Ask Dr. Badhwar: Are Palpitations a Symptom of Heart Valve Disease?

In this video, you will learn whether or not heart palpitations are a symptom of mitral valve disease and atrial fibrillation from Dr. Vinay Badhwar, the Chief of Cardiac Surgery at the West Virginia University Heart & Vascular Institute in Morgantown, West Virgnia. Dr. Badhwar also addresses several interesting topics including the different types of palpitations and how they relate to heart disease. Dr. Vinay Badhwar is a leading researcher who recently helped write the revised guidelines for the medical treatment of atrial fibrillation. (Video posted on May 17, 2015)

Doctor Interviewed

Dr. Vinay Badhwar

Dr. Vinay Badhwar

Chief, Cardiac Surgery
West Virginia University Heart & Vascular Institut
Morgantown, West Virginia

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