Should Atrial Fibrillation Be Treated During Mitral & Tricuspid Valve Surgery?

Patients with heart valve disease are up to 35% more likely to have atrial fibrillation, an abnormal heartbeat that can cause a stroke. Watch this video to learn if atrial fibrillation can be treated during mitral valve and tricuspid valve surgery from Dr. Steven Bolling, a leading cardiac surgeon at Michigan Medicine in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Dr. Bolling is the Director of the Mitral Valve Program who has successfully treated many patients in the community. Doctor Bolling has been performing the Maze procedure, a surgical ablation for the treatment of atrial fibrillation, since the 1980s. (Video posted on May 16, 2018)

Doctor Interviewed

Dr. Steve Bolling

Director, Mitral Valve Program
Michigan Medicine
Ann Arbor, Michigan

(888) 647-1528

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