Ask Dr. Takkenberg: Why Isn't the Ross Procedure Advertised to Patients?

The Ross Procedure is a unique form of aortic valve replacement procedure in which the patient's pulmonary valve is removed and placed in the patient's disease aortic valve. A donor valve is then implanted into the patient's pulmonary valve. While the Ross Procedure has helped many patients with aortic stenosis, aortic regurgitation and bicuspid aortic valves, this procedure is not often advertised or promoted to patients. Watch this video interview with Dr. Hanneke Takkenberg, a world-renowned researcher who specializes in clinical decision-making for cardiothoracic interventions at Erasmus University, to learn more about the Ross Procedure and its application for patients struggling with aortic valve disease. (Video posted on February 24, 2020)

Doctor Interviewed

Dr. Hanneke Takkenberg

Dr. Hanneke Takkenberg

Cardiac Surgery Researcher
Erasmus University
Rotterdam, Netherlands


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