Ask Dr. Philpott: Treating Atrial Fibrillation & Heart Valve Disease

Although the risks for stroke and poor quality of life are well documented, atrial fibrillation remains severely under-treated. Reports suggest that less than 50% of all heart valve patients with atrial fibrillation get treatment for an abnormal heart rhythm during their heart valve procedure. In this video, you will gain important insights for patients who have been diagnosed with atrial fibrillation and heart valve disease from Dr. Jonathan Philpott, a specialist in the Maze Procedure. The Maze Procedure is a surgical ablation that is known to be effective in 84% of atrial fibrillation cases. Dr. Philpott performs concomitant surgery for surgical ablation and valve disease to treat both cardiac disorders at the same time at Sentara Heart Hospital in Norfolk, Virginia. (Video posted on March 9, 2015)