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Lisa Moreau

Lunenburg, Massachusetts,

United States


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Tricuspid Regurgitation(severe)




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Last day @ Home

August 5, 2012

I have surgery in the morning at 7:30. I am a little anxious. I can imagine that the morning will bring out all sorts of emotions. God will see me thru this.
I will miss Mollies posts so I pray she gets home soon!!!


July 31, 2012

Hope everyone re-couping is doing well.
My pre-op was about 4 hours. All my instructions done, and swabed for the MRSA. Bottle of body wash for my showers this weekend.
Surgery is @ 7:30am Monday. The pre-op nurse said it was schedueled for 6-7 hours. That scared the crap out of me.
I have everything prepared for when I come home.
Will let you all know how it goes.

16 more days!!

July 20, 2012

Saw the cardiologist on Wed. and added more diuretics. He could hear the fluid around the heart, and I have some in my legs and feet. Something new for me as I have never shown any fluid retention.

All set for pre-op on the 30th and surgery August 6th.
I am leaving for a week at the beach for some rest and relax time before the surgery.
Reading all of your stories has helped me prepare my mindset, and to get everything in order @ home.

Thinking of all of you who have been thru this or are headed that way.

I did receive my Ah HA bras(spelling??) and they are sooo comfy!!


Heart Cath

June 16, 2012

Had the Heart Catherization on Friday afternoon. No-one was expecting the 90% blocked right coronary artery. Stent went in fine and came home this morning.
They think the artery was also damaged in the accident years ago, because it was disfigured and had a kink in it where the lesion was.
All others were in pristine condition and my cholesterol has always been low.
We will take Plavex for a month and lopressor to help with the workload on my heart for the time being.
I will speak with cardiologist on Thursday.
Hope everyone is doing well and on the road to recovery!!
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Met my surgeon!!

June 7, 2012

On June 6th I met with Dr. Chip Bolman @ Brigham Womans.
He was wonderful and answered all my questions.
My surgery will be Aug. 6th, with pre-op on July 30th.
I haven't had a Left Heart Catherization in several years so next Friday My husban Bob and I will go in for that.
I am sure I will have lots of question for you all.

I will have a regular full sternotomy, and as he is not sure how damaged my tricuspid valve is, I may have to have it replaced.
I will update after I have had my cath.
Hoping everyone is doing well.

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