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December 4, 2013

Let me say first, Sorry in the long delay in answering u two, bad tear. Yes i can hear my tick, very loudly. at times i wonder if it is me or my allarm clock... and my scare is not numb at all. but a little sore still at the top of the scare where the bone was cut.... at it has been three years. i think it will always be sore. i have had allot of blood test done recently and everything is fin . no thyroid problems, so it is just me.... . i am going to start to eat allot better and not be afraid of the the foods i love. funny that yoga was mentioned... i was thinking that way... my joints are getting sore, i do have arthritis, so i think the yoga is going to help and it is a start..
i will keep u posted. and again my apologizes in not answering u two ladies sooner.


weight gain

December 3, 2013

As you can see, I am not on this much.. I have to try and do somehing, my weight is always been a problem for me.. i am a bienge eater. but i am also gotten very lazy. tresses in my leife haven't helped but, i can not us that as an excuse... i am alive and i am in control of my life.. no one else.so my goal is to loss weight and start to excerisie , to feel better for me.. i feel horrible right now... but i am the only one that can change it... but my problem is... i need help. so if there is any one out there that can help me i would love it, i promise to check in more frequencly and let u know how i am making out,,, i just want to be happy and healthy... hope all is well with everyone.

thanks a head of time


July 8, 2013

Morning all

i think the weight gain is because i am not active... i am to tired and i feel that i am working 40 hours and i am very mobile at work that i am to tired to do anything else.. or lazy... i am not eating as well as i should either.. but i no i have to change that... still having a struggle getting in to see ANYONE... u know ur body.. it is saying something just isn't right.... my chest still, at times is a little tender and the bone shifts once in a while... i think it will always do this... i still feel my hysterectomy scare and that was over 11 years ago....my ticking has gotten louder,,, i am not getting use to it... maybe subconsciously i think gaining weight will muffle the sound..lolo.lol. i know that is not so... i will keep plugging alone... i am hoping to get off my fat butt and start to get more active and eat better i am so young it is time i take care of my self.. for me. hope all is well with everyone...




July 3, 2013

It has been almost three years since my surgery,I still have the same problem I did last year. Weight is still a problem. I am 51 still 20 pds over weight and still not to settled on exactly how much warfarin I am to take.Right now I am on 7,7,8,7,7,8.... Levels are okay. Have no energy.
There is a lady I work with that is having the same surgery I did. I loaned her my book. I am not feeling great but do not want to tell her that.she is very scared. Never been sick like this in her life.
Trying to get in to see someone.i will kept trying till I get in. All I want is to feel good and have energy and be healthy . Hope everyone else is doing good

Have a great week

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Thank you

June 28, 2012

thank you for your advice.. my problem is the warfarin i am on... you are told. you can eat this but don't touch that and every new place i go to ... web site... tells me something different... i have heard of the no wheat... and have considered it... i just want to be able to work out and enjoy life..... i will... i want to know exactly what i have to stay away from beside everything green... and cranberry...lol... and last but not least.. beer...lol.lol. i loved salads, but not every day..and yes.. if the ticking stops .. worry... i am aware of that.. but it is still annoying..lol... and here on Vancouver island the doctors are scarce.. keep the one you have.. i had a great doctor, but he passed away 2 years ago....not to happy with who i have now and and the specialist i like is in nanaimo and i have to be referred to him... again.... just frustration.... again . thanks for the advice and i will try some of your suggestion..


it has been awhile

June 26, 2012

It has been almost 2 years since my surgery.. i really don't feel much better. i have put on 25 pounds. which really makes me mad. i just turned 50.. and not having any luck getting in to see any of my doctors... now that i have complained,, i need help and advise... how can i lose this weight.. yes my eating habits are not great.. and i am not excising... i am to tired. and i am on my feet at work. i work in a grocery store... actually just changed dept... 22 years in a deli up to Friday.. now i work in the bakery... so i am doing very physical things... i am training as one of the baker's... anyway... my weight is becoming a real issue and i can't seem to get any help from my doctors here in Vancouver island..... anyone has any suggestions. please let me no... and one more thing.... this ticking is driving me crazy...lol lol I hope everyone is doing well.. Please don"t take my rants as i regret my decision..If i did not do this. i would be very sick by now... i am just happy to be able to rant... just a phase i am going through... hope to hear from you soon....

almost 5 months

February 14, 2011

Happy valentines day
Well it has been a very eaqsy ride for me... work is work,, they do not offer a back to work program so i went back right away full time. i am a little tired and my chest is sore, from work.. i work in a deli/kitchen ect.ect...lol good news is that we can make our annual March trip to Mexico.. for two weeks.. leaving March 4 till the 18th.. can't wait.

only bad thing i can really say that is happening to me is my INR... i am having problems getting the levels up to 2.5 2 would be good...lol.. i stopped drinking and i try to eat well... i have gained weight but it is slowly coming off... i can't remember being this high in weight. but really... i can't remember much these days...lol.lol.lol.

