Surgeon Q&A: Concomitant Mitral Regurgitation & Atrial Fibrillation Surgery with Dr. Harold Roberts

Up to 35% of heart valve patients suffer from atrial fibrillation (AFib) as well. AFib is an abnormal heart rhythm that can cause symptoms including fatigue, heart palpitations and chest pain. Patients with AFib are five times more likely to have a stroke, according to the American Heart Association. Unfortunately, less that 50% of patients who enter an operating room get their AFib treated using surgical ablation including the Maze procedure. In this video, Dr. Harold Roberts addresses the simultaneous treatment of leaking mitral valves and atrial fibrillation. This video was filmed at the Heart Valve Summit in Chicago, Illinois. Doctor Robert has successfully treated many patients in the community! (Video posted on November 6, 2012)

Doctor Interviewed

Dr. Harold Roberts

Dr. Harold Roberts

Heart Surgeon
WVU Heart & Vascular Institute
Morgantown, West Virginia

(304) 244-0604

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