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Jim Christman

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania,

United States


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Aortic Regurgitation




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My Story

Jim is 47 years old, married to Lisa, an RN, and they have 5 children from ages 23 to 9.

Jim was admitted to the hospital May 11 with septic arthritis (Strep G) that seated in his joints, especially his left knee. he needed arthroscopy to clean out the infection, but went into A-fib a day before the surgery. A TEE (done May 16) show "some valve leakage and a heart murmur", something we thought we'd deal with much later on. He had his knee surgery May 17, and was released home May 22 on 6 weeks continuous IV antibiotics. He SLOWLY recovered with the help of home physical therapy, graduating from a walker, to crutches, to a cane by mid July. He was placed on Cardizem in the hospital for his a-fib and heart palpitations, which continued to get worse. He saw a cardiologist, wore a Holter monitor July 20. had a stress test done July 25, and another TEE on July 26. It was then that he received the news he needed to replace the severely damaged aortic valve soon. He has an appt with Dr Vinay Badhwar Mon, July 30.

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