well its getting late better get going.
Mooving on up
Linda H

Seventeen days and counting, who knew?

September 2, 2012

Yesterday was a very good day. We meant up with some old friends that we knew in Pa, another transplant to SC. They invited us to go to the Apple Festival in Hendersonville NC. That was a huge festival think it is the biggest one I have ever been too. Must have walked 2 miles, slowly to crowded. Got some good apple things. As wewere walking trying to find a nice place for lunch, we heard a group called MARK 209 out of Nashville. They just happen to be doing Mine Eyes Have Seen The Coming. I just love that song. I was fighting tears but I looked at my husband and it actually really got to him, very emotional. I think with all he has on his mind that did him in. On our way I stumpled over a curb and was on my way down. Thank heaven I ran into a lady that broke the fall. I was so scared and embaressed If she only knew. Well we had a very nice lunch at a very nice resturant.

Everyone has told me about the calmness that comes. Boy I am embrassing it for as long as it will last. Long time coming. It probably wont last that long with only 17 more days, but will take what its worth.

I pray that everyone still waiting gets there ok and flies thru all of this and has a speedy recovery. And all those doing their recoveries keep up the good work. Im still here cheering. Who knows maybe its my new calling. Take care y'all. :)
Mooving on up
LInda H

Good day but unusual happenings

August 31, 2012

Today my husband and I went to breakfast. As we were walking in 2 old friends/old neighbors were coming in. So we had a nice conversation with them. Another friend was sitting at the next table. Well my husband went and announced my wife is having surgery on the 19th. ok. Well after we were done and about ready to leave the friends wife told us to sit for a while. I havent talked to her for over a year. Now tonight he came to our house and wanted to talk to me and asked me why I was mad. Told him I have never been mad at anyone and just dont know what happened. Well before I knew he invited us to go to the Apple Festival with them tomorrow. So we will be having some fun. Something happened this morning. Wonder if it is this thing I have going on with me or what. Humm strange, but good.

A few people here have said about a calmness coming over them when they reached this part and I think it is here also, as I have felt pretty good and relaxed all day today. It seems like everyone around me has changed also. Maybe this is starting to be the new me. I know my life will change for the better. I plan on staying right here and still cheering everyone on but on a different scale. Life will be good. Until later
Mooving on up
LInda H


August 30, 2012

I saw Dr Mazaras today. He explained what he will do to fix my little achy breaky heart. The ascending aorta is only suppose to be about 2.3 cm Mine is double that. So the aortic valve will be replaced with hopfully a cow valve but hes not sure yet. He will then be replacing the ascending aorta from the base of it and about 3 inches up with a dacron material. Surgery will be taking about 6 hours as it is complicated because of where it all is located. He asked me when I wanted it done and a squeaked out very fast asap. So my big date will be September 19, 2012. Pre ops will be 17th,,at St Francis downtown Hospital in Greenville. He said I would be in ICU for about 24 hours then 3-5 days in step down.

I really did like him as well and he is good looking also. It should be illegal to be a heart surgeon and good looking.lol.

The nerves are really starting to kick in now. Glad I have my little happy pills that send me to lala land. He said it was good to walk just dont over do it, It will help my lungs and muscles to deal with what is just about to happen to them.

So happy to have arrived to the top. Thought I would never get there what a ride and a rough one. Would you believe this all started with the words aortic stenosis exactly one year ago, even if I was born with it. Now I know.

Hop everyone out there is having a good day. My thoughts and prayers are still with all those going into this and recovering as well. Love ya'll
Mooving on up and seeing the summit.
LInda H

I think I see a little light

August 29, 2012

I think I am starting to see a little light in all of these Isaac clouds today. The doctors office just called to see if I could be there tomorrow at 1230 instead of 130. Told her sooner the better. She told me I would like Dr Mazaras, he was going to go over everything and what he is going to do along with Dr Dennis and we would be setting a date if I want. Told her sooner the better just want it over with. Im so glad I took a little happy pill earlier cause right now it is getting a work out in keeping those butterflies down. I just went outside to get warm. My husband wondered what I was doing told him I went out to get warm cause it was cold out there and warm inside the house. So it starts. I swear think I will need a little brain cleaning out before this is all over. Talk to ya'll tomorrow.
Mooving on up
Linda H

Latest News

August 22, 2012

I just had a call from Dr Dennis. He told me has been looking at my CT scan the last couple of days. He told me the aorta is large. Anuersym is 4.5 cm but appartenly where it is locacated I am now going to have another surgeon besides him to make my little achy breaky heart better. So I now will be meeting Dr Maziars as well. He said if it wasn't fixed now in 4-5 years from now I would be having trouble and doing this all again. Told him he has one shot no more. But it sounds like it is going to be very soon. Im still thinking sometime in Sept. We will be seeing very very soon. Meanwhile I got me some of those good little anxiety pills to help out. All of this finally got to me so need a little help whenever I need it. So as Paul Harvey always says stay tuned for the rest of the story.
Mooving on up
Linda H

CT Done :)

August 17, 2012

Glad that is all over with. My poor little vein in my right arm has just had it. They always pick on it and this time it got blown ouch. I told her she could go to the other side as it doesnt really get picked on to much. She new I was nervous (scared). I tried to be pregnant didnt work cause of my age among other things that would prevent that. Any when she called my name my husband with a smile pointed to me and I pointed to him. Oh well I tried. Took me the the little room and I just wanted to back up turn around and leave, didnt work. She had me lay down and moved it so I could see just where it would go. Told her I was going to keep my eyes shut, although I did peak a little. She strapped me down in case I wanted to run, right with another IV. Anyway I made it had a couple of very big hot flashes and other unpleasant feelings going on. After it was over I told her I thought I was in a washing machine on the spin cycle. Glad that is over now it will probably be for the big one. Most likely find out next week then help me ya'll. As all of these tests keep coming up and I know it is the final ones it is getting a little more real.