almost back to work

December 23, 2010

morning all, i first like to say.. Merry Christmas to ever one. i am heading back to work Jan. 4th.. i would love to stay off longer but running out of money..lol.lol.i feel good. it has been three months on Dec. 24 since my surgery and i have been very very lucky that i have sailed though with no problems... We did go to Mexico last week. it was good.. to be honest. i am glad it was our week trip. i was ready to come home.. day 3... a little surprised on how i felt and how the heat affected me.. but now i am so looking forward to our 2week trip in march......
going to the doc. today to get my pills renewed and get a letter saying i am fine. anyway.. just wanted to touch base. happy happy holidays...


just over 5 weeks

November 2, 2010


I start rehab on Friday Nov.5... i should just rephrase something i wrote.. I too will always be on warafrin but. my dr. here, told me that in about2 years. there will be some drugs that are coming out.. in Canada anyway, that will do the same as warafrin dose, but i will not have to have frequent blood work done , or not have to watch what you eat and drink as much... since . i too have a St. Judes valve, blood thinners will always be a part of my life.. i could seriously forgo the ticking...lol.lol. it is really annoying... take care and thank you J. for the note in my journal.


in to week 5

October 25, 2010


Well, i feel good. started a heart matters course on Friday. 1 or 8... i am a little tired.. mostly board. but good... i realize once you get going aon something. you notice just how tired you hare... yes i am still having a little bit of pain.. don't want to call it that... but can't think of any other word.. i see my cardiologist now on the 12 of Nov... just got changed today. just a few days from my original date... not much else new to report.. i feel good.. and the incision and bone are healing very nicely.. with the feeling in my chest back. i feel every little movement that i am not suppose to do, so that is good for me.. not taking any pain killers at all... no need.. Warfarin levels are still up and down... but hopefully in about two years. i am told, that there will be other meds to take instead of it and that means no more blood work and can kinda go back to old habits.. i was a good eater before all of this... anyway that is about it.. i hope to drive in about 2 weeks.. relive my father inlaw of his duties... and yes i still hope to be going to Mexico... have a great week everyone


three weeks today

October 15, 2010


It is hard to believe that three weeks today i was in surgery... i feel good.. tired but good. no pain except when i sneeze or cough. so i am taking only tylenol twice a day... my warfrin levels are working there selves out,, today how ever was the first time that i didn't stop bleeding right away from the blood being drawn, i go three times a week right now, so the girl at the lab said i must be running thin today.. i will be interested in knowing what my levels are ... have been sitting at 2.5 as of Wednesday but have been taking 5mg or warfrin for 7 days now..but i feel great.. walking 20 min at a time twice a day. scare is 98% healed up, coughing is down to a min.bored already... which is not good, cuz i am probably doing stuff i am not suppose to...lol... but if it hurts or lets me know that i should not do that... i stop.. simple,but it is the long term i might be concerned about.. even though i feel good, will, me doing some things that i should not be doing, hurt me later... i guess we will see.. i am just excited about our trip to Mexico in Dec. and me not having to be back to work till January... Oh i also started rehab. but they do not want to see me back there till Nov. 5... and i start another heart program next Friday.. so i am on my way.. i do have a little angina once in a while, and the other night my tic keep me awake. but last night i never heard it.. some nights good. some bad.Well that's about it.. i really hope everyone recovery is going good and that everyone is well,

Day 6th

October 5, 2010

Hi everyone. i am on day six at home and feeling great,,, i know this is going to sound weird but, i wish i was in a little pain, cuz i am probably not doing what i am suppose to do,,, my scar is healing nicely i think because of the MEDIHONEY that i am using on it,, it is a product made with honey from Austraiia... my only problem with it is,,, i hate honey and i hate the smell of honey...anyway it is working... i am feeling really really good,, not coughing as much and i start rehab on Friday... so things are looking up,,, i do, how ever click... i was hoping that i would be one of the lucky ones and not because i really didn't hear it,, but,,, not so much now... anyway i will get used to it. warfrin , so far has not been a problem. my memory how ever is. can not remember anything i did 10 min ago.Going to the lab 3 days a week is a drag,, well mostly for my great father in law... he is my driver... at this rate. Mexico. here i come Dec. 11th... we love it there.... i have only two things to really say about the surgery that came up that i did not except... one.. Ladies no matter how small u are in the chest area,.. wear something to hold the girls together... i was shocked when i came home and saw how they looked and how much they where pulling the skin down... i am not blessed there, so i thought i did not need anything... WRONG.. first night home was very uncomfortable... could just be me... and number 2... do anything you can not to sneeze.... that was the most pain i had ever had.... coughing is nothing compared to that. that is about all for now... take care everyone


i am home

September 30, 2010

Hi Everyone

I am home, i have not had a chance to read everyone's great messenger to me, but i will. I am going to update later. all i can say. is what a ride... Glad to be home and yes i click...lol.lol.

It works

September 23, 2010

Hi everyone

Just seeing if i can write in
My journal though my iPod. I can. Going today for tests about four hours.then surgery tomorrow.Crazy our dog still asleep. She sure is comfy here at our friends place.will try and send something this weekend. Can't takethe iPod with me. My husband will bring it when I am transferred to the ward.


