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Here are the most recent Heart Valve Journals posted by members of our growing community of patients and caregivers. Please click on any journal to learn more. Also, you can use the search function below to find a specific journal for the patient you are looking for:
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Ug, it's getting to be almost too much.
Posted by Meredith Bray
I keep running into wall after wall with the doctors not communicating. When my primary physician … Read more
3 Weeks Post-OP!
Posted by Susan Muhly
Hi Everyone … Read more
rough start to the day
Posted by marcia fowle
Had a rough start for the day or i should say it started last night. Made my self a salad and took … Read more
Pre Op Testing complete
Posted by Glenn Walsh
Had a nice flight into NYC yesterday ahead of the snow and completed all of my pre op testing at … Read more
The Crying Game
Posted by Yvette Neas
Well today seems to be the crying game for me. I don't know if it's all this lack of sleep, my mind … Read more
Posted by Barbara Colvin
Things are still getting a little better each day. Yesterday, I walked on my treadmill for six … Read more
Almost home?
Posted by Jack Laws
The smart money says that Jack should be going home on Tuesday … Read more
Cath Results, Insomnia & Expense Panic
Posted by Cami Munk
So the cath went very well. They went through my neck and wrist (looked at right and left ventricles … Read more
Family Day
Posted by Cassie Fairbourn
Today was a relaxing family day! I took a few hours this morning to visit with my cousin Belinda at … Read more
Surgery Scheduled for this Thursday
Posted by Matt Bishop
We saw Dr. Talton this morning, and he scheduled Matt's aortic valve replacement surgery for this … Read more
After 9 months
Posted by Arlie Rauch
Life was going along fairly well with me doing most everything I usually do. However, about three … Read more
For Those Who Have Boldly Gone Before Me...
Posted by Yvette Neas
After laying awake half the night, I decided it's time to ask some questions myself to those how … Read more
Posted by Yvette Neas
Today seemed to be full of me explaining to people … Read more
A room with a view
Posted by Jack Laws
All of the resting places that Jack's been given have their own charms. The window of Jack's ICU … Read more
set back
Posted by Clare Auten
I had a little set back on Friday. My blood pressure was sky high at rehab. I am not sure why they … Read more
Sunday - 9th postop day
Posted by Barbara Colvin
Today is going well so far. I do miss being in church, Maybe next week or the following week I … Read more
Movin' on up ...
Posted by Jack Laws
... but not to the East Side. The nursing wing is actually downstairs and to the north -- "1 North … Read more
Disappointed with Friends
Posted by Marci Stanwix
I just want to say how disappointed in a few of my friends and how they handled the surgery and … Read more
Jack's got rhythm ...
Posted by Jack Laws
When I got to Kaiser today Jack was already sitting up and looking almost normal. They've removed a … Read more
A little problem with increased heart rate and weakness
Posted by Barbara Colvin
Yesterday, I was feeling more fatigued than the day before and my heart rate was usually over 110. … Read more
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