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Segunda: nova semana. Monday: new week
Posted by Renata Cimoes
Amanhã é segunda e uma nova semana se inicia, e a cada início de semana eu peço a Deus que a … Read more
Any tips
Posted by John Noriega
I find myself getting agitated and very upset. I know my head is playing games with me. Any tips on … Read more
Big Weekend at 31/2 weeks post op
Posted by Holly Geary
WOW, what a change! I woke up 2 days ago and noticed it was light out. I was able to sleep 8 hours. … Read more
While it is on my mind....
Posted by Christine Pittelli
Ok clearly my brain is in overdrive, nothing new … Read more

Posted by Christine Pittelli
Hi everyone, I wanted to thank everyone for their kind words and sharing before I leave tomorrow for … Read more
Procedure Question
Posted by John Noriega
Here's a question I have. Since I already know that I have arctic valve stenosis and need it … Read more
Great Day
Posted by Joseph Ballett
What a great day spent it with the family shopping and do things , then as a surprise to them a … Read more

Posted by Susan Sperry
For people who travelled a distance for surgery... did you drive or fly? And how soon after release … Read more
The care at Northwestern Hospital
Posted by Debbie cross
I wanted to let everyone know how wonderful Dr. McCarthy and his team have been through my time here … Read more

Posted by Shanna Farley-Judkins
Just met my cardiac surgeon, Dr. Kochumba at Kaiser LA. Advised to have surgery sooner than later, … Read more

Posted by Joseph Ballett
Well 3 days and counting just finished steam cleaning the carpets, now time for a big food shop … Read more

Posted by Sharon Sasser
WAs in hosp from Wed until today as blood pressure went to 188/124, I had a quintuple bypass in Feb … Read more
Post Op tests day
Posted by Christine Pittelli
OK, kind of an emotional day for me....I had my pre op tests today. It was easy, which makes me … Read more
Very Good Day
Posted by Debbie cross
Hello, my name is Phillip, Debbie' s husband. I wanted to give you all a progress report on Debbie … Read more
The process has begun
Posted by John Noriega
Received a call from my cardiologist this afternoon. My angiogram has been rescheduled to next … Read more
Let's get ready to rumbullllllllll
Posted by Rob Broley
I know I can't spell but what the heh. Confirmed for Monday morning at 8am. We are going in for a … Read more

Posted by Laura Brase
I just finished reading my Heart Valve Surgery Book today. It has great information in it about … Read more
In th Beginning........
Posted by Terrie Syvertsen
Well good morning people in our community. I haven't written in awhile. I got myself seated here at … Read more
Ointments & Gels
Posted by John Noriega
Howard Herman asked some questions on September 25th regarding the incision shield and Mederma. I … Read more

Posted by Howard Herman
anyone use the incision shield and mederma scar cream? if so how long after surgery … Read more
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