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My Story

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    I am from: Burnaby, Canada
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    My surgery date is: March 27, 2018
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    I was diagnosed with: Mitral Regurgitation
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    My surgery was: Mitral Valve Repair

In my own words:

I was diagnosed with moderate to severe mitral valve regurgitation in September 2016. After a hysterectomy (September 2016) and radiation (November 2016) my mvr progressed to severe. I had two more echocardiograms which confirmed severe MVR. My next step was an angiogram on July 22, 2017 which they determined (and confirmed) that I had a very leaky valve and are recommending surgery. My appointment with the Cardiac Surgeon is on October 31st. He will go over my options. And from there will hopefully set a surgery date.

It has been so great to have this forum to go to. Hearing everyone's story has helped me be stronger in this whole process. Thank you for sharing your story :)
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