Hope everyone is having a real good day in all of their recoveries and us all waiting we can do this. I am woman here me moo. (soon)
Mooving on up
LInda H

Some crazy thoughts and not so crazy

August 16, 2012

Now that I know I am getting a supper dupper cow valve (mercedes) I am wondering. I was born in Denver Colo, but moved from Erie Pa. So I am a southern transplant. Am I going to have a southern cow put in me? If so guess I'll have to start saying ya'll more I guess and hope I dont have a war of the north and south going on inside of me lol. Will have to tell the doctor I want an Angus cow as they don't have alot of fat on them.

My husband is having his crazy thoughts too. He is 13 years older than me, and I was told I would live to be 96 last night he said he would never make it cause he would be 110 years old. That upset him.

Seriously now I found out I was born with this so that answered a lot of questions I was wondering about like I couldnt keep up walking in a group. I was always wait for me, thinking I have short legs and not a big stride. And when I went on a cruise to the Southern Carribean my ankles swelled right up to the ;point I couldn't get my shoes back on, thinking it was the heat. Well now I think it was more than the heat it was my heart, little did I know. Now I am just wondering how many more things will dissappear after this is all over with. I am so tired of not being able to walk straight. I just tell everybody its cheap booze. Im the only one in church who holds on to the pews to walk. So I am anxious to see how many more things dissappear.
So guess that its for now. CT tomorrow. I will make it. I will think about ya'll doing the same thing. I can do it (no choice). Until later
Mooving on up
LInda H

Meet the Surgeon

August 15, 2012

Ok its here now. I meant the surgeon who will take care of my broken little heart, Dr Hugh Dennis. But firtst he asked me if I had a CT. Tried to get out of it as I get clostaphobia (sp). He said it only takes a few minutes, so I will try it. He wants to see just how big this anuersym is and that was the best way. He said he has been around a long time and has done lots of these and I would live to be 96 years old. He told me it would be an animal valve, then explained a cow valve. Told him good thats what I wanted that where I live we cant have pigs. lol. He said this valve will last me 25 years, wow. Its the new improved one. The rest of my heart is good strong muscle so thats good.

And Connie I told him I was suppose to come in here and say I am woman hear me roar. Oops hear me moo. He just laughed.

Son now Friday I go at 10:00am for the CT will probably have results that afternoon on Monday then we will be setting up the date for a valve job.
So now
Mooving on up
Linda H

The day of judgment is here.

August 14, 2012

Hey ya'll Well guess I better be getting ready to hear what ASAP means. Actually I have been pretty good with the butterflies. They are letting me know they are still around. The nerves are just starting to kick around some as the day grows on. Just tried to stay busy and that seemed to work this time.
I don't know about going in there and signing I am Woman hear me roar.

Just had a call from Dr Dennis's office saying he is in surgery and wont be available today. So now I go tomorrow at 1050am. So I'm ok with it as the surgery nerves haven't kicked in yet.
So until tomorrow
Getting there
LInda H

Still here and still climbing

August 12, 2012

Today has been a pretty good day. But I can feel the butterflies starting to wake up a little as Tues is getting ever so close. I hope I like this surgeon, as I think God acturally picked him out. I have heard he is top and has been around for about 37 years. Thats a start. Got my list prepared for him.
Yesterday went to a party dinner with church friends. I have so much support there as well as here on this site. It means so much.

I wore my pretty necklace my husband got me for our 30th anniversary tomorrow. When I put it on told him it might make a good bandaid. lol.

Connie you better be bringing out your pom poms again, might need them.

I went for a ride to Beaufort last Tues. A friend of mine thought I shouldnt go. I can sit here as well as sit in a vechile and see the pretty scenery. But now everyone at Weight Watchers is all worried. So now I will have to explain and probably be shaking while doing it as I will be coming straight from the doctors office.

Good luck to Lee tomorrow and Rhonda coming up. Hope all goes good for them and everyone recovering is doing super.
Getting there
Linda H

Just another day

August 4, 2012

Yesterday was payday and all of us retired people go shopping etc. Well I was doing real good when we left but at Walmart it hit again. I just ran out of steam. Just felt like if I kept on I might do something to embaress myself. So my husband said to go sit down and he would finish up the shopping. Havent had a spell like probably since last fall or so. I havent been walking very much at all and when I do it is very slow and not the whole way. I have noticed a little cough starting up once in a while and my voice get raspy sometimes. Maybe I talk to much lol. Have just been trying to stay out of this heat. Be glad when summer is gone and it can take all of its humidity with it.

Otherwise Frank is making up guess he was scared . We will be celebrating our 30th this month. So I guess I give him a new heart lol. He gave me a really pretty necklace set I told him I liked and he remembered wow. I still love him. Dont know what I would do without him. He makes a good nurse too. So guess I will keep around a little longer lol.

On the funny side yesterday I was buying something and tried paying for it with my drivers license. My brains are still mush but hopfully that will change someday soon.

Hope everyone is having a good day and Denise gets some good results. She sure does deserve them and all the recoveries and us waiting is going good.
Getting there
Linda H

A new day :)

August 2, 2012

It has been a better day today and I feel some better. Yesterday was so tired and some today. Just not doing much of anything oh well it will be there tomorrow. Thats the happy result of being retired lol.

My husband is doing better. I think he just had a big melt down. Hes older than I am and has his own health problems and I know he is scared to death and just doesnt know how to handle all of this. After all last Sept we were told to wait and I think we both got use to that some what, but knew what was coming soon. Now all of a sudden its not the word it now time, it is asap. I wasnt even expecting those words so yeah I feel like a plane in a tail spin..But I am dealing with it pretty well with my faith.

I also have been getting a lot of things off my chest, with my kids. It hasnt been pleasant but i want those things to be gone. After all that good doctor has to dig his way in to find my heart. So I need to make it easy. So I have said a lot of things to family that they have not liked. So that is over and done with now I concentrate on me.

I have been thinking and what Im doing now is putting my faith in God. I know he is there for me. I have felt his warmth around me and I also have felt my Dad. I think he is my gaurdian angel. I have said God has had me in line and every time someone had surgery I just moved a little closer to the front. Now I am there. I went thru all these new tests, and I asked God not to put me on treadmill all nuked up. So he didn't. Then I had the heart cath done last week and asked him not do the groin. So I got the wrist. So yeah he is walking me thru all of this and it feels so good.

