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Hello everyone. In January 2018 I was diagnosed with a Bicuspid Valve and Aortic Stenosis. I'm 61 and generally healthy. I was never told that I was born with a congenital bicuspid valve and I have run 8 marathons so this was surprising to say the least. Since then I've been generally overwhelmed with feelings that range from pure terror to nervous acceptance. My cardiologist has not added any comfort since he's been fairly stymied by my situation. He told me to wait a couple years and watch for the condition to worsen (!) and even suggested that my shortness of breath was due to depression or ???

And then I found this website via American Heart Assoc. Can't tell you enough how valuable this site has been for me. Thanks Adam! This has lead me to the wonderful surgeon Dr. Castro and Sequoia Hospital. My confusion and concerns were answered. He took plenty of time with me and was never condescending. He will connect me with a cardiologist on his team and we can move forward. I currently don't have a surgery date as we're waiting for results from a catheter angiography. I'm hoping for end of May as I'm pretty symptomatic.

The best thing about this forum is reading about others experiences and results. I have learned so much and it has eased my major concerns. Many thanks to you all. I will add more info soon.
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