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    I am from: Peoria, Arizona
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    My surgery date is: January 23, 2018
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    I was diagnosed with: Mitral Regurgitation
    Mitral Stenosis
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    My surgery was: Mitral Valve Replacement
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    My surgeon is: Dr. Dr. Rajeev S, Kathuria, MD
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    My hospital is: Banner Boswell, Sun City Arizona

In my own words:

I am still learning this site, so please forgive me if I repeat a lot. It started on Nov. 13th, I went to the ER. I was up all night coughing, I couldn't breathe. Of course, we all know what happens, test after test, X-rays, etc.. I had low oxygen (79%). I was admitted. The next day, more tests and I was initially diagnosed with, Pneumonia, Pulmonary Hypertension and COPD. I had multiple tests done, one being an Echo. Then I received the news- Mitral Valve Stenosis and Regurgitation. I was discharged the day before Thanksgiving. I am on oxygen, 24/7. I met with the surgeon, Dr. Kathuria. I can say, I love this man, he is very caring, understanding, calming, takes the time to talk and answer questions. He said he cannot do the minimally invasive because my breasts are to big and will only get in his way- I have decided when I see him again, I am going to make a little joke, tell him he has my permission to cut them off, tie them off, tape them down, whatever it would take so he doesn't have to go through my sternum. lol. Looking in his eyes, he has a very good soul. I know I am going to be in the best hands, and that is something I need because he is literally going to be holding my life in his hands. He wants a couple of tests done before scheduling, Angiogram and PFT (Pulmonary Function Test) The angiogram is done, since all this started, finally some good news, no blockages. A big breath out. Now holding it again for the next test. this is going to be on Jan 2nd. Then from there, I really do not know. I am assuming I will see the surgeon again once he gets the results, and schedule. I have been told, mitral valve replacement is no big deal so therefore no reason to be be scared, no reason to have the what if questions playing in my head ( What if he cannot get my heart started, what if I am that 1% that does not survive this, If I don't, what about my kids, my granddaughter, my boyfriend and all my friends-- What if) However, I do think any surgery is scary, no matter where it is, no matter what is being done, we are all scared- Right? Wishing everyone a Very Happy New Year where all your dreams and wishes come true.
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