Glad Mollie is out of surgery now and her husband survived. My heart goes out to everyone out there and I wish everyone the best.
Getting there
LInda H

Breakdown number 1

August 1, 2012

Day before yesterday was a bad one I just as soon to forget about, but it happened and probably will again.
I know my husband is scared with good reason. After all he will be 80 in Nov. and is diabetic. So all of this is probably playing on his mind. I know he is hiding it, I can tell. I have been trying to get him ready mind wise for what is come. The other night he told me he was leaving after the surgery. I told him not to wait go now. Well the old Irish temper showed its nasty head and I had to walk off before it was to late. I found out it kinda scared him. Maybe it was a wake up call for him. I just chose not to talk for a while. But his slowly coming around. He has been trying to leave for years and I know he is just trying to hurt me, but it doesnt work. Then the next wasnt any better, I got that uncontrolable crying going. I think that was the first. Not to mention that my family except my one daughter, who has been there, done that, is just ignoring me like I have some deadly disease. But I am not going to worry about it. I have gotten a lot off my chest and feel better about that. And to go with all of those feeling was a sleepless night. Just all those thoughts again. But I did sleep real good last night but I am just all worn out. Its just one of those days, but at least Im ok. What made my day today was I got a card in the mail from St Francis Hospita saying thank you and have a good recovery signed your heart team. Didnt know I had one yet. It just touched me and then what Connie put on here as well as the rest of you. You guys are just so awsome. More drama later. lol
Getting there
Linda H


July 28, 2012

Dont know how to start this. Reading all of my journals and all the waiting now it is going so fast my head is spinning. On August 14th I am going to meet a surgeon. His name is Dr Dennis. Being under all the good stuff that day, Dr Bittrick told my husband I was good and all went well get me settled and talk surgeon. Well on my discharge paper it had this Dr's name on it and somehow I thought Dr Bittrick was on vacation. Then I started searching his name wrong he is a surgeon gulp. So now here come the second wave of butterflies. And just to confirm all that I got the papers in the mail today for me to fill out. So I now have started writing all of my questions down.

I took Linda D's advise. I was planning on going to Presybatarian in Charlotte and seeking out Dr Andrews as I heard such good things on here. But my insurance said it out of network and I would probably have to spend a lot of money I dont have. My second choice was Gainesville Ga cant do that either but I can go Tennessee go figure. So I looked up St Francis in Greenville and it said it no 1 heart hospital for SC. So that is a plus and that is where I had the cath done. The nurses said how soon do I want this all done and I said asap but after I meet Linda and Ricki. Been waiting to long for that lol. They did tell me that Dr Dennis was the top doctor, so I will see pretty soon. You all told me the doctor would say now its time. Dr Bittrick after these tests came back said as soon as possible. Thats worse. Now Im just wondering if something else is there that I dont know about.

My hand is actually doing pretty good. Doesnt hurt very much at all but I have just been chilling out and playing on computer as I cant really do anything for 3 days and after seeing me drip blood everywhere. Not much bruising just a hard area around the sight. I just keep a watch on it.That was kinda freaky. But so glad I had it in wrist and not in groin. Feel funny asking my husband to pour a glass of milk, guess I better get use to it huh. I guess I am driving him crazy, all I do is talk talk talk and repeat myself. Told him sorry,but get use to it lol. He is being great thou. So I guess that is it for now. Hope everyone is have a good day and all the recoverys are going great.
Getting there
LInda H

Heart Cath done

July 26, 2012

Well today I had the dreaded heart cath. Really I dont think it was as bad ad the nucular stress test though. But maybe its becasue I had a lot of the good stuff. And best part It was done in my wrist.
Now the funny part was I was taken to my little room where I would spend the day. I was told to put this gown on and take it all off. Darn. She said if those little veins didn't behave they would have to go to the groin. Boy did I pray. Well I got dressed in the beautful little gown with the slit in front. After my heart is in the front. Well nurse Charles and another came in and told me I could get in this little bed that I was trying so hard to avoid. So I got up and found out I had a wardrobe malfunction. Thats all I'm going to say to many men on here.lol. I know what Janet Jackson feels like now. She told me the slit goes to the back. I said oops. Well my heart is in front made since to me. Well when I was taken to the room, I kinda told them that it wasnt pretty in there. Then I looked over and saw a nurse with a lot of equipment and I got a little scared. They told me I would get the good stuff now. Dr Bittrick came in and said something but I dont remember what it was Felt the needle go into my right wrist and dont remember anything after that. Then they said Linda are you ready? I said you havent done anything yet. They said we just finished.
Dr Bittrick told my husband that all was good and that is what I wanted. So I went back to my roon for a while longer until the good stuff started waring off. Nurse Charles asked me if I wanted to try and walk. Thought I just had major surgery I was so weak. He said lets go to the end and I asked him if he wanted to run lol. He said no. By the time I got back to my room I had blood everywhere. I guess the walking made my BP go up some and the sight leaked big time. So I was delayed in getting out of there.
Ok I am still tired so guess I better get going. More later.
Getting there
LInda H

Ps Hope everyone is have a good day in all there recovery work. Glad Summer broke loose

Good Reading

July 23, 2012

I just received Adams book today so now I am starting all the good reading. Thanks Adam.
Hope everyone is doing good and recovering amazingly. Hope Connie got escape yesterday and is doing good and Summer starts to get better results.
Have a good day everyone
Getting there
Linda H


July 20, 2012

Well happy to say I am sleeping better for now, probably not Wed. 400am comes pretty early and I am not a morning person.

Does or I should say does anybody have troulbe with butterflies. I dont care what I am doing, but they keep popping up. I can be crocheting or even talking to some one and there they are. Now I have a hard time typing. Thank heaven for the delete key.lol.

I still have been walking although I have slowed it down a lot. But this morning I felt like a new born colt, just all shaky and the ole ticker just keeps pounding away. I am almost afraid to do anything, but I keep going as I know I just cant sit down.

