Dr. Husam Balkhy, Heart Valve Surgeon

Hello! My name is Dr. Husam Balkhy and I am a cardiac surgeon having graduated from KAU College of Medicine, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia in 1987. To date, I have performed approximately 4,000 cardiac surgeries, of which 1,800 involved heart valve procedures. I regularly perform surgery at University of Chicago Medicine. Read more...

22 Patient Reviews for Dr. Balkhy

"Excellent is the best word that I can think of to describe my treatment by Dr. Balkhy."

-- Joe Gimbel, heart valve surgery patient

"I cannot say enough for my deepest gratitude expressly for Dr. Husam H. Balkhy and his exceptional cardiac team. You must see him for your second, third or fourth opinion if you have never heard of port access surgery that you may very well be a candidate for despite what other surgeons might have told you as you need to find the surgeon who is specifically trained and experienced for this "forefront of medicine," very well known to deliver at The University of Chicago Medicine & Biological Sciences. I was saved from doing a full sternotomy and a single bypass that was advised by others. Later, it was discovered that I did not even need a bypass! My scar is so small that it amazes people that this is even possible! People love my story and my successful recovery that only had a few expected typical issues from post open heart surgery. Dr. Balkhy endured a difficult surgery with me as my valve was severely calcified for its removal. I must say I am forever thankful for his patience, skill and love of his work. From the moment my husband and I visited with him for the first time, we enjoyed his very personable assistance in answering our questions (that he probably hears everyday) but addresses with a steady calm and individualized assessment with added valuable substantial important details for consideration that other surgeons never even noticed on the medical records that were transferred to him for his review. All this with a superb bedside manner providing a pure approach to the needs of your particular situation by an amazingly and truly skilled surgeon in his craft of port access aortic valve replacement. It gives you the least invasive approach to aortic valve replacement, allowing for a much quicker and safer recovery. I do feel sorry for folks who have never heard of this procedure or the many other innovative cardiac surgical approaches that Dr. Balkhy also is well known for. Please visit: http://www.uchospitals.edu/physicians/husam-balkhy.html I highly recommend that you make an appointment with him before your final decision at 773-834-7821 for Robotic and Minimally Invasive Cardiac Surgery and his nurse, Brooke Patel will schedule you. I am eternally blessed to find this excellent surgeon and every single person on his team! May they continue to be blessed in their sincere efforts in helping to bring many more to have their hearts on the mend!"

-- Joanna Prisiajniouk, Aortic Valve, Valve Replacement, Mini-Thoracotomy / Port Access, 07/21/2016

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My Specialities & Interests

Specific to heart valve surgery, you should know that I have several specialties including:

  • Robotic cardiac surgery including mitral valve surgery
  • Minimally invasive aortic valve surgery
  • Atrial fibrillation treatment

In addition, I have research and clinical interests specific to:

  • Robotic cardiac surgery
  • Minimally invasive surgery for atrial fibrillation
  • Totally endoscopic coronary surgery

Education, Training & Certificates

Dr. Husam Balkhy, heart surgeon, graduated from KAU College of Medicine, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia in 1987.

Dr. Balkhy completed his General Surgery Residency at Tufts New England Medical Center in 1994. He then completed a Vascular Surgery Fellowship at Lahey Clinic in 1995 and a Cardiothoracic Surgery Fellowship at Tufts New England Medical Center in 1997.

In addition to being board certified in cardiothoracic surgery, Dr. Balkhy was awarded the Spirit of Caring in Health Innovation Award by Community Memorial Hospital.

Dr. Husam Balkhy

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