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Here are the most recent Heart Valve Journals posted by members of our growing community of patients and caregivers. Please click on any journal to learn more. Also, you can use the search function below to find a specific journal for the patient you are looking for:
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Fun Filled Friday
Posted by Yvette Neas
Today is a fun filled Friday. I have a follow up with my cardiograph doc after all the tests 2 … Read more
Day 2
Posted by Cassie Fairbourn
(by Chris) Still in ICU, possibly moving tomorrow. A slight scare this morning as her heart rate … Read more
2nd Night in ICU
Posted by Cassie Fairbourn
This is Cassie! I made it through to my second night in ICS. Not without scaring my parents and … Read more
Posted by Matt Bishop
Matthew Bishop's parents & I saw him in the CCU from 6-6:30. We can go back at 9 tonight & again at … Read more
Getting closer to surgery day
Posted by Darryl Harrington
Today, the hospital called to go over a lot of pre operation information in readiness for my pre op … Read more
Posted by Rachel Shelley
I am so happy to say that rach's rejection level was zero - no rejection! This means that rach has … Read more
Amazing grace
Posted by Matt Bishop
Wow. Matthew Bishop did well, but what a surprise when the doctor saw his heart: it wasn't even a … Read more
Finishing up
Posted by Matt Bishop
They are closing Matthew Bishop's chest now. The minimal incision through the sternum was sufficient … Read more
Post surgery update
Posted by Glenn Walsh
Hi, this is Kristin, Glenn's wife. Yesterday was a long but very successful day … Read more
Matt's heart is literally in the surgeon's hands
Posted by Matt Bishop
So far so good. They are working on Matt's heart at this very moment … Read more
2 years and still all good
Posted by Jimmy Johnson
Wow - 2 years ago today I was under for the biggest change of my life. Everything went well that … Read more
Surgery is underway
Posted by Matt Bishop
They took Matt back around 7:30. He was calm & in good spirits. Surgeon will be going through the … Read more
On our way to the hospital
Posted by Matt Bishop
We are en route to Tupelo: Matthew Bishop & his parents ahead of my mom, the twins & me and my dad … Read more
Driving Mr. Daisy
Posted by Jack Laws
Because airbag deployment could be really damaging since his wounds haven't yet healed, Jack can't … Read more
Freed to go back to work
Posted by Tom Bender
Today I finally had my post op visit with my surgeon. I had the stomach flu on the day I was … Read more
The night before surgery
Posted by Patti Cronin
For weeks I have been lurking on this site, reading of both your individual courage and your … Read more
The Good Guys Won
Posted by Freddy Zalta
The soldiers had been trained; the plans had been executed thousands of times before. They knew what … Read more
Posted by Cassie Fairbourn
Checked in at 6 am, surgery began at 8 am ,and surgery was complete around 2 pm … Read more
Out of Surgery
Posted by Cassie Fairbourn
This is Chris (husband). The surgery began at 8 am around 2 pm. Dr said it would be 4-6 hours in the … Read more
and now for a complete turnaround....
Posted by Meredith Bray
My experience today restored my faith in healthcare providers! I was on the table for my heart … Read more
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