It was so nice talking to Connie last night. It was just like I have known her for a long time. She is doing great. Will be anxious to hear how her 3 hour trip back home is.

I ordered Adams book yesterday. Cant wait to be getting it and diving into it. Well thats all for today folks.
Getting there
Linda H

Still hanging in here

July 18, 2012

Its me again.So glad to hear Connie is going so fast in moving around in the hospital.Wow. Thats great. Hope Summer does just as good. Who know maybe we will see her on NY Med.lol.

Well things are starting to settle in with me I guess. Went to Weight Watchers last night and all they talked about was being active, right. Told her that is on the back burner right now. I am trying to stay about where I am so If I loose weight pretty soon I dont dissappear, Anyway had a good night sleep last night. Guess it all got caught up to me, but doesnt take much to turn the water works on.But still feel numb. Guess that will take time after all the ups and downs I had with other doctor. Actually I must have been on a pretty high fence. I asked him if I fell off. He said not completely but good enough. My valve actually measures at .946 just enough to make it severe. Thats ok dont want to fall to hard and break a bone for my climb up this mountain, but I think it will be a fast climb, cause he said I would be fine for Christmas. So after the dreaded cath we talk. That will probably be another set of emotions even stronger I bet. But I can do it.

Right now I am just focusing on meeting Ricki and Linda D. I have waited to long for this. Hope everyone is doing good.
Getting there
Linda H

Starting the climb for real.

July 17, 2012

I wasn't sure what I put in here yesterday, so I just read it and not to bad. whew. My brains feel like mush these last few hours. I was expecting the doctor to say what he did, cause I could feel it. Just not as soon as possible. But now that I think about it, he meant the cath test. Now on the good side of all this is I know God is with me as I really do feel it right now. I guess he is warning me. He knew I would not be able to do the treadmill so thats why I was lying down. Before I left yesteday for the doctors appt. Something told me to drink some water, as I'm not real good with that. I thought I would get that first blood test. I told them I was allergic to needles but it didn't work lol. For the other side of this, we had the worse lightening storm yet. As I think about it, that might be God talking to me and letting me know just how powerful he is and not to forget it. Just leave all of this in his hands. To end the day. Couldn't sleep last night. Will probably be one of many to come. Oh well. All I thought was just thoughts about family etc. and all that has happened and how numb I feel right now, cant believe this is turning the other way now after waiting for so long. Found myself sitting on the front porch at 1am and thinking more about nothing then got up at 630am and finally got dressed and went for my morning walk. But I did slow it down a lot and will keep it at a slower rate for right now. My emotions finally got to me and I let loose. Guess thats ok get rid of water that you all say I will be getting lol. Got to make room lol. Guess I better get some tissues to put in my purse for those occasions.

I am so glad to see Connie is headed down the other side of the mountain You go Connie. And Summer will be doing the same tomorrow. Gods speed to you Summer.

Getting there
Linda H

Its my turn now.

July 16, 2012

Went to Dr Brittrick today and I am now severe. So I know now exactly what everyone has gone through. These emotions are a lot worse than when I started this journey. Glad my neighbor was with me cause she was the one that I relied on as I didn't know what to think. Espically when he said as soon as possible. So on July 26th I have to be at St Francis Hospital in Greenville for the heart cath. I knew he was going to say that but just not as soon as this. So I guess I could say this all hit me just like a ton of bricks. I almost didnt make it out of office feeling like the tears are coming. So far I have managed that but it is right there.

So I guess I will be journaling more now. I am so thankful that I found this site. There are so many wonderful people on here and I love you all. Wow. Thanks to Ricki for getting me to the right doctor and Linda Dixon for all of lher help. You guys rock. And espically Adam for having this website.

And Connie I will still be cheering for you tomorrow, but it might just get a little emotional now. I will be saying a prayer for you to fly through this amazingly like a rock star and I will be joining you on the other side of the mountain very soon.
Guess I cant use for the long haul anymore. lol

Getting there
Linda H

Heres to you Connie

July 15, 2012

From your cheerleader just for you.
Heres three cheers for Connie and her team of surgeons and don't forget the nurses to.
Bring her to the goal on top of the mountain and a good recovery to.
Hip Hip Hooray Hip Hip Horay Hip Hip Hooray.

Ok best I can do, I was never a cheer leader just the Pep Club. Take this to the big CCF and share with your doctor.
Linda H

My glowing post.:)

July 5, 2012

Hey ya'all, Well I made it thru the next step. The echo went fine, in fact it was more interesting than before, as this time I could watch everything. Cindy the tech was great, in fact all of them were. She explained what I was seeing. So now I know what an anuersym looks like, a big black spot lol. It is still showing the same in size at 4.5. She pointed out the regrugitation like a little flame. That is still good about the same. All in all she thought it is still holding its own from what I told her from the last echo in Sept. So that is good.

Now for the nucular stress test. It was tolerable but dont want to do it again. After I got the IV put in and nuked which I really didnt know, had to go drinks 2 glasses of water, some breakfast lol.and wait. Then they came for me. Tried to change my name but it didnt work darn it. Had to sit in this chair that was like sitting in a bucket and hold arms over my head for about 20 min while this machine took pics. Dont think I could handle a CT as this was on the brink of feeling that way. Then went and got all hooked up. Thought I was going to have to do the tread mill, but they changed there mind. Probably a good thing. I would have never made it. I felt that all the way from my head to my toes and it felt horrible. After about 3-4 min she got the nuke out of there as I was so uncomftable. Then waited for a while longer and did more pics. So that was my day folks. So I will be getting the results on the 16th. Let you know more then.

