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Day 7
Posted by Colette McDiarmid
Well much more progress today. Got the wires (jumper cables lol) pulled off the heart today. Dan … Read more
One Week Ago
Posted by David Augustus
I was just coming of out of surgery with my new valve and aortic root heading towards the ICU. It's … Read more
5 months today
Posted by Tom Bender
Hard to believe that it has been 5 calendar months today (the 27th). Last Friday was 21 weeks … Read more
Surgery is June 9th.
My Bicuspid Aortic Valve served me well for 59 of my 60 years. I've been symptom free up until this … Read more
Memorial Day, May 26, 2014
Posted by Virginia (Ginger) French
It has been a busy day. My husband, Jim, has been on call. I do not know how he lives on the … Read more
Day 6
Posted by Colette McDiarmid
Much better day today so far. Still slow due to an electrical problem so they have called on the … Read more
Heart Catheterization and CT Scan
Posted by Michael Meyer
I spent this weekend recovering from a heart catheterization and CT scan this past week. These are … Read more
Wow. This support is amazing!
Posted by Morgan Braddon-Walker
What a wonderful community of support this website has generated. Thanks to the connection from Adam … Read more
Oh dear
Posted by Suzanne Kosakowski
Well the doctor on call at the Cleveland clinic said I have to have the tooth problem addressed if … Read more
Going home today!
Posted by Deb Bialecki
Deb is being released today. She has come a long way in four short days and she has a long way to go … Read more
Good day
Posted by Suzanne Kosakowski
Well actually they all have been good days except for the little things. Still having lots of pain … Read more
End of day 5
Posted by Colette McDiarmid
Has our ups and downs today things aren't moving as we had hoped but she is still progressing. … Read more
Headache anyone?
Posted by Lori Winterfeldt
I don't know if it was stress or changes in medications due to the upcoming surgery, but I had a … Read more
Day 5
Posted by Colette McDiarmid
Hi everyone Colette is getting better and continues to move around more and more. Her blood pressure … Read more
Grateful for my family, friends, and new OHS friends!
Posted by Virginia (Ginger) French
I was delighted to see today some responses to my first journal postings. Julia and Terrie Ann, I … Read more
Day Five
Posted by Colette McDiarmid
Hi everyone the start of another day and Duncan and myself have come to see Colette hopefully we can … Read more
10 days post surgery
Posted by Julia Hsu
I can't believe it has been 10 days since my OHS. It seems so long ago, but yet not 2 weeks. I can … Read more
Thank You and I'm Going home
Posted by David Augustus
When I found out on March 21st that it was time to get my BAV replaced, I had the reaction of "Fears … Read more
Posted by Suzanne Kosakowski
Hi everyone, can't seem to sleep past 3 am then I sit up reading everyone's journal. Tried to cut … Read more
May 24, 2014 First Entry!
Posted by Terrie Syvertsen
Hello- It is Saturday evening at 10:50 p.m. and my Springer Spaniel is telling me it is time for bed … Read more
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