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Less than 2 Weeks
Posted by Brian Walsh
First prayers go out to all those who have just had surgery and those preparing. As I write this I … Read more
My operation
Posted by Rebecca McGrath
The operation was actually bigger than expected. They had to replace all of my aorta rather than … Read more
The night before and morning
Posted by Rebecca McGrath
I had to be at the hospital at 1pm the day before surgery. I'm not sure why as there was an awful … Read more
A little late getting here
Posted by Jeff Brower
I am an otherwise "healthy"(?) 48 year old man. 4 years ago, on September 6th 2010, I was working … Read more
Re operations
Posted by Susan Sperry
Has anyone had a redo operation? In 2002 I had aortic valve replacement and the valve is now … Read more
Thinking of My Brothers and Sisters
Posted by Karen Pineda
Tonight as I reflect on the last several weeks since I joined this forum, I can't help thinking of … Read more
Cleared the Cath!!!! Yest! No heart blockages
Posted by E Blank
I was hoping for this option! Now off to Dr. Hargrove from Penn to get his opinion as to whether I … Read more
August 11 - Healing and prayers for Pre's
Posted by Virginia (Ginger) French
I am now writing this for a second time because about four paragraphs into it, everything above it … Read more
getting things done..
Posted by kelly stevens
Since I have been told I need surgery It taken over my thoughts and I have become somewhat forgetful … Read more
Pain in the groin area.
Posted by Olga Landry
Hello … Read more
Day 8 Noon
Posted by Charlie Brinkman
Finally I am making a first person post. Planned on doing this yesterday but I could not get my iPad … Read more
Posted by Steven A Husted
Me, My Imaginary Friend and the "Super Moon"
Posted by Terrie Syvertsen
I am a child born to parents who believed "Children Should be Seen but not Heard" Problem was, their … Read more
Holter monitor, MRI and TEE
Posted by Maron Faulkner
On Friday I got to spend all day at the hospital. Had the MRI and then, in the afternoon, the TEE ( … Read more
Living with fluid in my right lung.
Posted by Susan Smith
Well got my ultrasound of my chest or really my lungs on Wednesday and I do have more fluid in the … Read more
Mixed Feelings
Posted by Karen Pineda
So now that it has been determined that surgery is not being suggested at this time and I need to … Read more
Praise God!
Posted by Victor Williams
Just quick note to journal … Read more
3 Days
Posted by Mike Nunes
We'll, we are at that point, 3 days until surgery. Went for some pre-op testing on Thursday and all … Read more
Post surgery: tummy distended
Posted by Victor Williams
Do you guys recall having much tummy distension after surgery? And some edema around the shins and … Read more
Posted by Steven A Husted
i am having a hard time deciding which one the cow might last longer because it is a stronger tissue … Read more
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