I felt all the prayers out there and thank you so much. Want to wish Connie T the best on here day tomorrow. Hope she has an uneventful surgery as she goes to the top of the mountain. Until later.
For the long haul
Linda H

Something new for me

July 2, 2012

Yesterday I managed to go to my neighbors house before all the heat kicked in, we were sitting there talking and I had her take my BP. Wow it was 99/72. I am so amazed and heart rate was 65 amazing. I decided to take one bp pill away and it worked. Some of the dizziness has gone probably about 95%. I have noticed the butterflies starting to kick in a little as I have the echo and nucular stress test on Thursday. Echo is fine just dont really want to get nuked. lol. After that we will be going to Gray Ga to see my daughter Stephanie and kids. Looking forward to that. She wants to go swimming but my suit is old. I tried it on and it just kinda hangs there. I guess that what happens when you loose 38 pounds.
Guess I better get a new pic on here as the one here is before I lost the weight. Just have to figure it out.
Guess thats it for now.
For the long haul
Linda H

Some thoughts

June 18, 2012

Hi All, After watching the guy on the tight rope walk across Niagara Falls, while holding my breath and sitting on the edge of the chair, then seeing him on GMA today got me thinking. He had said to focus focus focus. He prayed all the way across. He felt very calm and at piece even though the nerves were there. What got me to thinking was prayer and then to focus on the other side and dont let go. I was thinking that is what all of you out there are always saying. So I guess I could say that could be my mantra is to focus on the other side even now while I am waiting. Although I think my wire goes across the Grand Canyon lol. So all of you out there waiting like me, that is something to focus on. There are so many good storys out there from you that are doing so good. So focus on the other side and our new lives to look forward too. Just saying

Meanwhile I have given myself a test. When I was at my new doctor, he said a lot of my dizziness and light headedness could be the medicine I am taking and loosing the 37 pounds at Weight Watchers, that my body was going through a lot right now. He said I could elect not to take some of it and watch BP go up or to have this. So I decided to give myself a test. I take two different kinds of BP pills and I decided to take the one in the morning off for a week. After 4 days, when I took my husband to the doctor, I had them check my BP. It was really good. Today I checked it again and it was 105/76. I am so impressed right now. I still have all of my pills just in case, but so far so good. Now on the 5th of July when I have stress test that will be interesting. Thats it for now just wanted to share.
For the long haul
Linda H

Dr. Bittrick is hired.

June 12, 2012

I went to meet the new cardio doctor today. Boy was I ever impressed. My appointment was for 800am and we got there at 745am and at 750am before I even had a chance to sit down and fill out all the paper work, they called me. Never had that happen before. Had an EKG done for starters. We talked told him how I feel and want to feel better. So here is the plan, on July 5th at 830am going for echo again and followed by a nucelar stress test. Ooh cant wait for that one. My husband wanted to know what that was. I told him they will nuke me and tell me to run for it. Hope Im not radio active lol. That will be an all day thing. He better pack a lunch as he is diabetic and I will be starving. Then I will see him again on July 16th he will look at all of my tests previously done and go from there. That is pretty much what I figured. Oh andbp he said I wasnt old lol. My heart rate was at 100 but BP was super good. Never been better. Im impressed. I told him that Ricki Shine recommend him to me so thank you Ricki. I told him I would keep him. So I guess thats it for a couple of weeks. Untill then
For the long haul
Linda H

STill here

June 3, 2012

Hi Guys, Still here. Last few weeks haven't been to bad but lately have been starting to get a little nauseated. Today was more so. For a while thought I was going to get sick. Went to church and was holding onto everything and bumping into people. I just felt like I was shaking all over. Cant wait to see new doctor, just add this to the list.
Hope everyone is doing good and having a bright sun shiny day. Just waiting to meet Linda D and Ricki. It will be so much fun.

Thank you Ricki

May 17, 2012

Today I went to my regular doctor. He asked me how it went the last time I saw the cardio doctor. So I told him and said I want a second opinion. I gave him Ricki's doctors name and they made the appointment for me on June 12th and 800am. Actually he is a little closer for me to go to. Thats a plus right there. So I am anxious to meet him. Thanks Ricki.
Oh and my blood pressure was amazing 128/78 that is good for me. And I have about 10 pounds to loose to get to my goal so I am almost there yeah.
For the long haul
Linda H


April 27, 2012

I have just learned that our friend passed away this morning around 4;30am. My thoughts and prayers go out to Ray Pounds.
I have a lot of good memories of our families. He is the Dad of Kevin and Sandy. Kevin was my daughters first boy friend and both of our families became good friends. His Mother passed away suddenly several years ago. I still miss her to this day.
God be with their family.
Linda H

Please say some prayers.

April 17, 2012

I just found out that I have a dear friend of the family, that his dad had a massive heart attack last Sat. They are going to try and take him to Madison Wi for a heart transplant. It is the VA doing it which I think its very risky and not going to CC as it is so much closer. But he told me it was the VA. So please send some prayers out for Ray Pounds he sure does need them and family as well. Thanks so much. Hope everyone is having a good day. For the long haul
Linda H

Hi Guys

April 12, 2012

Well I had a different Easter but a good one. Went to church and it was good. That afternoon my husband and I drove to Clinton SC to have dinner with his brother and wife. Had a real nice dinner and I was real proud of myself as I only ate 1 hush puppy. I love them and usually asked for more. lol. When I got home had a phone call from my neighbor that her Mom (83 years old) was sick all day, and the nurse finally called back and told her to get to ER now. So I took her to Anderson and sat there from 8pm to 4am. She had a heart attack and had 2 stints put in the next day. She is doing good now and getting her energy back.

In the meantime I have been continuing my walks like I have always done. But now I think I have developed a new symtom. My feet have been bothering me with tingling and to the point of waking my up at night. Well now I am getting pains in the back of my knees that feels like a charlie horse forming. Did some googling today and it could be related to this. So maybe my day is getting close.
I have been reading all the blogs from everyone, and everyone tells about dental clearances. Well that is my fear not my heart but the dentist. I had a bad experience with pulling a tooth a while back and I do have a couple of problems that have to be addressed. So I plan on getting this done very soon to get it out of the way. Best not to wait.