Last day

September 22, 2010

Today will probably be the last day i post till after my surgery, I want to thank everyone for there comment and support in the last few weeks. We are heading to Victoria today, i have tests all afternoon tomorrow and surgery on Friday morning. have to be at the hospital at 5:30am.. good thing i am a early riser...lol I think i am at the point where i don't know what to say anymore. this thing is happening , like it or not. and lets get it done and over with. I am not as worried about the surgery and much as i am about recovery, i am not very good at letting people help me.. i can do it myself attitude..lol.lol.
I read, someone saying that the day of there surgery was like a new beginning and like a birthday. So my new birthday is Friday( Like Don"S) and it is my dad's 80th birthday as well, two things to celebrate ... well i am babbling so i will leave for now, have a great first day of fall. and good luck to everyone out there who is having this done while i will be away my self..
Adios : )

Hi Susan

September 21, 2010

I just read you "My Story" U have had your share of heart issues... This is my second surgery. First one when i was 8, in Montreal Canada.. I had what is call a coartaion of the aorta and i was born with a bicuspid aortic valve,, so 40 years in between surgery's... not bad . i have lived with no problem and my only really big complaint is i am very very tired... but i always put it down to me being lazy..lol.. which i am....i learned more about my condition from Adams book then i knew,, and that i am sick,,, which is a bit of a relieve... now i know it isn't in my head.. in in my heart....Tomorrow we drive to Victoria, and hopefully i will be back home by the following weekend,,, but i am going to miss season premier of Dexter....my surgery was suppose to be on Sept. 13th so i would have been home to watch it... oh well what are pvr's for.


September 21, 2010


Here in Canada if the company you work for does not have short term medical benefits, they then lay u off on what is called a Medical leave, And u have to apply for employments benefits. and i did that last thursday,, but my work has not sent in the record of employment yet, so my claim can not be processed till they get the paper work,, which should have been there.... so there i nothing i can do till that happens,,, Great way to treat a 20 year employee...

3more days

September 21, 2010

Hi everyone,
Not much more i can do but hurry up and wait...gain.. thank you to everyone for all there support. i appreciate all the re ponces i get. Just found out that i have been excepted to a heart program that actually cost $359.00 and hole lot of other stuff( that was mentioned , but can't seem to remember what she said).. so that was good news. then found out unemployment was not going as smoothly as i would have liked. so .. how is everyone else day going.... it will all work out in the end.

Information overload

September 20, 2010

Hi Don,

Yes i will be thinking about u as well on Friday. I am looking and reading and re reading info, and finding that it is all becoming redundant... so i should stop reading for a while. We leave for Victoria on Wednesday night. Our best friends live there so my husband and dog have a place to stay while i am in the hospital. surgery is scheduled for 7:50am Friday. but have to be at the hospital all afternoon on Thursday Sept. 23rd.. test, and info. ect. ect.

Count down

September 20, 2010

the count down is on.. i have come to terms with my decision and it is fine. sticking with mechanical. but i am starting to get information overload on the blood thinner aspect..lol.. but that's okay. the more i know, the better it is. i have read allot about in home testing kits, but remembered about a statement my surgeon made, saying that ,soon , these kits will be available and i will not have to go to the lab, but i found a company that does have them here in canada. so, i am just going to find out more. My husband and i and our best friends travel to Mexico twice a year so i was wanting to have the kit so i can monitor my blood while i am away. i saw on Ebay.ca that these kits can cost $2100.00 .. ouch.. got ta love that canadian dollar...hoping i can get one and it is covered. I want to manage my blood thinner, not , my blood thinner manage me. hope i can find a machine here.

Still conflicted

September 17, 2010

Morning folks,
I am still conflicted on what valve to get. Time is running out.thanks again for all the answers i am getting. but i am confused on one level. can you or can you not resume a active lifestyle with a mechanical valve? i do not run marathons but i do like doing active things. i am a very calm person by nature,Well i think so, not sure my husband does..lol.lol. this is so weighing on my mind. no i do not want to go though this again, but should that be the reason i chose the replacement i did?, i am very healthy besides a broken heart.. ( my husband) He wanted me to but that on one of the forms i was filling out. Question--- What is wrong with your heart----anyway have a wonderful day, nice here o the island. sunny now will probably rain in an hour.. Vancouver Island weather... Adios

This is weird

September 16, 2010

Morning. I entered in a new entry yesterday and it was a long one.. maybe that is why it isn't here.. so i will try and make this short. first thank you for all the help. i really appreciate it. and second. my surgery is Sept.24, in Victoria B.C.. Canada, Royal Jubilee Hospital .. for those of us who knows the island.This is the leading heart hospital. not sure if it is just here in B.C or Canada.. I no the one in Ontario is number one... but not to sure.... off work . at home now doing at home stuff and unemployment stuff.

valves,, pros and cons

September 14, 2010

Good morning, i thought i did send in a entry,, oh well,, my last day of work is Wednesday of this week,, my surgery is Sept. 24. as long as it doesn't get postponed again.. i was wondering the pros and con of a tissue valve and a mechanical valve,, i have opt for the mechanical, but may be second guessing my choice. i am 48 years young...

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