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Just a few questions..
Posted by Christine Walters
hello, I am three weeks out, doing well. I had a pulmonary valve replacement, RvOT patch and PFO … Read more
Off to work I go
Posted by Anthony Copeland-Parker
All systems are go for my return to work tomorrow … Read more
The day of the operation
Posted by Rebecca McGrath
Hi, everything has gone really well today for Rebecca. The operation has been a success and she is … Read more
July 23, 2014
Posted by Mitchell Namenwirth
July 23, 2014 … Read more
Dr's appointment
Posted by kelly stevens
Went to Dr's earlier to get some pain killers for my wrist had another restless night. I told the Dr … Read more
New date for my reboot 31 July 2014
Posted by M Ratchford
Been told I am first on the list for 31 July but havent received letter confirming yet. one thing i … Read more
July 22 - Busy and Friends Helping- so nice!
Posted by Virginia (Ginger) French
This was again a busy day. One of my former neighbors arrived around 9 this morning and the two of … Read more
Surgery Update
I must apologize....I haven't felt like posting until now. It's been 6 weeks since my worn out … Read more
An Unexpected Update
Posted by Eric Rovin
Since my first post I have set positive goals for myself as a way to focus my recovery on positives … Read more
July 22, 2014
Posted by Mitchell Namenwirth
One more day closer. Trying to keep positive attitude. Also trying to get the last minute details … Read more
1st night in hospital
Posted by Rebecca McGrath
I have just left Rebecca, my wife in the care of the fantastic staff at the hospital. She asked me … Read more
A tough day at work
Posted by kelly stevens
Well today at work was a real struggle wrist ached to start with then started getting pains around … Read more
Interesting-This emotional Merry-go-round I am on......
Posted by Terrie Syvertsen
Another night on the emotional Merry-go-round last night … Read more
2 Weeks.
Posted by Olga Landry
Two weeks today I will be getting the Catheraztion done … Read more
Post-surgery hospital days
Posted by Michael Culpepper
Last time, I left off on the day of surgery, Day 0. At the end of that post, I was into Intensive … Read more
I'm alive
Posted by Vinson Greer
Wow. . . This surgery thing is amazing. My surgery was Thursday about five days ago.i don't know if … Read more
Well another Thoracentesis is at hand.
Posted by Susan Smith
Went to the Pulmonary doctor today and there is more fluid in the right lung and so a Thoracentesis … Read more
My angiogram 18th July 2014
Posted by kelly stevens
I was booked in at 12.00. We arrived at 11.30am by taxi as there was a river carnival on here and … Read more
Upto speed so far.
Posted by kelly stevens
I had a bad dose of flue and a serious bad cough. I was two weeks off work the 2nd week I got myself … Read more
Last night in my own bed!
Posted by Rebecca McGrath
I've just been out for a lovely meal, had a lovely afternoon too. I feel calm but not ready yet. I … Read more
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