And tomorrow I plan on trying to get Adams book. So with those things getting done I will be that much closer to getting there;
Well until later. Hope everyone is having a good day and recovering amazingly. And for everyone else like me we can do it.
For the long haul
Linda H

Still hanging in there

April 5, 2012

Not much to write about. Nothing has changed lately. I did find out I can't walk to long of a hill going up hill. Coming back got a little light headed. So guess I won't be doing that again for a while anyway. I was also folding some laundry and almost blacked out. Thank heaven I was by the bed and flopped into it until it all passed. Other than that just still waiting.
I did want to wish everyone to have a wonderful Easter. We are going to church wearing my new dress proudly earned and then going to Clinton for dinner with my husbands brother from Columbia. So hear is to not eating to many jelly beans. Talk to you all later.
For the long haul
Linda H

Hey y'all Its me

March 28, 2012

Yeah I'm still hanging in here. Went for my usual walk today. Been keeping up the 2 miles a day. One in the morning and one in the afternoon. Well today I was out and almost done when I encountered my neighbor and her little dog. So I caught up with her and did probably another quarter of a mile going up a little hill. Well coming back we had stopped and I felt a little light headed. Guess I just found out where my limits are. Otherwise I am doing ok. Finished up my throw, I call it the stress relief. Will try and post it on here soon.
Hope everyone is having a good day and is recovering amazingly. And prayers to all who are up to bat.
For the long haul
Linda H

Wasw this a little scare tactic?

March 15, 2012

Took my husband to primary doctor today. He is 79 years old and is in better shape than me. Im jealous. Anyway I asked doctor for copy of echo from last Sept. Got it. He was glad I was getting copys and keeping them. I told him about almost passing out while driving and I should be able to stand in church to sing and not feel like I might not make it. I put myself up to a car. Told him my engine light was on. Dont you fix your car when the light comes on or do you wait for it to get worse? I told him I just wanted to feel normal again that waiting 5 months to 5 years is not an option. Asked him what anersym measured at, and it is 4.5 in the middle. He was saying that I could have complications if I had it now, like a stroke etc and if its bad enough could be in hospital for up to 2 weeks. I kinda disagreed with him. Told him about this site and no of this has happened to anyone yet. So I think he was trying to scare me. He said he could hook me up with doctor in Greenwood. I told him I was very seriously thinking of Dr Andrews in CLT. He agreed. I also told him I would wait for echo in July, study the two of them and then send them away to a surgeon. He was saying if they dont think it is bad enough I can live with that, even if he told me to wait 4-5 months.At least I would know something.
So thanks Nancy for your advice, I might just be following it. I also let him know with regurgation if it got to bad it would destroy the inner muscle of my heart then it is to late and nothing can be done, and I wont even think about a transplant. These doctors make you feel like you are begging for surgery. Told him I really didn't want it nobody does just want to get back to a normal life. Oh well guess I got my venting done until next time
For the long haul
Linda H

A little realty check today.

March 11, 2012

Went to church today feeling fine. While in church started getting those same old pains in my chest where I have always had them. They would stay for a while then come back. So today thought I better just kick back and do nothing. I did tell doctor about them and he didnt know. I have had them for quite a few years, but I think its where all of the problems are. I will tell my reg doctor this week when I take hubby in and let him know. Who know maybe my long haul is going to get a little shorter. Oh well day by day. Hope everyone is having a good day.
For the long haul
Linda H

Hi to All

March 10, 2012

Just let you all know Im still hangig around here just cheering everyone on. My husband got bored and said lets go to Anderson, so we did. I stopped in to Ross's
and got a new dress, yeah me. Im pround it was a size 14. Im almost there on that part anyway. Havent worn that size since high school a long long long time ago.

Wishing everyone good luck on there day coming up this week and sending prayers out to all. Have a good day. And Linda stay warm the OR is cold enough.
For the long haul
Linda H

Another little sign of climbing this mountain

March 2, 2012

Yesterday I had a real good day. I actually walked for a total of 3 miles, not all at once, but I did it. Today we had to go do taxes and the office was on the second floor. Thats when I had another little realty check. My husband is 79 years old and he did pretty good walking up two flights of stair. Me? I had to take a break in the middle. Now after loosing 24 pounds since October and doing all the walking I have been doing, you think I could do that. Wrong. :( Just something else to journal so when I see my regular doctor I can tell him.

Hope everyone continues to improve and all of those getting ready Jan, Linda and everyone else prayers are out there for good reports, and a safe trip. Talk later
For the long haul
Linda H

RIP Kelly

March 1, 2012

So sorry to hear about Kelly. I was so hoping she would recover and have a wonderful life. It really hit home to me. I lost it and had a big cry also. Kind of a realty check to all of us, and made me start to think. Guess I realize just how close each and everyone of you is, just like a real family. I am so thankful that I have meant each and everyone of you.

My prayers go out to her family. Rest In Peace Kelly
For the long haul
Linda H

Staying away from mailbox.

February 27, 2012

Ok went to get the mail today and there was the copy of bill that really went to insurance/ medicare. The tee test came to $3900.00 ouch. Right now there is about $7400 all tied up into this and I wait for who knows how long.I think I figured it all out. They want you to wait until its almost to late until they put you back together again. In the mean time in 5 months there will another echo done for another $3100. No wonder medicare is running broke. I would just rather get it over and done with and save medicare some money. Ok now I got that off my chest, just had to vent.

Im going to take Nancys suggestion. I will wait for second echo to back the first one up and if he doesnt say what I want to hear, I will do it myself. Not that I am begging for the big filet or anything. Just want my life back to normal again.
Now I will go get my second walk in while it is still good out. Hope everyone has a good day.
For the long haul
Linda H

A little scare today.

