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Soon I'll have my second heart surgery. My first operation took place in May 2005, to correct severe mitral regurgitation. The surgeon repaired my mitral valve. Post surgery, the valve still leaked, but the leakage was minor. That condition remained stable for years, but last October, after I had been feeling poorly for months, I discovered I had a heart rhythm problem called atrial flutter. The was corrected in my hometown by ablation, at Saint Mary's Hospital. However, it was discovered that the mitral valve was again leaking badly (the repair has failed). My cardiologists referred me to Dr. David Adams at Mt. Sinai hospital in New York. Last week, on Feb. 1, I had my consultation with Dr. Adams. I'm highly impressed with Dr. Adams and the entire team at Mt. Sinai. I've scheduled my surgery there. I'm due to check into the hospital on Sunday, March 11, with the surgery to take place on Tues. March 13. The plan is to re-repair my mitral valve. My echocardiograms have revealed that my tricuspid valve probably has a slight leak. The plan, as long as I'll be opened up anyway, is to repair that as well. I'm looking forward to having this taken care of. My surgeons will be Dr. Adams and Dr. Anelechi Anyanwu. It's a huge blessing for me to have access to such excellent health care.
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