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Here are the most recent Heart Valve Journals posted by members of our growing community of patients and caregivers. Please click on any journal to learn more. Also, you can use the search function below to find a specific journal for the patient you are looking for:
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A little less anxious
Posted by Karen Sievers
Hi again, I feel a little less anxious after writing to friends and also talking about my heart … Read more
very tired. / last day of work before surgery.
Posted by Olga Landry
Hello, It been a while since I wrote on here so I thought I will do an up date. My Surgery is still … Read more
Bom dia. Good morning.
Posted by Renata Cimoes
A cada dia a nossa fé só aumenta, e em breve, com certeza, teremos o êxito que esperamos … Read more
Ready to play but it is too dark outside!
Posted by Terrie Syvertsen
Kat is stretching herself full length on her cat tower outside the patio door making the motion … Read more
My feelings 13 days before surgery
Posted by Christine Pittelli
I am starting to feel much more grateful for the upcoming surgery as each day goes by. Less scared. … Read more

Posted by Howard Herman
my mitral valve repair and anterior decending artery bypass are scheduled for Oct 6. Like most of … Read more
Esperança. Hope
Posted by Renata Cimoes
Estou muito confiante que em breve iremos receber a ligação sobre a data da cirurgia do Joaquim, … Read more
It's Time!
Posted by Lynne Jeffreys
I have started to notice a change in the beating of my heart now and sometimes a shortness of … Read more
The Clinic and more Rehab
Posted by Charlie Brinkman
We went back to the Cleveland Clinic on Tuesday for follow-up tests. The net results, great, and my … Read more
My caregiver is lame! sorry dont have Ernies way with words!
Posted by Debbie cross
Things not going well at our house! Phillip(my husband) was admitted yesterday to the hospital.After … Read more

Hello friends … Read more
Awaiting OHS for a new aortic valve
Posted by Karen Sievers
Hi all, I'm 66 years old, live in Alabama, and have been diagnosed with severe aortic stenosis. I … Read more

Did complete pre-op testing today. Getting ready for tomorrow's Catheterization procedure … Read more
Sept. 15th. Part 2
Posted by Terrie Syvertsen
Well it is 3:53 pm. here in sunny Manteca. 94 degrees out and Gary and I just returned from Kaiser … Read more
Three weeks after surgery update
Posted by Jim Newman
Well, the surgery came...I slept thru it...don't really remember ICU; but, they had me up walking … Read more
Spent Saturday in ER
Posted by Terrie Syvertsen
Saturday morning the 14th. Gary and I proceeded for a small walk around the park. Part way down the … Read more
10 weeks post surgery
Posted by Eleanor R
Read more
Four Months Post Ross
Posted by Julia Hsu
Time passed quickly between 3- and 4- month marks. I was going to skip posting this month, but then … Read more
It has been a long for me to not post and I appogise but...
Posted by Susan Smith
How are all my heart valve friends. Yes when I finally got back on with an update. The Community … Read more
Four weeks post
Posted by Jerry Kenney
Hi all … Read more
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