February 23, 2012

We have been having a go round with the DMV to get my husbands drivers license for SC. Well it all finally got resolved and as I am driving him to Belton to get it, I kinda pulled over to the curb a little bit and slowed down. He asked what was wrong. Told him I felt like I was going to pass out. I was a little scared. So I might have to wait to get this over with but I have to put up with who knows what and when. No fun.Good news he is now a resident of SC, getting all prepared then whoa. After I got home I decided to go for walk as it is 72 out today. I told doctor my dog is mad at me cause he told me I could not take her for a walk. Well he said it was ok to do that as long as she didnt take me for a walk. We did real good until we meant the neighbors dog and she wanted to go play. Oops. That was a no no. Guess that is enough for today. Talk to you all later. Hope everybody has a really good day. Stay safe.
For the long haul Linda H

Good news for now from 3.5 to 3.7

February 22, 2012

Hi All, Saw Dr Albrecht today and it was good news for right now. He told me to stop worrying that I have time and not to google so much. Told him I am Heart Valve Journaling lol.Anyway I have the results of the tests that I just had done and I will just copy them off. The Ultra sound- good all normal (thanks Dad) the tee test shows:Aortic Valve- The valve is anatomically trileaflet but functionally more bicusped due to fused and calcifc rafa of the left and non coronary cuspa. The leaflete have marded calcification and sclerosis at the tips. Moderate stenosis by planimety measuring 1.1 cm2. Mild to moderate and marked turbulent jet of regurgitation impinging on the anterior mitral leaflet is seen. The LVOT is of normal dimension and the aortic root is dilated above the ainue of Valgalva, measuring up to 4.5 cm. Measures 2.5 at the level of the sinus Valsalva and 3.7 cm at the sinotubalar junclion. Mild amount of latered and immobile plazue si seen 3.5 cm from the incisors. Everything else looks pretty good.

So now I would like to thank you all for all of your prayers, Dr Albrecht my cardio doctor (hes alright) Dr. Casey for seeing something there, my family, my church family and friends and to Weight Watchers and Dr Oz for getting me going in the right direction. I think loosing all this weight has helped out a lot but its not over.

I am still going to be here for everyone cheering you all on and saying prayers for all of you, cause there will be a day that it all changes. Mr Dr. said see you in 5 months for another echo cardigram and a tilt table test. So guys it looks like my wait is going to be longer than I thought. Is that good? Im just going to try and chill out not worry,right, I love you all and God is good. I guess I can sign out with
Having a longer wait LInda H
PS That was hard to read so hope spelling is ok

The day of reckoning is here

February 21, 2012

Tomorrow is the day I see Dr Albrecht. I will most likely here all the news. I was so hoping for a devine intervention but don't think that is going to happen. I can wish can't I.? lol Espically when he did tell me it was a little worse and showed some calcification. I don't even know what the ultrasound said yet. Guess I am about ready to find out. I feel good tonight not scared. Guess I have had enough time to sort this thing out and try and figure what I want to do. I guess I feel ok cause I told the doctor when he did the tee test, that he intimidated me cause he had cardiologist behind his name. At least I didn't tell him I loved him like someone here was afraid of doing.

So you all stay tuned tomorrow for the rest of the story
Linda H

Im still here

February 20, 2012

Hi Everyone, Just been busy reading up on all the posts from everyone. On Wednesday I see the cardio doctor.Have to be in Newberry by 830am and have never been there before. Thanks for GPS. Anything to save a buck as the doctor doesn't take my insurance in Greenwood but he does in Newberry.
Anyway went to church last night came home to watch Desperate Housewives and Pan Am. Well don't know how Desperate Housewives turned out and missed a lot of Pan Am. Got under my little blanket and that is all she wrote, but when I woke up there was the beating of my heart in my stomach again. It wasn't as bad as it was a couple weeks ago, but never the less its scary. Just have all of these feeling and decisions, its starting to get to me. Are all of these feelings normal? Now my husband is starting to tell me I look tired all the time. So something must be starting to show, while I am trying to stay up beat. Oh well guess that is enough crying for tonight lol. Talk to ya lot later. Glad everybody is doing really good and over the mountain as Linda says. I like that. But where I come from the mountains are pretty tall (Denver Co)
Well Until Later Linda H

Happy Valentines Day Everyone

February 13, 2012

Just another day. It was cold here today, but the sun made it a little warmer, so got my walk in. Don't want to blow it now have to keep it going as I know it helps me for later. Nerves are still at rest. Still working on afghan to finish it and start another one. Keeps my mind off of what is to come. Can't help wondering what the next hurdle will be when I see the doctor very soon. Oh don't stress, have enough of that on its own. Looking forward to going out to dinner for Valentines and with some good friends. Should be fun. Hope everyone has a good day.
Until Later Linda H

Hey to all

February 10, 2012

Just another day today. At least the nerves are all calm and sleeping haha. Sure they will be awaken again. Went grocery shopping today with my husband and started feeling a little light headed so ran up and got electric cart. Was having fun with that. Told everyone I was rehearsing for when I really need it, but I was'nt going to take any chances. I even got my walk in today, before it turns cold out. That just might be a good thing and I can get rid of sinus problems.

Hope everyone has a good day. Glad you are doing better Mitch and Nancy. Sure hope we all get good news on Kelly real soon.

Until Later Linda H


February 8, 2012

Hi All, Thanks to you all I DID IT. I felt all of your prayers with my and God said it was ok I'm here. So thank you to everyone for helping this big baby get through this little hurdle.
Dr Albreight did the test and I got to know him a little better. It was very uncomfortable like everyone said, the good thing was the nurse there told me I wasn't to do anything like clean do the dishes for 6 months. I bought that. My husband wasn't to happy.

When the doctor came in and told me everything thing I got it all straightened out. He said it is called aortic valve regurgation and anuersym. The good news is that it hasn
t changed a whole lot but it is starting to narrow with some calicifcation (sp). The good news is I have time on my side. He was possibly talking about Emery in ATL or he could send me some place north, like the CLE Clinic. We will be talking about all of this on the 22nd. I told him I didn't want to put this off, I wanted to get it done, so maybe I can get my brain back and feel a little young again. So now I am feeling very relaxed after not a real good night of sleeping. So I guess thats it for todayguys.
Until Later LInda H

Good day First goal accomplished

February 7, 2012

Hi All, Had a pretty good day today. Decided to get into my walk. I didn't do my 2 miles but I did one mile, better than nothing, and I took it kinda slow just in case. My big goal for today was, I went to my weight watchers meeting tonight and I DID IT. I lost my 20 pounds/ 10%. That is just what I wanted so when I go to cardio doctor on the 22nd, he should be real happy. So onto goal number 2. Surgery and get this over with, and goal number 3 is another 10% and I will almost be there. The reward is shop, shop, and shop some more.
Ate a really good dinner tonight cause tomorrow is the tee test. I will really be glad when that is over with.

