Ross Procedure Explained by Dr. Paul Stelzer and Peter Woglom (Patient)

In this video, Dr. Paul Stelzer and Peter Woglom discuss the advantages of the Ross Procedure for patients diagnosed with aortic valve disease. The Ross Procedure is a unique form of aortic valve replacement in which the patient's pulmonary valve is removed and then implanted into the patient's aortic valve position. The Ross Procedure is often referred to as the "Switch Procedure" as the aortic valve is switched with the patient's pulmonary valve. A human donor valve is then implanted in the patient's pulmonary position. This procedure was developed by Dr. Donald Ross in the 1960s. Dr. Paul Stelzer is one of the leading Ross Procedure surgeons in the country. Dr. Stelzer has performed over 500 Ross Procedure operations. Many patients in the community have had excellent Ross Procedure results with Dr. Stelzer. Congratulations and thanks to Peter Woglom and Dr. Stelzer for their interviews about the Ross Procedure!!! (Video posted on July 23, 2013)

Doctor Interviewed

Dr. Paul Stelzer

Dr. Paul Stelzer

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