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    I am from: Newport, MN
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    My surgery date is: May 24, 2018
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    I was diagnosed with: Aortic Stenosis
    Mitral Stenosis
    Tricuspid Regurgitation
    Atrial Fibrillation
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    My surgery was: Aortic Valve Replacement
    Mitral Valve Replacement
    Tricuspid Valve Repair
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    My surgeon is: Dr. Sameh Said
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    My hospital is: Mayo Clinic - Rochester, MN

In my own words:

In Nov. 2012 at the age of 42, I was diagnosed with radiation induced aortic and mitral valve stenosis. I was told that replacement of both valves in the near future was needed. I also had complete heart block and received a pacemaker implant. All this was as a result of my cobalt radiation treatments for neuroblastoma cancer as an infant. As of Nov. 2014, my cardiologist noted that I'll need AVR and MVR within 2 years. I'm grateful to be part of this special group and am inspired by all you as I look forward to my future surgery.

I'm now 48 yrs old and after waiting over 5 years will be scheduling surgery in June 2018 at the Mayo Clinic. I'll need to have my aortic root enlarged, both aortic & mitral valves replaced, & tricuspid valve repaired. I'm so grateful for my doctors at Mayo in finding a solution for my challenging issues and not needing a heart transplant.

I now have a surgery date . . . May 24, 2018. Thank goodness.
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