Thanks for all your support guys, espically Linda Dixon, you have been great and I so love all your support, cause our name is Linda. I also give thanks to my minister, Pastor Justin. He has blessed me in so many ways and all of my friends at church.
Until Later LInda H

A Few Tense Moments Last Night

February 6, 2012

I guess I should back this up to Saturday. Saturday night I was feeling a little blue and down, feeling sorry for me kind of thing. Didn't take much to turn the faucets on if you know what I mean. I had my walk like I usually do but almost to the end, I just gave out and I still had to get home. So I decided to start cutting back on the walks as I was feeling kind of weird.
Well Sunday came and all it ok. Went to church in the morning and decided to sit outside when I got home as it got up to 70. How nice. Went to church at night as Pastor Justin said something to me. He was in competition with a football game. I said a prayer for Tameika and he said one for me. Well when I got home just in time for half time and watch the rest of the game, I was crocheting also but guess that game just got a little to intense for me. During the game I was starting feels the butterflies so I thought kick in again. After the game I could feel my heart beating all over the place and it was going rather fast, so I was feeling a little scared. I called the neighbor and he brought over his blood pressure monitor. It was a little high but my pulse was at 101 and I was turning a little red in the face. So everyone sat around wondering weither to call 911. Well we took it again and it was finally coming down thank heaven. Just another one of those episodes that I get but this one was different. So today I am just kicking back and relaxing.
Well until Later Linda H

Hey to all

February 3, 2012

Hi, Just want to say thanks for all of your support. My daughter, Stephanie tells me the same thing. You see I am a big baby. When I had my hystericotmy(sp) my blood pressure went pretty high when I saw the OR and then when I had the staples out I was a basket case. Nurse said dont worry you have been through the worse. Guess I hoped nothing would ever happen again. Haha. Well here I am again. I guess what makes it so scary for me is that when my Dad had his surgery for adominal anuersym many years ago, I about fainted just seeing him all hooked up, and thinking he might not make it cause his heart kept acting up and they called the family in. I think us all being there helped him recover. Then my daughter Stephanie has aortic stenosis, and I drove to Lincoln Nebraska for her surgery. So seeing all of this first hand is something else. Like I say I am just a big baby. The doctors always ask me if I am allergic to anything and I tell them yea, needles and doctors. My daughter also told me the Tee test is a piece of cake too, but she had one little problem. She was pregnant with her first due any day and while she was been monitored her water broke. 24 hours later I had a little granddaughter. I sure dont want that problem haha. When there is nothing there and at my age that would be something.

Glad everyone is coming along and doing better. Until later Linda H


February 2, 2012

Got up early today to go to Greenwood imaging center for ultra sound. The test didnt scare me its what might come out of it. I must say it was interesting, I watched the whole thing. Didnt take all that long. Sure was glad I took a snack as I was so hungary. Now for the next test Tee test, dont really want to go for that one. Oh well I guess the journey starts. Thought about Mitch most of the day.l So glad he is doing ok. Now I sit back and wait to see the doctor on the 22nd. Have a good day everyone. Please feel free to sign my guest book also. Until later Linda H

Is this winter? We have a new month Juneaury

January 31, 2012

I have been walking and trying to get a lot in. I want the doctor to be pleased when I see him. I know I am. Hope Weight Watchers has a nice surprise for me tonight. Me loss has picked up a little bit, but I think it is called being nervous already. Well as long has we are having good days, I can do a lot. Until Later Linda H

Hey to all of my new friends.

January 28, 2012

I just want to say that I have been busy reading a lot of your journals. I have gotten a lot out of them and find myself fighting the tears. I have also gotten a lot of information for questions to ask my doctor when I see him.
Yesterday had kind of an off day. Felt a little lightheaded or dizzy all day so didn't do much of anything except for my crocheting. That keeps my mind off of things. I did get both of my walks in although I forced myself on the second one. Glad my neighbor was with me. Well until later. Linda

Good news at Weight Watchers

January 26, 2012

Went to my meeting and found out I lost another 2.6 pounds. My goal is to be 10% by the time I see Cardio doctor on Feb 22nd. I only have 2 pounds to go, so maybe I will go past it. My family doctor told me not to go to fast, but was proud of me. Best of luck to everyone. I want to hear all good things, my prayers to everyone.

My life

January 24, 2012

I guess I can say it all starts with my Dad. He was diagnosed with Wolfe White Parkinson Syndrome. He lived with it for years and lated had an adomonial artic anuersym. Went through with surgery was fine but passed away 3 months later of conjestive heart failure. Well my story starts with about 5 years ago I was told I have a heart murmur. I always worried abourt heart problems as I found out that it is hereditary in his family. After we moved South and got a new family doctor the same thing. He wanted do an echo cardiogram, but I had to wait till I was 65 years old for medicare. In Aug last year I had 2 big seizures together. Guess that was my wake up call. So on my 65th birthday found out I had Aortic Stenosis with regrugatation. Saw the heart doctor and he also said there is an anuersym going into my neck. Welcome to retirment after being healthy all of my life. Well he wanted me to eat better loose some weight and walk 2 miles a day. I wasnt allowed to join a gym or walk the dog, to stressful. So I have done all of this by joining Weight Watchers and so far have lost 17 pounds and almost to my 10% goal. I plan to be there by the time I see doctor. I have now gotten an appointment for an ultrasound on Feb 2nd and a Tee test on the 8th, and on the 22nd see the doctor and that is probably when the nerves will kick in.

Not only was I there for my Dad surgery my daughter was born with a heart murmur and 3 years ago just had a mechanical valve replacement. So seeing all of that, makes it a little scary, knowing what I am headed for.

The heart doctor said it is moderate and measured 3.2, but with the anuersym I feel like a walking time bomb. So I will be glad to get this all over with and get healthy again.

I have a lot of friends and my church around me. I was so nervous that in Sept my husband and I joined our church and I was baptized in November. That has helped a lot. Thats it for now until later.

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